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Headline for 2013 GAwards: Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Human Resources (HR)
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2013 GAwards: Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Human Resources (HR)

Nominate and/or vote for the Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Human Resources (HR) from 2012. Engagement techniques are defined as the use of loyalty, gamification, and/or behavioral science in the form of programs, apps, projects, campaigns, and companies. The top voted example in each category will earn one (1) vote in the judged awards. The winners of each category will be announced at GSummit SF 2013 this April 16-18 in San Francisco. Register now at w/ discount code GAWARDS13 (Save $150

Web Based Training | New Employee Orientation | @MindTickle

MindTickle is an Enterprise Gamification and Learning Platform for New Employee Orientation and Web Based Training of Company Policies and Procedures

Multipoly - online corporate simulation for recruitment

Multipoly presents the multinational accountancy and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers operating in Hungary. Players of the virtual reality participate the online world of PwC as trainees, working for a year at the company.

The duration of the traineeship is modelled in 12 game days, practically equalling twelve virtual months. The one year professional traineeship is divided in four quarters, with different objectives defined for the players in each quarter. They must attend trainings, join a community, negotiate with clients, and solve numerous exciting tasks.

The main venue of the game is the head office building of PwC and its different offices and premises. There are other external venues, such as conference rooms and recreational facilities, such as restaurants, cultural and sports centres. Players have to visit these different venues to face lifelike situations and decide which one will they participate in. In these situations they solve tasks that measure their professional knowledge and other skills. The tasks contain questions to answer, and these are related to professional and general knowledge, logical skills and information about PwC. By solving the tasks and answering the questions, the players receive points. To enhance the accuracy of the simulation, in addition to selected situation, unexpected events also take place.

iLead by @KNOLSKAPE - Leadership Simulation

iLead Simulation is a compelling, real-life-like simulation that tests the leadership mettle of the user. In the simulation, the user steps into the role of a sales director of an elevator company that has created a market for itself through innovative products.

Packed with intense events and scenarios that a leader might face, the iLead simulation tests the user’s adaptability and leadership style in adverse situations.

iLead's learning outcomes:

-Insight on the different types of leadership styles
-The need for adapting leadership style to different situations
-Importance of influencing team members into achieving extra-ordinary results


Mindsetter is developed by Relation
Technologies. We are a highly specialized
company who develops learning
design and learning architecture for
organisation development. Our distinctive
signature is that we transform
theory into practice by embedding our
design and our ideas in to a product
form - whether it is physical or virtual
gamification products. Our products are used for everything
from long term training courses
to shorter workshops, consultation or
e-learning. Our products have created
excitement worldwide, and five years
after we launched our first product, we
are currently represented on 5 continents.


6styles is a simulation tool that challenges
the leadership preferences and
skills of participants through a series of
carefully designed problem scenarios.
6styles is intended for both new and
more experienced managers, and can
be set up to match the specific leadership
challenges that different groups of
participants have to deal with, as well as
their positions within the organisation.


CrowdFlower, the leading micro-task crowdsourcing platform, launched an employee motivation program powered by Bunchball Nitro and aimed at improving work quality and worker satisfaction. By gamifying the dashboard used by contributors hired to solve a problem or complete a task, CrowdFlower encourages and rewards superior work. And by tracking badges earned by top contributors, the company can offer them a chance to work on higher paying projects.

PlayVox - Gamification for Call Centers (@PlayVoxHQ)

PlayVox is a Talent Management platform designed to manage and motivate people at Call Centers.