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FTH Industries

FTH Industries is market leading Radiator manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad, India. We provide high-quality cooling equipment for Automotive and Industrial applications.



Best Car Radiator Supplier in Ahmedabad

Looking for car radiator supplier? FTH Industries is the trusted car radiator supplier in Ahmedabad. With having extensive experience in the field of car radiator manufacturing, we supply a wide range of various car model radiators at an affordable price.


Automotive Radiator Exporter in India

With an objective to fulfill the ever-evolving demands of radiators, FTH Industries is a leading radiator exporter in India. We concentrate on obtaining the advanced technology to develop an expanded line of radiators at an affordable price.


Best Radiator Exporter in India

Best Radiator Exporter in India

A Perfect Cooling Solution for Your Engine!!

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When the advent of vehicles into regular uses, the radiators were made using brass and copper. Some major reasons behind the popularity of brass and copper radiators that heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and easy to maintain. Automotive Industries used the best materials such as aluminum, plastic, and rubber in radiator manufacturing that suggested by every radiator exporter.


Radiator Exporter in India

FTH Industries is the topmost radiator exporter and manufacturer in India. Our radiators are highly demanded in the market for their high performance and long service life. It is manufactured with modern technology and premium quality raw material which ensures its high durability.


Copper Radiator Supplier in Ahmedabad

FTH Industries is a leading radiator supplier in India. We provide heavy duty copper & brass radiators for automotive, agriculture, and industrial applications. Browse our entire range of radiator products & buy now.


Radiator Exporter in Ahmedabad

Since 2013, FTH Industries is a reputed radiator exporter in India. We have proven results for a variety of automotive applications and provide quality cooling equipment for industrial applications. So, if you require any kind of radiator contact us.


Superior Quality Car Radiator Supplier in India

FTH Industries is a trusted car radiator supplier and manufacturer in India. We offer a high-performance radiator, best cooling capacity, and durability without compromising quality. In our manufacturing unit, it has complete infrastructure solutions and advanced technology with special purpose machines to manufacture radiators.


Premium-Quality Radiator Manufacturer in India

FTH Industries is a well-known radiator manufacturer in India. We provide a wide range of automotive radiators, agriculture radiators, and industrial radiators. We also design customized automotive radiator and radiator cores that best fit your vehicle's engine and cooling system.

How Car Radiator Works?

The car radiator is developed to maintain the engine temperature at the manufacturer's recommended level. The coolant circulates through the cylinders, absorbing the heat generated by combustion and friction in the engine. According to many radiator exporter the coolant heats up and enters the radiator through the upper hose.


Top-Quality Industrial Radiator Manufacturer

FTH Industries is one of the best industrial radiator manufacturer companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide a wide range of top-quality industrial radiators at an affordable price. We specially designed a suite of radiators that meet the unique requirement of agricultural vehicles and machines.

FTH Industries - India's Leading Radiator Assembly Manufacturers

FTH Industries is India's leading radiator assembly manufacturer. They provide custom radiator assemblies with high customer satisfaction.


Basic Facts to Deal With Radiator Cores

The work of radiator is to keep hit away from the vehicle and calm as the engine of the vehicle is running and the pistons jump in full throttle. Sometimes, old Radiators can be very dangerous. So if you want any other information then contact radiator cores manufacturer.


Advantages of Copper-Brass Radiators

A copper radiator is a most used radiator in automobile industries. Here some advantages of copper radiator share by automotive radiator manufacturers like 100% recyclable, low energy consumption and low cost.


How to Replace The Coolant from Radiator?

If you want to change your coolant then no need to go to radiator manufacturer. you can also do it by yourself. following this step to replace coolant. first Prepare the Coolant, second drain the radiator, third one empty the radiator and then replace the coolant.


FTH Industries - Best Radiator Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

FTH Industries is the leading radiator manufacturer in Ahmedabad. It provide best quality radiators for automotive, agriculture and industrial applications.

FTH Industries is an experienced radiator cores manufacturer in India. It provides quality automotive radiators with wide options for customer to get customized product with specifications like copper fins, aluminum fin and brass tubes at an attractive price.

Radiators are the essential part of any vehicle as it’s work is to prevent engine from overheating. FTH Industries is a leading automotive and industrial radiator manufacturers which provides cost effective products without compromising in quality.


FTH Industries - Market Leading Radiator Manufacturer

FTH Industries is a market leading radiator manufacturer in India. It offers a wide range of copper brass and aluminium radiator core and radiator assemblies at a reasonable price.


Top Radiator Exporters in Ahmedabad

FTH Industries is a top radiator exporter in Ahmedabad, India. We provide the best quality of automotive, assembly and industrial radiators at an affordable price.

A radiator fan has important part of engine component that used to keep the temperature of the coolant. Here are 3 reasons for car radiator fan problems such as old fan wiring, broken fuse and faulty temperature sensor.


Best Radiator Manufacturing Company in Ahmedabad

FTH Industries is the best radiator manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We offer superior quality of automotive, assembly and industrial radiator at an affordable cost.

Car radiator is an important part of your car to keep you your car engine cool. Here are 4 important things to know about car radiator like check coolant level, radiator clogging, radiator cap and thermostat.


FTH – Radiator Assemble Manufacturer and Supplier

FTH is a leading radiator assembly manufacturer, it provides cost-effective products without compromising the quality. It has a team of skilled technicians to manufacture flawless radiators for different industries.


Manufacturer and Supplier of all kind of Radiator cores

FTH Industries is a leading radiator core manufacturer providing quality cooling equipment for automotive and industrial applications. We design exclusive range of radiators that suits various industrial radiator requirements.