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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Things to Pack for a Thailand Visit - The Ultimate List of Holiday Essentials

Beautiful Thailand with its stunning beaches, sensational shopping spots and iconic temples is a land that offers unforgettable holiday thrills to all. This article details some of the essential items that you must take with you on your epic journey of delight in a land of eternal summer.



Of course, no holiday in Thailand will ever be complete without a little sunbathing! So bring along your colourful swimsuits and beach towels to enjoy a few golden hours of perfect bliss. Complete your outfit of the day by donning a stylish wide-brimmed sun hat as well as a pair of sunglasses for a picture-perfect look. Most hotels in Thailand have relatively relaxed dress codes. But if you stay at a Koh Samui resort that has stricter rules, a decent beach wrap will be an absolute necessity.


Mosquito repellent

A tropical heaven like Thailand doesn't come without pesky annoyances. Mosquitoes of the country can haunt tourists throughout the day and night so arm yourself with a strong mosquito repellent. You can invest in mosquito repellent patches, bands and room refreshers too. A few brave insects will bite you in spite of the repellent so pack a few good insect bite patches as well.


Comfortable clothes and shoes

There are many sites to see and plenty of exciting things to do in Thailand so make sure you bring along comfortable clothes. Opt for garments that are made from breathable fabric like cotton and linen because the heat of the country can easily wear you out. Comfortable shorts, lots of t-shirts and even light, summer dresses are all good options.

You will most likely be on your feet for the greater part of your holiday, so do bring a comfortable pair of shoes to Thailand. Your casual sandals and beach flip flops are ideal options too. You should also pack a stylish pair of heels for a wild night of partying in Bangkok!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of gorgeous temples that you can visit Thailand so you should also bring some decent and modest clothes. You can opt to cover your shoulders and legs with long scarves and shawls. Consider staying at a strategically located hotel like Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort to access the myriad of temples of the region with great ease.


Electronic gadgets and equipment

You can invest in a good waterproof phone case when travelling to Thailand as surprise showers are not quite uncommon here. You will be able to use this phone case to take lots of photos while diving and snorkelling underwater too!

You should also bring along travel adapters when visiting Thailand. The Thai sockets fit North American plugs with two flat blades as well as European plugs with two circular pins. If you are using plugs that are British or Australian, an adapter will be necessary.


Rain gear

Rainy days are common in Thailand even during the hot summer season. So be armed with your ponchos when you are leaving the shelter of your hotel for a long day of exploration especially if you are visiting the country during the rainy season.