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5 Adventure Sports to Try in Al Jabal Al Akhdar – The Thrills in the Hills

Somewhere between Muscat and Nizwa lies a scenic mountainous area is known as Sayq where people flock throughout the year for photographic moments, soothing relaxation and spine tinkling adventures.


Rock Climbing

If your happiest moments in life have been while scaling a wall of some form or nature, head over to Oman without further delays and check in to a hotel such as Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort which is close to the cliffs. Al Jabal Al Akhdar can be translated to mean Green Mountain. Strange as it may seem for a supposed desert terrain to have such a name, this is one part of the country that has a thriving agriculture industry where the climate is mild and even experiences snow during the winter. Hence, the vistas that await you at the summit will be worth the trouble of saddling yourself and climbing even with the greatest difficulties.


Mountain Biking

There is a rugged pathway that leads to the top for those who prefer to cycle. The Oman hotels in the area usually have mountain bikes that can be rented but if you have one of those foldable creatures that do well on inclines, you could probably bring it along. Don't forget to hire a safety helmet and gloves as the surfaces en route are not exactly smooth.



Who says that yoga needs to be performed indoors on a mat? Take the blue skies as your shelter and the green grass as your mat and inhale the fragrances of blooming roses as you practice yoga atop the hills in the area. Your mind will automatically relax, permitting you to gain more out of your yoga session as the environment remains quite still and quiet around you. Hotels have the option of carrying out their yoga practices both within the hotel premises and outside on a hill, hence even if you need to practice under the supervision of a yoga trainer, you can do so.


Cave Exploration

Abd, Al Maawel, Al Kour and Amit are some of the popular caves in the area which are as rugged as the cliffs that bear them. You need to gear yourself properly with a torch helmet, some essential supplies, suitable attire and boots before you head out on this adventure. The caves can be cold, and they are certainly dark except for a few places where there are cracks and sunlight pour in.



Master marksmen make your way to the hills and find a serene backdrop for your sport. You can perch yourself precariously on a small rocky ledge or stand on flat rugged land as you shoot at targets placed at different ranges in the hilly terrain. This would be a unique experience for most archers as the less adventurous form of the sport is to stand on solid ground and shoot at well-defined boards which are not too far away. If you are a toxophilite or an expert in the game, this should be thrilling enough to keep you out all day.