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Revenue Based Financing Lenders

Here's a list of firms providing revenue-based loans. Like any lending institution, some prefer to work in specific industries. Others only cut checks for certain sized businesses. Check out the options below. And, of course, (PLEASE!) feel free to add to this list as you do your own research.
Lighter Capital

Lighter Capital's model has no dilution, no loss of control, and no fixed payment. Traditionally in the ballpark of $50K - $500K loan amounts and works (primarily, but not exclusively) with online businesses.

Cypress Growth Capital

Based out of Texas and looking for 2 year old companies grossing a million bucks or more. Cypress is not rooted in any specific industry and will not take equity in your company.


Founded in 2009 with an office in Boston and Detroit, the Arctaris fund deals with $1M - $5M+ deals.

Montlake Capital

Montlake Capital isn't exclusive with revenue based financing. Works with companies in the western USA, primarily focused in the financial and tech industries.

Union Bay Capital

Recently founded in Seattle (website is still being built as of 4th qtr 2012), Union's "innovative financing solutions" includes revenue loans.

Revenue Capital Management

Revenue financing for businesses with $250K or more in revenues. Founded in 2011 in Oregon.

Capital Royalty

Capital Royalty focuses on biopharmaceutical products and medical technologies. Founded in 2003, these guys will write checks for $25 million or more.

HealthCare Royalty Partners

Focused in the healthcare industry (as is their namesake, duh). Founded in 2007 and based in Connecticut, they're looking for the 7 and 8 figure financing deals.

Next Step Capital Partners

Based in central Texas, founded in 2011, revenue loans with "an agreed to percentage of future revenues."