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Updated by Josh Robinson on Jun 19, 2014
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Tips for speeding up any website

You have an amazing site, now it is time to make it fly. A 100ms speed boost can make the difference between an ok user experience and an awesome one. Here are some of the easiest ways to speed up any website.

Image Compression

Images can be big and take a long time to download. However using an image compression tool can take that big image and shrink the file size without changing the dimensions or quality.

Image Size

In addition to compression it is important to make sure the image has the correct dimensions to start with. You may be resizing the images via css or a theme but if the source image hasn't been resized the browser still has to download the larger image then shrink it locally causing extra work and taking extra time.

CDN - Content Delivery Network

Location, Location, Location. Where your files are being served from makes a difference. A CDN makes copies of your static assets and spreads them around to geographically distributed servers. That way when a page is loaded the files come from next door instead of across the country.

Public CDN

Chances are you are using at least one javascript library or css framework that is on other websites as well. If you host these files yourself then the browser assumes that your version of jQuery, for example, is different than the version on some other site and downloads it again. If you use a Public CDN not only do you get the usual benefits of of a CDN but the browser will realize your library is the same as the one it already downloaded on another site that uses that CDN. This means it doesn't have to request the file again and fewer request means a faster site.

HTML5 Prefetching

Using HTML5 Prefetching you can tell the browser which pages the user will most likely click next. This gives it the chance to fetch a page before the user even clicks it making things super snappy.

Compress PNG

Compress PNG images into PNG-8 format with transparency support and full browser compatibility.