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Improve your Relationship | Online Relationship Counseling | Read Articles

Betterlyf provide online counseling services for relationships and help couples to overcoming their tough phases in their relationship. Our Counselor help you with these tough problems. Moving on after breakup, Unfaithful or cheating partner, Unhappy in a marriage, Frequent fights and miscommunication, Unfulfilled expectations, Boredom in your relationship. Get the latest ideas and helpful content here. Check out the list.


Shayari | Hindi Shayari | Shayari image | शायरी

जब इंसान के जज़्बात शब्दो के रूप लेते है तो आम इंसान इसे शायरी or Shayari कहते है , और उस लफ्ज़ को बयान करने वाले को शायर कहते है , शायर अपने हालत के मोती को अपने ज़ज्बाते से पिरो कर शायरी बना देता है

Meri आंखों mein मोहब्बत ki चमक aaj bhi hai
हालांकि usko mere प्यार pe shaq aaj bhi hai
नाव mein baith ke धोये the usne हाथ कभी
पुरे तालाब mein मेहंदी ki चमक aaj bhi hai

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Online counselling in USA | Online Relationship Help

Online counselling in USA | Online Relationship Help

BetterLYF is the best Online Counseling on Chat, Call and Video Platform available 24/7. We provide Online Counseling for Depression, Break up, Work Stress, Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Marriage, Parenting Challenges and more. Our Counsellor is always here to answer any question and resolve any problem. Just contact BetterLYF Online counseling USA.

Lack of Trust in Relationships: Know How to Handle Lack of Trust in Relationships - betterlyf

Trust in a relationship is a foundation of every relationship,
Sometimes certain factor can impact the trust between you and your loved one.

There are various signs pointing towards the lack of trust in a relationship:
Either you or your partner is regularly asking for evidence to support that where are you, what you are doing, whom you are talking
Either you or your partner or both involved in watching activities- verifying their phone calls, demanding social media account to check their activity.
Know more about lack of trust in relation & How a Counselor can Help you buld trust in relationship

Read more: Love Quotes in Telugu, Love Failure Quotes , Love Quotes in Malayalam , Love Quotes in Tamil

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Love Quotes in Telugu with images - BetterLYF

Love is a complex set of emotions, It is unconditional feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.
Love is one of the greatest emotions we experience as humans, love is a source of life, it doesn't require any medium or language to express.

Today I am sharing some love quotes in Telegu with my Telugu brother, these love quotes in Telegu with images really touch your heart and help you to understand the meaning of love and express your feeling to your loved one.

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Love Failure Quotes Images - BetterLYF

Love Failure Quotes-
The only one things that differentiate to human to others i.e love, love is unconditional, it doesn't require any language any medium to express, it is a wonderful gift of God for us, As we already aware that love never fails, people fail in love, today I am feeling loved to share some love failure quotes with images, love failure quotes will realize you the reason behind love failure and it also inspired you to get back your loved one.


Love Failure Quotes

Love Failure Quotes

Love, it’s a strange and strong feeling that can make you more than what you are. Our life is built around faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love. Love builds positive attitude. You feel like doing good to someone whom you love but what if they don’t care? Does it comes under love failure?
Here I shared some love failure quotes that will help you to move on from break up.


Love Failure Quotes | Love Failure Quotes For Relationships

Love Failure Quotes | Love Failure Quotes For Relationships

It is a universal truth that love is never a failure, Love failure quotes or cute love failure quotes to express your feelings and emotions. These lovely quotes are relevant for those who are going through a recent break-up.

When you are in love with someone and he or she left you then how you feel.
The following love failure quotes will help you to get the answer to this question.
So, here was the our collection of best love failure quotes with this amazing collection we also have added a collection of breakup quotes, relationship quotes, women empowerment quotes, true love quotes, marriage quotes, inspirational quotes to keep you going & much more. You can also share these quotes messages with your friends & family members.
I hope you like these quotes.
Reach out for better relationship on +919266626435 or chat on


Online Psychiatrist for Relationship

Online Psychiatrist for Relationship

One Proven Way To Make Others Happy - New research showed the recipients of an emailed expression of gratitude (thank you mail) felt much more “ecstatic” than writers expected.
The notes in question were not your typical “thanks for the Amazon gift card.” Rather, a short “gratitude letter” to a person who had affected them in some way.
Reach out for better relationship on +919266626435 or chat on


How to Deal with a Break Up | Sad Images of Break Up

How to Deal with a Break Up | Sad Images of Break Up

Ending a love life is very hard, whether it was your decision or the other person’s decision. You may be dealing with painful emotions.
Are you struggling with personal relations and seeking professional counseling for relationship break up? We offer online relationship counselor in best reasonable price, talk to a therapist online, Chat now!


Online Couples Counselling

Online Couples Counselling

If you struggling with your relationship and wants to transform your marriage then you should visit BetterLYF online couples counselling services. Save your marriage with the help of trained and experienced therapists. Visit Now.

Sapiosexual Meaning in Hindi | What is sapiosexuality?

Sapiosexual meaning in Hindi- What is Sapiosexual Meaning in Hindi, Sapiosexual definition -Sapiosexual is human behavior, we can define sapiosexual when someone is sexually attached to highly intelligent people, Sapiosexual can find highly intelligent guys around us

Love Failure Quotes in Telugu

Love Failure Quotes in Telugu- It is well said that love doesn't require any medium to express its feeling or emotions because love is speechless, it can't define in a single word or sentence, it is also true that love doesn't fail people fail in love , today i am feeling delighted to share some Love Failure Quotes in Telugu for our Telugu brothers, it must help you to identify the reason for failure and help to overcome this pain.

Smile Quotes | Beautiful Smile Quotes

Smile Quotes , Beautiful Smile Quotes- Smile is very precious in every life. So spread the smile around the world, If you have only a single smile then give it to the people you love, because you the reason of someone smile, today I am feeling proud to share smile quotes


Online Counselling | Know Your Counsellor

Online counselling, also known as Online therapy, e-counselling is a relatively new development in mental health like depression, stress and anxiety, dealing with a breakup, exam and interview stress, overcoming low confidence in which a therapist or counsellor provides psychological advice and support over the internet. This can occur through video conferencing, online chat, messaging, or internet phone.
BetterLYF specializes in online counselling services.
Come visit with well-qualified counsellor Akshita, Her style of therapy is based on the individual needs and conflict.
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True love quotes

True love quotes

Love always cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” - Karl

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How to Get Out of Toxic Relationship | Online Relationship Counseling

How to Get Out of Toxic Relationship | Online Relationship Counseling

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship and have made the courageous decision that you need to get out of it, the first step is to find healthy support. Remember: you don’t have to do this alone. Family and friends are great resources.
Click here to know more about how to get out from toxic relationship & signs of toxic relationship:


Relationship Counselling by

Relationship Counselling by

BetterLYF online relationship counselling here to help you to make your relationship perfect. Identify and deal with all your relationship problems with the help of our counsellor's guide.

At BetterLYF, we have expertise in counselling people from different histories, We assured you that you will find the right counsellor who will meet your needs.
If you have the questions like when you should go for the counselling then let us help you with that. People often are mistaken about going for the counselling when things get really bad. We're here whenever you want us, no matter what situation you encounter in your relationship.

Our online counsellors provide a caring and supportive help for you to get through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship.

Each counselling session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and your counsellor will ask you questions so that you can talk about what’s going on and how you feel. They may offer you guidance or plans to try at home.

To find out more about Relationship Counselling contact us now. You can book a counselling session online as at per your convenience. Get a free Live Chat session with a Counsellor. Visit here-

How Arrange Marriage is better than Love marriage?

Know how arranged marriage is better than love marriage.

There is a major reason that explains how arranged marriage is better than love marriage. However this opinion but still there is some substantial cause that will explain why to arrange marriage always better than love.
View complete article click here

Elements that Make Good Relationship in Marriage

The relationship is the state of being connected by two human being by blood or marriage, there are two types of relationship predefined and self-defined.
The relationship that already defined by gods like our blood relation with our parents and sibling. Whereas the relationship that we made by us with our friend our girlfriend is a self-defined relationship.

A good relationship in marriage is often difficult. Sometimes its up and downs and each marriage undergo it, sometime even some couple face break up issue , here are some tips that create a strong and stable relationship:

This is the key to every marriage life. it's necessary, to be honest, true and honest concerning your feelings and alternative aspects of a relationship. whether or not it's discussing your feelings or taking concerning mundane aspects, it's necessary to share, sometimes poor communication create a wide gap between our relationship

Every life, you can't be always right. some on some point you should compromise with your spouse, sometime might be you disagree with some point but still, you should compromise with her/him.

It is very much important to listen and be non-judgmental because there are many times when you might make the mistake. That point of time we should respect the feeling of each other.

It is easy to make a strong bond as a friend. Everyone like to share everything with own friend. However, always add romance to date nights, always do things together to keep the spark.


Without mutual respect, love cannot blossom. you wish to respect every other’s choices and compromise on a bunch of aspects.

The foundation of a marriage is love. From showing heart to physical intimacy, every side is vital. it's concerning giving enhances to being unselfish with one another, and love gains sustenance.
Most of the couples are achieving a good relationship by following the above step,
If you still facing a relationship issue or break up an issue you need to take marriage counseling.

Marriage Quotes | Love marriage quotes | Happy Marriage Quotes

Marriage may be a self-defined relationship wherever two individuals decide to single way of life,
Marriage is the method by that two individuals build their relationship public, official, and permanent. it’s the joining of two heart that putatively lasts till death.


Top 10 Dating and Relationship Challenges You Can Overcome

Top 10 Dating and Relationship Challenges You Can Overcome

*Relationship Challenges *
Every relationship goes through a good share of adversities. you're alleged to face some issues in your relationship. that's however you're getting to build a healthy and fulfilling bond. it's all regarding overcoming all those difficult relationship challenges and being stronger with each passing the day. likelihood is that that you simply can be facing one among these relationship challenges in your life. Have a glance at them and find to grasp however you and your partner will overcome them while not a touch effort.

Top Relationship Challenges:

  1. Maintaining Personal Boundaries
  2. Digital Boundaries
  3. Boundaries for Intimacy
  4. Emotional Boundaries

Explore more relationship challenges click here to read complete article or for overcome relationship challenges connect to our BetterLYF Counselor.

Top Strategies To Evaluate a Relationship | Relationship Counselling

Click on the link to more about how to Evaluate a Relationship

Master The Art of Self Compassion | Science of Self Compassion - BetterLYF

In order to survive in this high-pressure competitive world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self Compassion.
We often learn to blame ourselves for not working too hard; for being too dumb or even worse we identify ourselves as a failure.
But we are so good at blaming ourselves that we don’t even realise what we are falling into- a critical stage of self criticism or self flagellation- a rather serious problem where we undergo various episodes of depression. In this case we resort to self harm. We lose the will to move out of bed or to go out to work. Even we lose our appetite.

For those moments we need self-reflection. We need to take out time for an emotional state what is often misunderstood and underrated -the emotion known as self-compassion.

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"I need a Girlfriend" - Empowering Yourself - BetterLYF

Many of us have felt lonely, unloved, not cared for at least once without knowing why or what we could do to find the person we connect with here’s 14 reasons why you may be finding it difficult to find a partner and what you can do so you have someone special who makes you feel loved and cared for.

 Not Knowing What We Can Do
 Not Trying Enough Times
 Making Excuses
 Meeting The Same People
 Being The Person That Hangs Out Behind The Popular Crowd
 Looking For Nothing Less Than Perfection
 Attracting The Wrong People

Most of the times when we meet someone we end up placing all our bets on the person we meet right away. It can be natural to start planning our future with someone we’ve only met once, however, it’s important to consider how serious they are for us before deeming them the right one for us.
“The more you date the more likely you are to meet someone worth settling down with,” says Bekker. “You just have to be patient with the process. Take breaks when you feel drained, set boundaries for yourself and adhere to your standards. If a committed relationship is what you want, don’t waste time with people who are more interested in casual dating.”

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Valentine's Day Is Ruining Relationships But How? READ

Valentine’s Day, a day to take a relationship to the next level. But for some, it’s not all roses & chocolates. Valentine's Day is ruining relationships