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DigitEMB is the premium web-based embroidery digitizing and vectorization provider serving its customers worldwide.

Pattern of Embroidery

The Pattern of Embroidery is a fabulous way to add a personal touch to your project! Embroidery is something that anyone can master. For hand embroidery, you need just simple supplies for it and that is a fabric, a needle, floss, and a hoop! That's it. However, the same rule doesn't apply for machine embroidery. You can use any kind of fabric and using standard cotton floss is a great thing. However, it allows for easy and complete control over the thickness of the stitched lines. They add a great texture to your stitches. And the needles with large threading eyes will make the things much easier! And the embroidery hoop will keep the fabric tight so that there will be no wrinkles into your fabric.

Embroidery Stitching

Most of the embroidery designs are done by the great quality of Embroidery Stitching. DigitEMB provides you the best embroidery digitizing service worldwide. We provide reasonable and affordable Embroidery Stitches on every design.

Embroidery Kits

DigitEMB has completed Embroidery Kits; we utilize the best products in the industry. We use the best software that is "Wilcom." Wilcom provides professional software for embroidery digitizing, embroidery editing, lettering, and apparel decoration design, and it even provides us with easy ways to manage the process and get customer approvals. We provide the tremendous digitizing service, focusing on the "sew ability." We believe that any design can be embroidered and our professional experts can deal with any design with ease and perfection. We convert the design into a format that is accepted and readable by the embroidery machine and we ensure that it will run smoothly on the embroidery machine without a single thread break.

Embroidery Threads

DigitEMB is well known for providing high-quality Embroidery Threads or you can also pick from hundreds of designs from our portfolio. With fast turnaround time and 100% customer satisfaction services, our facilities are affordable for everyone.

Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Floss is basically mercerized cotton that is, a cotton thread covered with a polyester core. It is also known as 6-strand floss, stranded cotton, cotton Moline, six-strand embroidery floss. It is also manufactured in polyester, linen silk, and rayon. The thread is composed of six individual threads or piles. However, you can embroider with various types of threads but embroidery Floss is one of the most basic kinds also the most popular to work with. Embroidery Floss is used on the surface of the embroidery and most commonly while working with needle painting using the satin stitch, cross stitch or long-and-short stitch and counted thread techniques.

Rose Embroidery

DigitEMB is well known for providing high-quality Rose Embroidery. Roses have inspired the literature and art for centuries than for sure Rose Embroidery too has lovers because they are so beautiful and they bloom so delicately. Therefore, the beauty of rose flower has always impressed the lovers and thus since the time immemorial, the romantic roses have been used as the perfect epitome of the lover’s selfless and unconditional love for each other. And how can someone is not attracted to its pleasant and natural fragrance?

Embroidery Flowers

DigitEMB is the largest place for Embroidery Flowers. Flowers are a simple yet extremely beautiful and unique kind of embroidery which adds to the charm and appeal of your garment. Get yours now!

Apex Embroidery

DigitEMB is now providing excellent quality Apex Embroidery. Embroidery is the most beautiful form of art. So, get it done by the experts. As only professionals are able to handle and to create apex embroidery.

Hat Embroidery

DigitEMB is the largest place for Hat Embroidery. Embroidery Hat is one of the most in-demand digital embroidery types and people around the world are ready to pay extra money to have their own custom.

Machine Embroidery

DigitEMB providing Machine Embroidery on different surfaces with high-quality digitizing for embroidery. Our digitizer uses the latest embroidery machines and software for digitizing.

Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Needles come in different sizes and shapes. One special sort of needles is used for embroidery by using the embroidery machine. DigitEMB has the perfect and special type of Embroidery Needles. Embroidery needles are also used in many fabrics.

Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery Supplies are really necessary to keep in order for creating beautiful designs but everything has its life duration so keep them up to date. DigitEMB around the world by satisfying their every customer.

How To Do Embroidery

How to do Embroidery? That's the most common question of an embroidery lover! If you can work with a needle and a thread then you can do embroidery.

Secrets Of Embroidery

Secrets of Embroidery, something so magical that has kept this beautiful art alive till now! Not a single machine and software take its beauty away.

Swak Embroidery

Swak Embroidery is an evergreen art. It is one of the oldest arts known to mankind. Embroidery started with just a few stitches here and there. But later on, it evolved into beautiful patterns and designs. Nowadays, embroidery is so popular that it is used in almost everything we see or touch. From the clothes we are wearing to the napkins we are using, all of them are embellished with the beautiful art of embroidery.

Swak Embroidery

It depends upon the digitizers to give you the exact Swak Embroidery so find yourself the most professional digitizer who can do this for you easily. Embroidery digitizing is a modern technique in which a machine and software are used to embroider logos, emblems, and other vast kinds of designs in garments like caps, hats, uniforms, shirts, trousers, towels and so much more.

Swak Embroidery - DigitEMB

It depends upon the digitizers to give you the exact swak embroidery so find yourself the most professional digitizer who can do this for you easily.

Crewel Embroidery

One of the techniques of embroidery is Crewel Embroidery. Basically, it is done with the wool threads. But, in crewel work today we see a huge variation from traditional crewel in the addition of other types of threads are being used. Though, the name “crewel” embroidery tends to evoke a particular style and sense of a design. The main key element to crewel work is not the design style basically, it’s actually the thread. Crewelwork seems crewel work because it is worked in crewel wool, which is a long staple, strong, and threaded spun from wool. No matter what the crewel embroidery can be any embroidery style. It is worked with a variety of stitches but to be accurately calling it a crewel work it should be done with wool threads.

Embroidery Machines

The best thing about Embroidery Machines is that they allow the ability to be both innovative and creative through the aesthetic construction of a product. Here at DigitEMB, you can find a wide range of tremendous quality services of embroidery digitizing with the fastest turnaround and with the cheapest price tag.

Brother Embroidery Machines

The Brother Embroidery Machines Sis the leader in the market when we talk about embroidery machine products. These machines are easy to handle and they can be used to embroider and sew as well. Because of it's easy to understand manual, they are highly regarded by the home users.

Machine Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Designs are very eye-catching and add an attraction to a fabric. If you are looking for the best, cheap and fast Embroidery Digitizing Services then you might have come to the right place! The most pleasing Machine Embroidery Designs are provided by DigitEMB around the world by satisfying their every customer. Services included are Logo Embroidery Digitizing, Puff Embroidery Digitizing, Cap Embroidery Digitizing, and many others.

Embroidery Machine For Sale

Whenever you are looking to buy any Embroidery Machine For Sale then the model should be based on the size and purpose of your future embroidery projects, your skill level, and the main thing your budget! You should find yourself an embroidery machine which suits all your requirements and budget. There are dozens of Embroidery Machine For Sale in the market and choosing the right one is really essential not just from a technical perceptive but also as a considerable investment! You should get an embroidery machine, that worth the investment! Before buying an embroidery machine you should first keep all the essential points necessary for your purchase in mind.

Hat Embroidery Machine

Hat Embroidery Machine is something which is specially designed to do the finest and flawless embroidering on hats and caps to enhance their beauty.

Computerized Embroidery Machines

Computerized Embroidery Machines is a machine that is used for saving instance as well as an endeavor. Computerized embroidery machine price varies according to the capabilities. You may select the best-suited machine for embroidery according to your needs as well as budget. It is a kind of fun by which you can enjoy by fulfilling your passion for embroidery. A touch of modern embroidery can furnish your embroidery skills. For making the embroidery designs machine embroidery is considered to be the best in the modern era. Machine embroidery designs are available for free or you can buy them from authentic vendors.

Best Embroidery Machine

If you are finally to move on and take a step ahead from hand embroidery then it is essential for you to know that machines can do that! But finding the Best Embroidery Machine can be a daunting task as different people will use them for different purposes, as some will use them for business and some will be using them for creating personal embroidery projects. Also depending upon the features that are truly essential for your work. When you dive into something new, you may get frustrated with the technology so for that purpose, there are some Best Embroidery Machines available which are really easy to use.