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7 Sri Lanka travel tips – How to keep your spirits up while travelling

Whether you’re on business or leisure, travelling in Sri Lanka can be cumbersome and often dangerous, here are some tips to make the most of your trip without letting your guard down.


Come as you please

Gastronomy, culture, nature, adventure or your own reason to travel, Sri Lanka has something for everyone. There can be a rush during the peak seasons (mid-December to mid- January and March-April with a mini peak season in July and August) when festivals and pageants are held throughout the country; but hey, Sri Lanka is a most versatile destination that can satisfy no matter the demographics.


Dress Modestly

Cotton clothes are best for a comfortable stay in this tropical paradise. You may need some woollies for a tuck-in the hills and waterproof attire. Females are expected to dress modestly especially when visiting religious sites. Pack your trainers and cotton socks for those adventurous treks which are in plenty. Bring your diving gear or the surfboard to enjoy the variety of water sports along the coastline.


Public Places

It is possible to be overwhelmed by ‘Touts’ and street vendors or even crowds of people in public places (railway stations, markets, bus stands, temples or even busy streets). Hail yourself a metered taxi or use a common app. Mingle with the locals who are known to be friendly and helpful. Travel comfortably with a companion to explore local life as adventures that will etch your mind and enhance your life.


Your home for the stay

The wide spectrum in a choice of accommodations is another reason for a range of visitors visiting Sri Lanka. Hotels are most often fully booked during the summer and winter; hence it is recommended that you to make bookings in advance for the peak seasons through credible travel agents/ tour operators such as Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts with reputed chains of products and services for luxury.



The undiminishing range of experiences and activities are to be planned ahead to get value for money. Arrange ahead for packages with reputed agents and operators who can guide you. Authentic spa and wellness experiences should be essential in your itinerary. Rejuvenate yourself with specially trained staff at resorts dedicated to Ayurveda (natural and herbal) treatments



Sri Lanka offers a host of both traditional and contemporary event experiences. Since of late many event management companies have embarked on arranging tours for popular musicals, musicians, travel bloggers conferences, education fairs, culinary experiences with maestros, fashion shows to name but a few. This might be your chance to come closer than at home to such events.


Health and Safety

Sri Lanka being a tropical country can sometimes be erratic with fluctuating weather and climatic conditions through the two main seasons. Bring along your familiar medication for the common migraine, allergy, indigestion etc. Carry the first aid kit wherever you go and be generous with mosquito repellent. Familiarise yourself through local news of any spreading diseases, weather changes and sudden alter in public services.