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Learn FREE Indian astrology, Vastu Shastra, Chinese 9 star ki and feng shui through Astralvarsity. Astralvarsity offers Jyotish Shastra, Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui courses for beginners & professionals. Get FREE tips, course material and consultation by the expert astrologers.


FREE Astrology Course, Vedic Astrology & Vastu Shastra Tips

Learn FREE Indian astrology, Vastu Shastra, Chinese 9 star ki and feng shui through videos. Astralvarsity offers Jyotish shastra courses for beginners & professionals. Get FREE tips, course material and consultation by the expert astrologers.

Astralvarsity: Learn Vedic Astrology Course FREE

Learn Vedic Astrology Course FREE Online at Astralvarsity. We are committed to provide you in-depth knowledge of vastu, feng shui & Chinese 9 star ki. Join us and learn Vedic astrology.

Free Vedic Astrology, Indian Astrology Course - Astralvarsity

Join Free Vedic Astrology Course at Astralvarsity. We are India’s leading website for learning jyotish Shastra, Vastu Shastra and Horoscope prediction. Get videos, PDF and other study material to learn astrology online.

Vastu Shastra Course, Vastu Tips for Home & Offices

Astralvarsity offers advance Vastu Shastra Course for beginners and professionals. Get Learn Vastu tips for Home & Offices by expert astrologers.

Chinese 9 Star Ki Course, 9 star ki Reading Astrology

Astralvarsity Chinese 9 Star Ki Course is advance and offers you great tips and solutions for reading Chinese 9 star ki. Join us and learn how to predict using 9 ki?

Learn Indian Astrology - Course Structure, Objectives and Benefits

Astralvarsity courses on Indian vedic astrology covers palm reading, tarot cards reading, vastu Shastra and horoscope matching etc.

Become an Astrologer with Astralvarsity - Astrology for Beginners

How to become an astrologer? Learn Hindu astrology easily at Astralvarsity. We have astrology courses for beginners, so learn vedic astrology by experts tips and course material.

Learn Vedic Astrology Online. Our course is FREE for beginners and others who wish to learn Indian astrology from the scratch. Enroll today for FREE astrology course.

FAQ of Indian Astrology, Vedic Astrology Online Training through Videos

Join us for Vedic Astrology Online Training through Videos. We are India’s no 1 institute that can help you make astrology professional.

Learn Numerology and Solve Major Issues in your Life

Astralvarsity offers you Numerology videos and PDF’s so that you can learn Numerology in quick time and solve your life problems. We provide you complete course material for learning numerology.

Vaastu Shastra and its Importance in Your Life - Astralvarsity

Are you learning Vastu Shastra? Join Astralvarsity and find a list of courses for you. We offer videos, PDF and other course material for learning Indian Vastu online.

You Must-Know these Astrological Remedies for a Businessmen

Learning business astrology with Astralvarsity will eliminate the need of visiting physical classes for you. This is because you can learn astrology online with Astralvarsity. Call us today for more information.

7 Excellent Vastu Tips Helpful for Buying a plot

According to the Vastu Shastra, the goodness of the plot can be checked in various ways like direction, surrounding, shape, soil and more.

Vaastu for kitchen, Kitchen Vastu Tips for you - Astralvarsity

According to Vaastu, it is believed that lord of fire – Agni – prevails in the southeast direction of the house. So that the ideal place to construct a kitchen is in a Southeast direction. To make that your kitchen is covered with positive vibes, the basic elements of earth, sky, sir, fire and water has to balanced.

Benefits of doing Online Astrology Courses - Astralvarsity

In recent days, it is highly found people choose to do courses online. It is often the right choice to study a course online. There are a number of advantages when you do a course online.

Chinese Numerology, Learn Chinese Numerology Online at Astralvarsity

What is Chinese Numerology? Why learn Chinese Numerology? Best way to learn Chinese Numerology at Astralvarsity. Know the benefits of the this course and scientific aspects of Chinese Numerology.