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Updated by Cardinal Home Health Care on Oct 14, 2019
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Cardinal Home Health Care

Cardinal Home Health Care is ACHC accredited in providing our clients the home health care services they need. We are driven with the values of high quality service that are administered to individuals in the comfort of their homes without regards to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or any other status or conditions protected by Federal and State Institutes as part of our non-discriminatory policy.

Cardinal Home Health Care - Home Health Services - Chino, California

Cardinal Home Health Care is a provider of Home Health Services in Chino, California.

About Us - Home Health Services in Chino, California

Cardinal Home Health Care is a provider of Home Health Services in Chino, California.

Our Services - Home Health Services in Chino, California

Cardinal Home Health Care is a provider of Home Health Services in Chino, California.

Occupational Therapy - Home Health Services in Chino, California

Our trained Occupational Therapists are constantly monitored by our supervisors in giving you the appropriate care treatment and the administration of the therapy recommended by your physician. Our programs are designed to let other family members help in encouraging the patient to stay strong and focused in recovery.

Ostomy Care: 5 Tips to Deal With a Stoma

Cardinal Home Health Care provides a variety of services to address the needs of our clients including those dealing with any kind of ostomy. Each client receives care from a qualified home health aide in California as required in their care plan. Call us today to know more!

5 Pointers When Providing Ambulation Assistance To Your Loved Ones

You or your loved ones can receive further assistance from a provider of home health care in Ontario, California. If you are looking for such a provider, give Cardinal Home Health Care a call and allow us to help you.

Healthcare Provider | Medical Social Workers

Our Medical Social Workers are available at any time to assist you with your needs whether they are legal, medical, or emotional needs.

Finding the Best Home Health Care for Your Loved One

There are a lot of factors that you will want to keep in mind when it comes down to finding a provider of exceptional home health care in Ontario, California. This is because every home care agency is different and offer different kinds of specializations and services. To ensure that you can find a caregiver that can accommodate the unique needs of your loved one, here are a few of the many factors that you will want to keep in mind.

Quick Facts About Elderly Falls PLUS Tips on Fall Prevention at Home

As your trusted providers of home health care in Ontario, California, we help you care for your aging loved ones at home so that any incident of falls (or its re-occurrence) can be duly prevented. Let us share with you the following facts on elderly falls happening in our country.

Care Provider | Occupational Therapy | Ventura County

Our Occupational Therapists at Cardinal Home Health Care who are dedicated to helping you regain your independence.

Tips to Ensure Good Nutrition that Help Prevent Elderly Falls

Thankfully, prevention is as easily attainable as ensuring your aging loved one’s good nutrition. Serve them with healthy meals at all times, especially the ones prepared by their dietitians, so that they can have the strength to move and stand each day. As a key provider of home health care in Ontario, California, let us impart with you some more tips on how you can ensure that your elderly loved one’s nutrition is well-monitored.

Home Health Aides for a Safe and Healthy Life at Home

If you’re looking for a home health aide in California, trust us at Cardinal Home Health Care. Our Certified Home Health Aides are skilled, well-trained, and experienced in providing personalized services tailored to the unique needs and lifestyles of patients and the elderly.

Improving One’s Health at Home with Exceptional Skilled Nursing Services

When you have loved ones who are recuperating from a disease or injury, managing medical conditions...

Enjoy the Privacy of Doing Physical Therapy at Home

Now you or your loved one can continue or start doing physical therapy in the privacy of your own home. Doing physical therapy at your physician’s clinic or center may give you access to medical equipment needed to soothe your body pains or conditions. But consider doing it at home, you get to eliminate having to drive to and back from your physical therapy session and do the stretching exercises comfortably in your own space at home.

Treating Itchy Skin The Right Way at Home

Itchiness can be due to a number of things starting from allergies and sensitivity to inborn skin conditions. Whichever factor causes it, there will always be ways for you to combat itchy skin at home. Our skilled home health care in Ontario, California can help you and your loved ones with wound care and treatment to address wounds and skin conditions because once left untreated, open wounds can possibly get infected over time leading to hazardous health conditions. Some skin itchiness could be possible symptoms to more serious health concerns that need to be consulted with a physician.

How Seniors Benefit from Skilled Nursing Care

Life is full of obstacles that we try to manage as best we can. Some are easy enough to handle on our own, but others require us to seek a bit of help. The medical challenges brought about by aging, for instance, would make working with providers of home health care in Ontario, California a necessity. Consider Cardinal Home Health Care to guide you on this journey.

A Guide to Preventative Health Care

People of all ages, but especially seniors, should pay a visit to their physician regularly. It may seem like nothing is wrong, but you can never be too sure. Scheduling regular appointments with your doctor is a way for you to prevent health problems from taking root in the future.

It’s Time: Let’s Get Physical!

Working out, although vital in order to stay in tip-top shape, may seem daunting especially in your later years of life. Cardinal Home Health Care knows the fear you may harbor when it comes to going out and moving your body, but with our assistance, you can keep yourself healthy. If you haven’t started exercising yet, get started now with a home health aide in California. We won’t let you get hurt or injured. It is time to get physical.

Helping Your Loved One Fight Depression

As the years go by, your elderly family member or friend may experience feelings of depression. Some signs your loved one may be depressed include loss of appetite, unwillingness to take care of themselves, feelings of worthlessness, despair, and sadness, and a lack of motivation. Cardinal Home Health Care will assist you with helping your loved one fight their depression. We provide high-quality, professional home health care in Ontario, California.

Living Life to the Fullest Through an Active Lifestyle

When it comes down to maintaining your health, living life to the fullest, and increasing your life span, there are few things as effective as an active lifestyle. Staying active in your golden years is crucial and it can provide a wide range of health benefits that will help you continue living life on your own terms. And through our home health care in Ontario, California, we can help you maintain that lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Recovering in the Comfort of Home

When recovering from an illness, injury, or a major surgery, you will be typically given two options. You can choose to stay at the hospital and recover there or you can use the assistance of home health care in Ontario, California. If possible, continuing the process of recovery at home is usually a better option. This is because you will still have access to the same support you would have at the hospital but with the added benefit of being at home.

Hypertension: Tips to Increase Medication Adherence

Once your aging loved one is diagnosed with hypertension, they are expected to take medications for the rest of their lives. Their medication adherence is a very important factor in their quality life and health. For this reason, doctors continue to reinforce the importance of medication adherence for hypertension in order to prevent hospitalizations, heart attacks, or even re-hospitalization, as the case may be.

Pain Management: Tips How to Cope

Nobody wants to be in pain no matter which season in life you’re in. However, our aging loved ones can be vulnerable to pains, especially pains of the physical type. Many age-related conditions contribute to their pain conditions, which reduce their quality of life. As they struggle with painful symptoms every day, it can be difficult for them to do their errands, meet with their friends, or enjoy their hobbies.

How Skilled Nurses Prevent Infections at Home

We cannot stop infection, but we can prevent them. If we have children and the elderly at home, we need to be more proactive in preventing infections. Our home may be our place of refuge. Yet, infections can still thrive here especially if we have sick family members. For this reason, if we are caring for an ailing loved one or an aging family member with chronic disease, infection prevention is crucial. This is where Skilled Nursing professionals are necessary.

Why Patients can Rely on their Nurses

The goal of our home health care in Ontario, California is always QUALITY CARE. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained to ensure that this level of care is provided. The goal of our home health care in Ontario, California is always QUALITY CARE. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained to ensure that this level of care is provided.