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Headline for Bahia, Top 5 Attractions – To Explore the Beautiful Brazilian State
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Bahia, Top 5 Attractions – To Explore the Beautiful Brazilian State

Bahia is a beautiful State in Brazil that is popular for its rich culture and history, as well as its contemporary beauty. Put these items on your to do list to enjoy all aspects of Bahia.



This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of several streets down which you can wonder, which will transport you back in time to a colourful era. Well preserved, the houses and buildings along these streets are colourful, and bare the signs of the various communities that have influenced Brazil, from Africa, Europe and Native Americans. The atmosphere to be enjoyed while journeying along these streets is amazing, the beauty of the architecture is matched by the light vibes, as you enjoy tons of culture, music and dance. There are also significant historical buildings to admire here, including some beautiful churches.


Chapada Diamantina

This is a stunning mountainous national park in Bahia measuring about 600 M2, which is well worth travelling away from the capital, Salvador, to visit. The mountain views, hidden caves and gushing waterfalls make it the place to go for if you love being one with nature, or if you're hungry for adventure. For those who are brave enough to try it, canyon climbing can be an exciting thing to do, though you may prefer instead to hike through this lush forest. There are additionally some guided treks that you can opt for, which can take numerous days to complete, truly ideal for the most adventurous.


Arraial D'Ajuda Eco Park

The eco park is a fantastic amusement park with a range of things to do for those of all ages. Whether you seek a thrilling roller coaster ride that will have you adrenaline pumping, or a more relaxed ride which even young children can enjoy, the park has it all. In addition to these rides, you can see a part of the local culture here as well, whether it is a display of Capoeira, a form of martial arts, or indigenous dances, it all takes place at this exiting park. The state of Bahia has so much to see and do that it is becoming a tourist hotspot, attracting many a luxury hotel group to set up beautiful resorts here, such as Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas.


Morro de Sao Paulo Islands

These islands are a must visit, as they have something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it is fast paced water sports or action packed beaches that you look for, or a little isolation on a more private beach, there is something for everyone on these islands. The islands are made up of an archipelago comprising of 26 islands, of which only about three are inhabited. Yet all the fun to be enjoyed on the islands aren't on its beaches, take time to explore the history and significance of other sites on the islands too, including some beautiful churches and monuments.


Church of Mosso Senhor do Bonfim

Though there are some fantastic churches in the area, this is probably the most famous church in Salvador. This stunning monument dates to the 18th century, though its beautification was only complete in the 19th century, and is of major historical value. The church is adorned with vintage neoclassical design, and a standout is its beautiful wooden ceiling, painted with vivid depictions. The place is a site of intense devotion as it holds a high place with the local Catholics, and is especially magnificent when visited when the 'Festa do Bonfim' is taking place, a colourful feast and procession.