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The 10 Most Popular Thai Dishes - Ten Best Loved Dishes in Thai Cuisine

Thai food is not only one of the world's most popular Asian cuisines but also one of the country's best exports in cultural identification. Here are 10 Thai dishes to sample on a trip to Thailand.


Pad Thai

As the dish that is perhaps best known among Thai food lovers, Pad Thai is a noodle fish that is served with a plethora of toppings. The fried noodles and tossed with onions, eggs and bean sprouts before spices, fish sauce and slices of meat or seafood are added. Garnished with peanuts, this wholesome meal is a true Thai staple.


Khao Pad

Fried rice may be a Chinese invention but it was the Thais who perfected the dish and made it a hit with not only the local populace but diners around the world. The simplicity of the dish which features, eggs, onions and herbs and fried rice can be deceiving as the flavour packed in the meats and veggies also lend texture and depth to this gastronomic treat.


Som Tum

Also known as Spicy Green Papaya Salad, Som Tum combines a plethora of fresh ingredients to create the perfect starter. Served in resort restaurants in Chiang Rai whether it's those on-site at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort or any other hotel base and humble street food stalls alike, Som Tum is a distinctively Thai salad.


Gaeng Daeng

Simply referred to as the Red Curry, Gaeng Daeng features thinly sliced meat pieces, coconut milk, red curry paste and Kaffir lime leaves that set the pallet alight with this unique blend of flavours. Aromatic and sweet, the dish is a true comfort food for locals.


Tom Yum Goong

Spicy shrimp soup in Thailand does not get any better than Tom Yum Goong. The soup which is heavy with the aroma of galangal, lemongrass and fish sauce is the perfect pick-me-up after a busy day out and about. Spicy and creamy, a bowl of Tom Yum Goong is not for those who cannot handle the heat.


Kai Med Ma Muang

This delectable fish incorporates cashew nuts into an already delicious sautéed chicken dish to create the perfect accompaniment for steamed rice. Honey, chillies, onions, sweet soy sauce and mushrooms are also giving this local favourite its unique taste.


Tom Kha Kai

Another Thai chicken soup with a difference, Tom Kha Kai is perfect for those who love Malay dishes the likes of Laksa as coconut milk is the main feature of this spicy broth. Shallots, galangal and lemongrass are also added for good measure while the soup is garnished with fresh lime leaves that provide an intoxication aroma that can be felt for miles around.


Yam Nua

As a spicy salad that also features beef, the secret behind this dish is its use of spices including spearmint and coriander while dried chilli and onions also add an unmistakable punch to the salad.


Pad Krapow Moo Saap

This popular "meal" is one local rely on for both lunch and dinner as the dish constitutes a complete meal. The fried basil and pork dish is made using a steaming wok in which green beans, fresh chilli, holy basil leaves and soy sauce are combined with minced pork.


Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

The green chicken curry not only features juicy eggplants and bamboo shoots but also sweet basil, fresh coriander and chicken. Green curry paste gives the curry its trademark colour while the dish is best enjoyed with a cup of fragrant rice.