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Top 10 Italian Dishes - Ten of the Best Italian Dishes

As a cuisine that is beloved around the world, Italian dishes have become staples in restaurants across the globe. Here are some not-to-miss highlights from the Italian culinary cannon.



Considered the mother of all Italian dishes, pasta is comparable to rice in Italian cuisine and is ubiquitous in not only Italian eateries but the best restaurants Maldives as well. Those based in resort haven the likes of Naladhu Private Island Maldives or any other accommodation provider with an on-site Italian restaurant must try a plate of pasta alla carbonara. This is perhaps the most classic of all pasta dishes as it includes guanciale, eggs and Pecorino cheese.



As the preferred favourite of many, pizza is a truly Italian delight. With roots in Naples, the most traditional pizza variety is the pizza margherita. Crispy and thin crusted unlike the American incarnation of pizza, the delicious topping features basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.



A local favourite, prosciutto is actually cured ham that is served without cooking and usually eaten in the form of slices. The best prosciutto hails from the northern and central areas of the country and the dish also complements pastas.



This stuffed rice dish is fried to perfection after being dusted in breadcrumbs. The filling inside the rice balls feature a mixture of tomato sauce, ragu, peas and mozzarella cheese. Regional varieties feature different fillings and also come in a plethora of shapes other than the conventional round Arancini.



Another dish that traces its roots back to Naples, Lasagne is another local staple that features baked sheets of pasta dough. The layered dish features both a meat sauce as well as a b├ęchamel sauce that adds the distinctively strong mix of flavours lasagnes are known for. Served with garlic bread or consumed on its own, it has the taste of Italy in every bite.


Osso buco alla Milanese

A dish revered by meat lovers the world over, the veal shanks are braised and slow cooked in white wine for this dish which is usually served with a side dish of boiled vegetables. A condiment known as gremolata which consist of garlic, parsley and lemon zest is also tossed on to the meat and completes the dish.



As a dessert that has Italy written all over it, the creamy ice cream known as a gelato has become a famous local export loved by all. Italian gelato is freshly made daily and is the perfect pick-me-up any time of the day.



Sticky and irresistibly creamy, Toronne is a dish that boasts a plethora of rich ingredients including toasted nuts, honey, citrus and egg whites. Served in cafes around Italy there are several newly invented variants of the dish such as Torrone soaked in chocolate sauce.



Containing veal slices, a number of herbs and prosciutto, the kebab style dish is the ideal snack any time of the day. The meat used in the dish include chicken and mutton and tourists and locals alike can be seen munching on this popular street food staple.



Once considered a poor man's meal, the Ribollita is a dish that was invented by impoverished working class citizens from the scraps and leftovers in their master's kitchens. But the dish is no less impressive due to its humble origins as the delectable treat is now a hit with Italian food connoisseurs.