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If you want to buy supreme quality security devices for office, home, shops, showrooms, etc., you should rush to the renowned security products suppliers and distributors in Singapore.

Wireless Security Camera System | CCTV System Singapore - Techcom

Buy best CCTV system in Singapore from We offer vast range of Wireless cameras and security camera system in Singapore.

Ensure Better Functioning Of Your Company With Our Systems - Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd

Techcom Engineering offers the best PABX telephone system which is the best communication solution for any company.

Get the Complete Security Products and Cabling Solutions in Singapore

If you want to find wide range of property security and quality cabling solutions in abroad, you should trust upon leading security products and service providers in Singapore.

CCTV System Singapore

You can see if there is anyone that has intruded and alert the police to come for help. Techcom Engineering supplies the best kind of CCTV system.

Cabling Services Now Available in Both Singapore and Malaysia

Power cables are the fundamental elements of any electrical system. The maximum amount as you will be informed with electrical cables, it is attainable that there are things regarding power cables that are unaccustomed you. Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd specializes in providing skilled solutions and services in cabling, servers, and surveillance products in Singapore and Malaysia. As we are committed to customer’s success, we offer an innovative and cost-efficient solution. We feel extremely proud to be the part of your business. With over twenty years of combined expertise, our company hires a number of best skilled in project delivery.

Door Access Systems in Singapore | Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd

Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd is the leading security systems supplier organization in Singapore which gives all classifications security frameworks, for example, advanced digital door lock, CCTV system and door access system at reasonable cost.

CCTV System in Singapore | Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd

Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd is one of the best CCTV security system companies which provide all types of security products, for example door access system security camera and many more.

We Help You Secure Your Office in the Best Way

All companies have certain areas which are not given access to all the employees. There are record rooms which contain all the records which will be needed by the company any time in the future. The data center in companies is another place which is not given access to all people. Any disturbance in that area could mean the loss of so much data which is invaluable. Some companies which sell high-value items will want to keep the store also a secure area where only the authorized persons can

Secure Your Office with the Best Door Access System

Keeping valuables in an office safe is not an easy job with many people having access to various parts of the office. Read More :

Security Camera in Singapore

We provide our customers with the best security camera in Singapore. They can track all the movements happening around the camera.

Secure Your Business with Our Security Equipment

Techcom Engineering is one of such companies which specialize in providing professional solution and services to their clients. With an experience of more than 20 years, we know what the best solution to secure the company is.

Biometric Locks are Popular Means of Enhancing Security of House

Techcom is the best Singapore based security system provider company which specializing in biometric lock and door access system.

We Have the Best Systems for Your Office

Techcom Engineering offers you the best CCTV camera & PABX system which is sturdy and efficient. It has minimum downtime due to any defects.

Choose The Best PABX Telephone System

If you are finding solutions for pabx telephone system for your home or office, Techcom Engineering can give you the best pabx system that will cater to the needs of every business that require it.

Tips For Selecting The Best Door Access System For You

If you are thinking regarding advantage of this kind of access control system, you may need to pick the right kind of service for you. There are few tips given below for choosing a right kind of door access system.

We Bring You the Best Systems for Your Office

There are many systems that are required in an office. Of these the most important probably is security. There are many valuables in an office that need to be kept securely. You should be able to prevent any sort of theft in the office using the most modern systems. Every office has got areas where all the staff cannot be allowed to enter. This requires the installation of a lock that can be selective in allowing entry. The traditional style of lock and key has inherent deficiencies. A key can be easily copied. It can also be lost and searching for it will be a waste of time.

Door Security Systems are Essential Part of Defense Today

On the off chance that you might be new to door security, you need to appreciate that tying down your gateways in your residence that lead to the outside, is a way to deal with shield you and your family from intruders. Read More :

Things to Check While Buying Security Products and Services in Singapore

Keeping security at the home or office is a good practice that needs to adopt by everyone. For this objective, you may choose branded security devices like door locks, CCTV camera, biometric systems, door access systems, etc.

Know the Essential Benefits of Fingerprint Locks and Network Cabling

Unique mark locks depend on the client unique mark to open the entryway. It has a coordinated unique mark sensor which is utilized to filter the unique finger impression of the individual who plans to go into the home. The unique finger impression sensor will endeavor to affirm the personality of the client. The sensor can perceive the three essential unique finger impression designs including curve, circle and whorl.

Explore Some Good Security Devices for Home Protection

Explore Some Good Security Devices for Home Protection. Giving high-grade security to home is always a challenging task for everyone....

Our Products Help Your Company Perform Better

Apart from the main functions, there are many other support functions that help in the better performance of the company. These support systems are very essential in making the running of the company smooth. These help in making the company work in a more efficient manner. Communication plays an imp…

We Provide the Eyes to Watch Your Office -

Techcom Engineering offers the most advanced CCTV in Singapore which can help you see all areas of your office from your cabin.

Security Is Of Prime Importance for Your Office – Techcom Engineering Pte Ltd

Every office which has a public and private space needs to separate the two very well. If your office is attached to a showroom, then you should ensure that nobody who comes to the showroom should be able to enter the office. There are many places where such requirements are there. Banks will need to…

Understanding Requirement of Security Devices at Living and Working Places

Keeping security at the living and working places is always a big matter of concern for every property owner......

Select the Best Security Product for Your Working and Living Property

Due to increasing rate of stealing and crimes at living and working places, it has become necessary to install some security gadgets...