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Headline for 2013 GAwards: Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Education
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2013 GAwards: Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Education

Nominate and/or vote for the Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Education from 2012. Engagement techniques are defined as the use of loyalty, gamification, and/or behavioral science in the form of programs, apps, projects, campaigns, and companies. The top voted example in each category will earn one (1) vote in the judged awards. The winners of each category will be announced at GSummit SF 2013 this April 16-18 in San Francisco. Register now at w/ discount code GAWARDS13 (Save $150)

World of Classcraft (@worldofclasscra)

World of Classcraft ( is an educational augmented-reality multiplayer role-playing game. Played in the classroom, students play as one of three classes, gaining awesome powers, while risking a terrible death.

Students gain experience points for good actions and take damage for bad actions. As they gain experience points, students level up and gain powers that can be used in the classroom.

KNOLSKAPE - Online Simulations, Experiential Learning [@KNOLSKAPE]

KNOLSKAPE ( is an award winning serious gaming and simulation software company focusing on management training, assessments and research. KNOLSKAPE believes that the best way of learning and assessing capabilities is by doing. Keeping with this philosophy, we have been developing engaging, immersive and real life-like products and services such as business simulations, multimedia case studies, virtual learning tools.

WoWinSchool / FrontPage (@MMO_School)

WoW in School: The Hero's Journey is a full year ELA course for teens. Initially aimed at "at risk" youth, it became immediately evident that the approach was successful with all learners.

3 Key Lessons Learned in 5 semesters of College Course Gamification | All Social by Prof. Johnson (@TempleUniv)

Back in Spring, 2011 Prof. Steven L. Johnson implemented gamification in his Social Media Innovation course at Temple University Fox School of Business. Here are 3 key lessons from student feedback.

PLANE | ( @planejourney )

Pathways for Learning, Anywhere anytime - a Network for Educators is an Australian National project to build an educational community of practice that furthers the use of information and communication technology in education. The game layer is based on the Hero's Journey in 8 fun levels. Each level of the game layer links together individual and community activity with officially accredited and collective and social tasks as part of professional identity building and accountability to professional learning/development. See presentation WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE A NINJA TEACHER!

@CourseHero's New Game Mechanics | Learn from the world's best educators

Course Hero is an online learning platform for students to access study resources like course materials, flashcards, educational videos and tutors. Looking to maximize student achievement and interaction, Course Hero tapped Bunchball’s Nitro technology to add game mechanics to its education portal. By recognizing desired user behavior through rewards and levels, empowering members to promote their success and offering real-world rewards, Course Hero increased social sharing by 400 percent and overall time on site by 5 percent.

OTT Achievements - Travel & tourism eLearning (@traveltraining)

OTT (, a leading provider of travel & tourism eLearning have introduced Gamification to encourage training engagement.

Our unique OTT Achievements system rewards members for completing training and encourages them to complete more.

Over 15,000 badges have now been awarded & member engagement is up 100% thanks largely to this new innovation.


@Ford's Gamified Employee Motivation Program

@Ford's Gamified Employee Motivation Program

Ford created a Bunchball-powered employee motivation program for more than 13,000 employees throughout Ford dealerships in Canada. The goal of the program was to encourage completion of training activities, which included watching technology videos on new product rollouts and motivating additional learning through trivia and rewards. On the first day of the program, Ford saw more than 100,000 unique visits to the site – a 400 percent increase the previous year and a month over month increase in engagement with their program as word of mouth spread among the sales and service community.

BankersLab® – Learning Reinvented (@BankersLab)

Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulation, scenario games, the gamified classroom and mobile learning. Designed to inspire even the most experienced professionals, this unique model engages the “player” and test strategies in range of real-world market conditions.

Deloitte Leadership Academy's Newly Added Game Mechanics (@DeloitteLA)

Deloitte employed The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to embed powerful Game Mechanics within their digital executive training program to drive users to consume more educational content as well as stick with their learning goals. The result: +47% increase in user retention & quicker course completion.