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Play Schools in India


How to Keep Kids Safe at School?

How to Keep Kids Safe at School?

With increase influence of social media many viral videos are going around the Internet of bullies on buses, fights in the hallways, shootings, even sexual exploitation of kids by the school staff itself, observing all this one question arises "How safe is your child’s school"?. Hence the best play school in India is considered by the parents nowadays.

It’s a dangerous world across the board. We can keep the doors locked at night, but we can’t shield our children from every detail of day to day reality. School is a fact of life and makes the parents feel a bit scared once there young ones let go of their hands and march through the school doors without them. How safe is your child’s school? Check out some of the best play schools in Faridabad.

Measures that make sense for one school may not be necessary for another, and since preschools are notoriously cash-strapped, they may have to make tough choices. Following are some ways which can prove to be better for the kids at schools.

Locked front doors - Every school and child-care center needs to have secure access, there should be no chance for people to wander onto school property. Additional doors used by staff can be secured with card readers. During arrival and dismissal, staffers should be visible, supervising entrances and exits.

Visitor check-in - Everyone who visits a school building should sign in and out, so that school personnel always know who is in the building. Some schools issue visitor badges or special ID cards for parents or give them card-reader access which proves to be really effective as school personnel knows who is present in the school.

Security cameras - They help school staff watch over entrances and other parts of the school building, as well as keep a record of any suspicious activity. At the very least, one of these cameras should track the school's main entrance.

Classroom-door locks - Fire codes and old hardware can sometimes make it tough for schools to install locks on the inside of classroom doors to keep intruders out. But most find ways to overcome these obstacles and achieve a secured classroom.

Shatterproof glass - Schools may consider adding this precaution or using film that covers existing glass and makes it bulletproof. It may not be practical everywhere, but some schools invest in this technology, at least for main entrance doors.

Franchise oriented model - This model is observing a great percentage of growth especially for the aspiring entrepreneurs. Playschool franchise in India is considered a safe model as the franchise is operated on well-defined and organized set of ethics of a well-established brand of school.


Important Time to Educate Your Children

Important Time to Educate Your Children

Education is necessary for every child since they are born in order to increase their own individual and social life quality. Even though people can be self-taught, they definitely need someone else to educate them too. The most important education comes with the family because family is the fundamental of education and the building block in a child’s life. Therefore, it is significantly important to talk about the role of the family in education together with the importance of education.

Education is general and personalized learning and teaching process which teach people the best way to live. Education aims to change and develop the behavior of the individual in a deliberate and appropriate manner with determined principles. It is clear that especially children need to get an effective and accurate education process in order to get into this rapid change faster. All parents want their children to be a beneficial individual to themselves and their environment hence, here are some play school in Faridabad.

Research shows that 65% of children's personality development occurs between 0-6 years of age. This research re-emphasizes the prevalence of family in the child's personality development in the pre-school period, the training and interest of family is important for children. In the 0-6-year-old preschool period, the fact that the family is in a positive attitude and raise their children conscious is becoming a sustainable success in the school period and hence want their child to be admitted to some of the best preschool in India.

Parents should always accept their children as an individual. Failing to accept their children as different individuals can also cause for parents to find their children’s behaviors strange and wrong even if they are not. In this case, what we do is to personalize our children with our characters, not their personal characters. Moreover, parents see it as a kind of education. Such an education method will have a negative impact on child and lead to personality problems which should be avoided at all costs. It is necessary to make the child feels that he or she is a child. Children must play, move around, make little clumsiness, touch to stones and soil, dirty their clothes and live their childhood well. It has been accepted by all child development specialists that especially games are the most important tools for the intelligence development of children.


Laws in Governance of Preschools

Laws in Governance of Preschools

Safety in the preschool in India involves much more than metal detectors and disaster plans. Although such catastrophe preparation is necessary, we often overlook less obvious beliefs and practices that put children’s everyday safety at risk. All children require physical protection, safety, and regulation in order to grow, learn, and flourish. Obvious safety issues are clear-cut and usually well addressed in our schools.

However, there are less obvious, hidden dangers in our schools that impact the social, cognitive, and emotional well-being of our students. These hidden dangers are not always directly observable, and therefore they are difficult to identify. However, these hazards are contributing to an unprecedented crisis in our schools. We are seeing more violence than ever before. The key to identifying these concealed problems is in understanding preschool climate with some of the play school in Faridabad.

School climate is not a new concept. Originally, climate and environmental studies fell under the parameters of industrial and organizational psychology. However, over the past several decades, as more and more difficulties have required handling in the school setting, educational psychologists have become increasingly concerned with issues of climate. School climate shall be seen as a reflection of positive and negative feelings regarding school environments, which may directly or indirectly affect a variety of learning outcomes. School climate should be defined as a unique combination of intellectual, behavioral, social, ethical and physical characteristics within a setting.

When we talk about hazards and dangers in preschools then unfortunately the list is really long, preschools are involved in many activities that present a range of hazards. These hazards and associated risks must be managed to ensure the safety of staff, students and others. Like,
Built Environment- Which refers to buildings, structures and other infrastructure at the school site.
Curriculum Activities- May involve a range of risks that need to be carefully managed to ensure the safety of all students, staff or other participants involved in the activity.
Driver and Vehicle safety- Many departmental staff are required to drive as part of their role, driver and vehicle should be prescreened before induction.

Dust- Dust is usually generated by mechanical processes such as sanding, grinding and sawing, if such activities are observed near or around the school premises then it should be checked.
Observing the above mentioned risks for the young ones is preschools the Government has come up with some of the concrete measures to be followed and inducted in preschools To start with a preschool, the Government has laid out the broad parameters by coming out with clear definitions on:
• One teacher and one caregiver for every 20 children.
• A clear boundary wall demarcating the school from other structures
• Sanitized toilets with soap, running water with towels for easy access to both normal and disabled children
• CCTV surveillance for the rest room as well as play area.
• Pest control to be done on a regular basis
• Sufficient fire protection measures
• Learning aids for the teachers based on the curriculum for each class
• Equipment in adequate numbers
• The first aid kit has to be easily accessible and should always be well stocked


How children learn through play?

How children learn through play?

Play is children’s language, children’s work and children’s relaxation. Children need to play for healthy development. Children decide what to play and how to play which is their time to be free and to enjoy. This is where play schools play the most important part in a child’s life here are some play school in Faridabad with ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India leading the chart with its attractive courses and recreational area for the kids. Play can be learning a new skill with other children or alone. Parents always aim for the best for their wards so that they develop a strong foundation and hence look for the best playschool in India and also some of the play school franchises in India.

Play is a way children can express their feelings even before they have the words to say how they feel. In play children are in charge of what they do and being in control in play helps them to learn to manage their feelings. When children make or build things in their play, they are building skills and confidence in themselves which is going to definitely help them in future. In play children learn about the give and take of relationships with their friends. They learn to lead and follow and to care for others, play is a way children make sense of their world and for imagination and creativity. Play helps a child do the following.

Develop physical skills- Basic physical skills are developed as a child learns to reach, grasp, crawl, run, climb and balance which acts as a foundation for the coming years of such toddlers.
Develop cognitive concepts- Children learn to solve problems through play. Children also learn colors, numbers, size and shapes. They have the ability to enhance their memory skills as well as their attention span. Children move on to higher levels of thought as they play in a more stimulating environment.

*Develop language skills- *Language develops as a child plays and interacts with others. This begins with parents playing games with their children and advances to practical levels such as telling make-believe stories and jokes.

Develop social skills- Learning to cooperate, negotiate, take turns and play by the rules are all important skills learned in early games. These skills grow as the child plays. As a result, children learn the roles and rules of society.


How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool?

How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool?

If a child is starting preschool, he/she may be approaching this major milestone with conflicting emotions. Parents are usually excited about all the fun their child will have and the new friends he’ll make. At the same time, parents may feel a little sad that their kid is venturing out into the big world without them. These emotions are normal. Your child is also bound to have a host of feelings about this transition, feeling proud to be a big kid but at the same time worried about being separated from you and starting something unfamiliar.

Preschools therefore play a very important role in grooming of the kid and also provide an assurance for the parents. Here are some of the best preschool in India. ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India and one of the best play school in Faridabad sector 37 is a paradise for every parent struggling to enroll their kids in the best preschool and who want to provide with the best to their little ones. With technologically sophisticated and equipped with CCTV cameras round the clock it is one preschool to check out for and with even attractive and low investment preschool franchise options. Kids on the other hand feel safe and loved in such schools. Here are some measures which can be taken by the parents to prepare their kids to be ready for the preschools.

Books- There are many books about going to preschool available from the market which can be useful in preparing your kid for preschool. Talk about the story to your kid about how he is feeling by enacting a preschool type of atmosphere.

Listening- It’s important to let your child know that his worries have been heard. No matter what they are, big or small, children’s worries about preschool can significantly influence their experience there. Children must know that it’s normal to feel happy, sad, excited, scared, or worried. They should be taken into confidence that starting something new can feel scary and that lots of people feel that way.

Paying a Visit- If possible, take your child to a meet the teacher or visit the school program or Open House and let your kid play on the playground or just roam around for some time so that he is familiar with the place and feel more confident when steps there for the first time as a student itself.

Shopping- This might not work for all the children but it can be a helping hand. Let your child buy some new toys and a bag pack of his choice with his favorite cartoon or a lunch box and water bottle of his choice which will give him a good feeling and make him energetic.

Introduce New Routines- Starting a preschool will eventually start a new routine in a child’s life which should be introduced by their parents first to make them more read


How to choose the right play school for your child?

How to choose the right play school for your child?

A playschool is not just the first step of your precious child outside the home but it’s also the first platform for learning of those kids before they go for primary and secondary schools. Parents nowadays want ''THE'' best in everything for their young ones and precooling is definitely one of such things. Today there are a number of play school in Faridabad sector 37 such as ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India which is the very first digital preschool in India located in Faridabad.

Every parent aims to give the best and most secured future to their kids as a play school is the building block in a child’s life preparing them for the upcoming challenges and opportunities in life later. The aim of every parent is for a better play school and focus more on the overall development of the child and want to see a socially and morally strong kid instead of focusing on the academics of the schools even if the school is one of the best preschools in India. One of the major achievements of these play schools is that it minimizes the separation anxiety which is witnessed by parents in their kids as they are now enrolled in a functioning organization called school with other kids as well and an increased interaction with such kids and even teachers. Here is a guide for all the parents before choosing the right play school for your ''tiny tots''.

Budget- Well, this is the easiest one. You need to shortlist a list of preschools that fit into your budget before you start looking at other finer details as with an increase in low investment preschool franchise model of business is increasingly becoming popular this is one point to be not missed by parents.

Location- It is an important factor which should be considered by the parents as the location of the school holds the decision making stature of a factor. If the location is near the home it will be considered.

Research- Reach out to other parents ask your friends, your neighbors, your older child's teacher if any, ask people you trust for recommendations for quality settings in your area. Most parents will be happy to offer their insight and advice.

Timings- The timings of a playschool matter the most, at least during the initial days of school. Proper school timings set the routine for the entire day of the child really comfortable even for the parents. Preschools, unlike primary and senior schools, should not start early in the morning as kids need more time to get ready, eat, and leave the house.

Safety- Safety within the school premises, and in the way kids are dispersed from the school forms a key point to consider while choosing a preschool. Most schools share the measures they take for safety with parents during admission meetings. However, the best thing is to talk to parents whose kids are already studying in the school and understand whether the school keeps its promised measures in place or not.


Top 5 Secrets of a Preschool Teacher

Teaching is a satisfying and rewarding profession but sometimes it can be challenging as well. Preschool teachers serve many roles and these roles require some essential qualities to succeed. Whether you are evaluating a potential preschool for your children or considering a career in teaching, it’s important to be aware of the important qualities that make an outstanding teacher in a preschool. The success of a preschool teacher also depends on the nature and brand value of a preschool itself, here are some of the best play school in Faridabad ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India with its healthy teacher to child ratio is one school every teacher should consider. Nowadays there are a lot of options for a teacher when it comes to choosing the right preschool because of growing trend of low investment preschool franchise business model.

While studying hard can prepare anyone to be a good person in life, same goes for a good teacher, there are several inherent traits that make a great preschool teacher. For example, a teacher can learn how to effectively teach preschool curriculum and create a welcoming classroom, but showing passion for his/her students education needs to come from the heart. Here are five important characteristics to be an awesome preschool teacher:

Patient- A good preschool teacher should have the patience of a saint. Teachers have to work with the students at their own pace as each child is different. They have to be patient when dealing with the same questions over and over again.

Passion- If a person has a burning desire to make a real difference in its life then there is no stopping to it, same goes for a good teacher for in the lives of young children. This is where the preschool comes to rescue, a good preschool always values its teachers and always keeps them motivated, a teacher always looks for the best preschools in India available.

Energetic- Preschool teachers should bring some life to their classroom by engaging their students in interesting activities. They should create an atmosphere where students feel they can take an active part in the discussion.

Communication skills- Students will not be interested in a class if they feel that the teacher is not listening to them. Apart from being a good listener, a great teacher should also know the trick to make the toddlers listen to him/her.

Creativity- Creativity in the classroom is the most important factor as the students are all little kids for instance. A teacher might be from a different background than that of the kids and geography of the school itself which is a big factor for a teacher, so a creative teacher will always find a solution to a problem using its creative side and will make learning a fun.

Confident- Teachers should remain confident in difficult situations. They should possess the ability to learn and change and be prepared to answer any questions. They should remember that they have the ability to change the lives of their students.


Good Behaviour Activities for Preschoolers

Behavior management for preschool has nothing to do with punishment and everything to do with how you set up their environment, react to their actions and behaviors, and most importantly how you connect with them. From learning activities to transitions, children’s challenging behavior can influence every aspect of a classroom. Children who frequently exhibit challenging behavior may have fewer friends or lower academic performance, and research links the persistent challenging behavior of young children to more serious behavior problems and negative consequences as they get older. This is the reason Preschool plays an important role in a child’s life and here are some of the best preschool in India.

''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool In India and a play school in Faridabad sector 37 is one of the best preschools in India and only of its kind as it is the first digital preschool in India offering an opulent environment with technologically sophisticated gadgets and systems for the better learning of the child and also offering a low investment preschool franchise option for the aspiring businessmen’s and entrepreneurs. With that said, just as behavior can affect all aspects of a learning environment, all the aspects of a learning environment can be structured to promote positive behavior. Here are some of the activities which can be inculcated in the schooling activities which promote positive and good behavior in children.

Set your students up to succeed- Teachers must not expect a 3-year-old to sit quietly for a 20-minute classroom time or work together with other children. Support your students’ growth and development with activities and materials that engage and challenge them but avoid frustration.

Do not overstimulate- Children process information slower than we do, and too much input to process results in meltdowns. If you have too many things out for free play, if there is too much noise or too many people crowded together you can have a harder time managing behaviors.

Using positive follow ups- Hitting hurts. When a teacher is angry, he/she need to use the words and keep the hands controlled as hitting a child will make the things all the way worse.

Appreciation- All children are good, and their behavior may be challenging, but the child just wants connection, and it’s our job to find a way to make that connection. Everyone likes appreciation and want more of it and for a toddler that will work as wonders.

Ignoring bad behavior- Of course how a child reacts affects other students, but it is a teacher’s call whether you can ignore it or not. Slamming a child is never an option for a teacher but ignoring a child’s bad behavior is in its option but a very thin line remains between bad behavior and playful mischief which should be observed by the teacher.

Teaching emotions- When children can recognize and respond to classmate’s emotions they can work more cooperatively and take responsibility for their actions and how they affect others.


Tips to Start a Preschool

With an increasing literacy rate, the new generation parents are making it a must to send their ward to preschool for a better grooming, here are some of the best preschool in India, and every parent makes it a point to look for the best playschools for their kids. Not only this, in subsequent to the increasing number of enrollments, the number of playschools is also rising at the moment especially in Delhi NCR with ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool In India doing exceptionally well and is one of the best preschool in Faridabad.

There are many people prospecting, planning and working on the idea of a preschool business because of interesting and profitable gains and with not a very huge investment. This is known as low investment preschool franchise business model, ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India has a lot of such attractive options for emerging entrepreneurs with its digital brand value. Similar to other businesses, a preschool business also requires a pre-planned layout for the startup. If you’re also looking forward to starting a preschool then here are some of the solutions and tips to keep in mind for achieving a successful preschool business.

Research and analysis- Look up other preschools near your desired location and learn a little about each of them like how many preschools are currently operating in that area, whether any particular populations of kids are underserved by preschools in your area (e.g., kids with disabilities or kids from low-income families), what kinds of educational philosophies or approaches are represented in your community’s preschools and so on.

Getting required permissions- Presently, there is no central law regarding the registration to start a preschool in India, though some state laws exist such as the 'Private School Education Acts' in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and others. Many other states have letters issued by the State Government (under the guise of RTE Act), regarding the starting and running of a preschool. There are many preschool consulting agencies and firms which help with such issues.

Naming it- The name of a preschool imposes a first impression in the minds of the spectators prospecting to enroll their child. So, it is very important to select a perfectly suitable name. Always go for a fancy attractive name that will drive more attention and audience towards the preschool which is easy to pronounce by the kids.

Budgeting- Define your budget. You need to invest on things like business research, project know how, rental advance, toys and equipment, furniture, colors and paints, some changes in the rooms, etc. Having a rough idea of such expenses is even better.

Preschool curriculum- You should have proper curriculum; as the adage goes 'quality sells itself'. The government of India is also coming up with curricular laws, making it mandatory for preschools to have proper and good curriculum.

Location and Infrastructure- Parents send their kids to a preschool to explore things in an open environment and observe better. As per the location concern, setting up a preschool in a spacious and green environment can be beneficial which not only attracts children but also helps them to connect to the environment, observe and become sensitive towards nature. A non-competitive factor should also be considered before selection of a location.

In accordance with the infrastructure facilities, it should be colorful, interesting and attractive as a preschool being an arena for kids needs to undeniably look playful and attractive in every possible manner.

Staffing- Teachers, being the roots to a preschool should always be on the priority list. Staffing the correct number of teachers in your school depends on the number of children you’re catering to. Hire the teachers specialized in teaching and handling preschoolers to avoid any mess in the classroom. A healthy student to teacher ratio must be maintained for the benefit of the teacher as well as quality of education.

Promotion- Once you’re ready with all the above-mentioned points and all set to go, start with the promotion of your preschool using various means. Use different types of promotional techniques for promoting your business, physical print technology such as pamphlets, newspaper columns, boards and hoardings, banners, etc. can be used for the start. If you have much to spend, then you can also go for television advertisements for your school. You can also go for digital marketing wherein you can promote your play school on internet or www. (World Wide Web) using various promotional techniques digitally. Use social media platforms for promotion, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.


How to handle children?

Every parent gets angry at his or her children sometimes. It doesn’t help that there are always the endless pressures of life on each one of us whether it’s the problems of our relationships or the problems of financial matters, the list is never ending. In the middle of that stress, enter our child, who has lost his/her notebook or any other similar tiny problem and we lose our minds on them. Today we are going to talk about some of these issues which every parent has faced at some point in their life which is ''parenting'' obviously.

Parents and kids have the ability to trigger each other as no one else can. Even as adults we are often irrational in relation to our own parents. Similarly, our kids push our buttons precisely because they are our children. Psychologists call this phenomenon “ghosts in the nursery,” by which they mean that our children trigger the intense feelings of our own childhoods, and we often respond by unconsciously re-enacting the past that’s etched like forgotten memories deep in our minds. The fears and rage of childhood are powerful and can overwhelm us even as adults because it gives us incentive to control ourselves, we need to know that parental anger can be harmful to young children.

That is the reason we blame schooling of our kids when it comes to their behavior and want to enroll them in some of the best preschool in India. Schooling plays an important role in a child’s life in shaping its mind and beliefs and teaching him what is right or wrong. Schooling is also blamed because low investment preschool franchise model of business is becoming quite popular these days. Preschools in Faridabad are gaining much more recognition in the country like ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool/Play School in Faridabad sector 37 which is the first digital play school in India and one of the best preschool in Faridabad has all the equipment’s and systems which a well-developed preschool has. Parents see such schools as mere organization which wants to make as much profits for themselves as possible and let go of the interests of their child and them too.

If your child does not seem afraid of your anger, it’s an indication that he or she has seen too much of it and has developed defenses against it and against you, whether or not they show it and the more often we get angry, the more defended they will be, and therefore less likely to show it, our anger is nothing short of terrifying to our children who have already been engaged with that side of ours since long time now. The most important thing to remember about anger is not to act while you're angry. You'll feel an urgent need to act, to teach your child a lesson. But that's your anger talking. It thinks this is an emergency but it never is, you can teach your child later, and it will be the lesson you actually want to teach. Your child isn't going anywhere. Now we shall talk about some ways to keep our child at bay.

Make things a game- Since small children are constantly making a mess it's easy to feel like your house is always a bin. If you want your child to help you keep things tidy, make simple tasks into a game. Avoid telling your child to do something directly and try to make a story out of it or a game. You may need to help him or get him started. You can also make challenges or chores into races where you compete.

Connecting with your child- When you force kids into something, they tend to rebel and do everything they should not. The term that best defines this behavior is counter will, which is a common trait of stubborn children. Counter will is instinctive and is not restricted to children alone. Try connecting with your child and know his/her problems.

Giving your child options- Kids have a mind of their own and don’t always like being told what to do. If a parent tells their kids to sleep at time and wake up at time the answer will be a ‘‘NO’’. Tell your five-year-old stubborn boy to buy a toy you chose and his doesn’t want that. Give your kids options and not directives. Instead of telling her to go to bed, ask her if she would want to read bedtime story A or B.

Stay Calm- Yelling at a defiant, screaming kid will turn an ordinary conversation between a parent and a child into a shouting match. Your child might take your response as an invitation to a verbal combat. This will only make things worse. It is up to you to steer the conversation to a practical conclusion as you are the adult. Help your child understand the need to do something or behave in a specific manner.


Tips to Increase Your Little Ones Immunity

What can parents do to protect their child from the endless exposure of germs and viruses they are exposed to every day? Unfortunately, in some ways, getting sick for a kid is a part of the game. Kids today who are enrolled in preschools is already a big problem for that young ones this is the reason that parents look for the best preschools in India with some of the best play school in Faridabad such as ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool In India with real time tracking of what your child is doing at the school is definitely doing a great job in such field, with attractive low investment preschool franchise options.

Bad weather today means sick children at home and frequent visits to doctor, especially if you have young children at home. To keep kids healthy, it is important to boost their immunity so that they will fall sick less. Most parents want to improve immunity of their children naturally rather than giving them medication. Here are some tips which can be followed to give your child an immunity boost.

Good Nutrition- There can be nothing truer than this adage. And it starts applying as soon as a baby is born and that is the reason why most parents are concerned about their infants and toddler’s nutrition needs. Well started is half the battle won, hence inculcating healthy habits early on is very important.

Fruits and veggies- Serve more fruits and vegetables. Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries: They all contain such immunity-boosting phytonutrients as vitamin C and carotenoids. Phytonutrients may increase the body's production of infection-fighting white blood cells and interferon, an antibody that coats cell surfaces, blocking out viruses.

Proper sleep- Boost sleep time. Studies of adults show that sleep deprivation can make kids more prone to illness by reducing natural killer cells, immune-system weapons that attack microbes and cancer cells.

Vaccination- Immunization is a must for every child to keep them safe from a number of serious and life-threatening diseases. Vaccinations start as soon as a baby is born and continue till 2 years, after which there are some booster doses which must be given at prescribed time.
Timely meals- Certain level of discipline is important for proper growth and nutrition of children. Maintain regular mealtimes for kids. Having food at regular times and intervals is good for digestion and helps in keeping body stronger. Having meals at regular times also allows your child’s body to send hunger cues at meal times, which will allow him/her to eat well, which again leads to better immunity.

Play times- Exercise and outdoor time is important to make body stronger and it also boosts immunity. Ensuring that your child gets at least 1-2 hours of physical activity every day keeps the body focussed and maintains a good blood circulation.



Some kids love to read. But it can be difficult to motivate a child who doesn’t love to read. It may even seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. Children who are motivated to read will actively seek out books to enjoy and are happy reading quietly by themselves. When children are motivated, they read frequently, which in turn helps them become skilful readers. And children who are skilful readers learn well and deeply and successfully. At ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India kids are brought into confidence and are motivated by their teachers to read and learn. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure it is the best play school in Faridabad and one of the best play school in India providing low investment preschool franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

There are many reasons that kids don’t enjoy reading. But before working on motivating a child, it helps if we understand why he resists reading in the first place which might bring us another problem. ONE A child who must work at reading is not likely to find reading fun, like if a child has issues with fluency or maybe he’s struggling because he’s guessing at words or hasn’t developed strong vocabulary skills. If your child feels that reading is too much work, try to begin by identifying and addressing his areas of weakness. As he becomes a better reader, he will grow to enjoy reading much more. TWO For some kids, reading isn’t hard, but it isn’t fun either which may be because they haven’t found reading material that motivates them. So, think about what your child loves to do. By finding reading material that matches their interest and draws them into reading you are already half way there. There are some ways which can make reading fun for the kids.

Make time- If you and your child have a hectic schedule then reading all the way becomes uneasy. Making time from such a schedule is important for the kids.

Shared reading- Shared reading or reading as a collective experience could entail taking turns reading pages, sections or chapters, or you and your child silently reading the same book. Shared reading can be very helpful in stimulating interest.

Introducing books- Kids who grow up with books all around them learn to think of books as friends and allies in their pursuit of adventure and learning.

Encouraging- Making them buy new books or giving their favourite ice cream or chocolate on buying a new book or finishing one will encourage them in buying one.

Reading area- Work with your child to make a reading area he’ll want to hang out in with lamps, beanbags, posters which sets the mood for fun.



Summer camps are the one new activity introduced by the schools today for their students at the school grounds as well as out of station. Not just the primary and secondary but preschools nowadays are also organizing summer camps for their toddlers. ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India is one of the play school in Faridabad sector 37 and one of the best preschools in India. The school in engaged in such co-curricular activities to enhance the learning of the kids.

Summer camps can be a watchful and difficult task for the parents when it comes to planning and execution especially for the kids what a child needs to bring to camp will vary on the camp type, length of stay and the child's age. The needs for overnight camp are also more extensive than those for day camp, but here's a helpful general guide for the parents.

Camps packing list- The school has specific activities and requirements and has spent time carefully creating a list of appropriate and necessary items for your kids’ comfort. If the list is online, print it and use it as a checklist as you get items laid out for camp. If your camp mailed a paper list, make an extra copy in case the original gets misplaced.

Irreplaceable items- Don’t send something that’s irreplaceable. Something will get lost when something is sent with kids especially when there is something which is sent by their parents. More than likely they will lose something, so don’t send anything with them that can’t be replaced.

Get kids involved- Have your kids help your pack up. They’ll know what’s in there and they’ll know where to find it in their bag.

Don’t overpack- Sometimes it’s easy to keep adding things to the suitcase or even adding a small soft toy which is completely bad. They need to be able to handle all this by themselves so don’t plan on sending entire bottles of shampoo because he’ll probably only wash his hair once anyway.

Follow the rules- If it says no electronics, then don’t pack video games. If it says no food, it’s probably because they have already taken care of everything.



When children hear about school or even picture themselves of going to school that’s the last thing they want in their life. While many kids can’t wait for the last day of school, it’s also common for kids to feel anxious about that end. At ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India kids are taken into confidence and made feel safe with their life and feel sad and emotionally attached to their school when they leave but never anxious. ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India is a preschool in Faridabad sector 37 and offers attractive low investment preschool franchise options for the potential business partners.

Children feel secure with their teachers, friends, and routines of the school year and feel attached to it which can also be because of the studious nature of some kids. So, as the year end approaches, they don’t know what to expect. Preschool plays a very important role in bringing the kids into confidence and preparing them for future challenges and they feel prepared for them and not anxious for leaving the school. Here are some of the best preschool in India. Here are some of the ways to help your young ones to cope with such anxiety.

Preparing- Preparation is really important before doing anything life, and when it comes to kids, they need a little extra effort in that field. Parents should prepare their kids at least two to three months before school ends to prepare them by talking about what is next, about primary school, about new activities and bigger schools and corridors.

Some anxiety- Anxiety can be sometimes be helpful for everyone as well as kids but it becomes bad when it starts to interfere with a child life and his/her other things and activities. That is where parents should prepare them and bring them into confidence.

Distraction- Distraction coping skills are any kind of activity that the child can engage in that takes their mind off their anxiety and leaves them feeling better that they felt before starting the activity. Typical activities that work in this stage are: reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, watching funny tv, playing video games.

Socializing- Help you socialize at least 3-4 people that they can seek out and talk to. Encourage them to just be with these people and practice not thinking about the past or the future, but to just have fun in the moment. Tell your child it’s ok to laugh and be silly or goofy with these people even if they don’t feel like it, because more than likely, they’ll start to feel better after being around other people.



Remember, back in the day, when our parents told us sitting too close to the TV would give us square eyes? Well, we know that’s not true, but experts say there are real dangers to exposing our kids to technology too early. An excess of screen time has been blamed for several childhood ills, including insomnia, attention disorders, a failure to make real-world social connections, and a childhood obesity epidemic. At ''Vidyarpan''- The Digital Preschool in India kids are taught to make books their best friends and not a screen which is ready to take away their young eyeballs away from this beautiful world to a harmful screen. Vidyarpan, a preschool in Faridabad sector 37 and one of the best preschools in India is a technologically advanced preschool but never lets the bad side of that boon become a bane for your kids. With its attractive low investment preschool franchise options, it is one school to consider for potential business owners.

Screen time is the very thing that is becoming a hindrance in the development of their kids and even parents are so eager to foster through the tablets. The ability to focus, to concentrate, to lend attention, to sense other people’s attitudes and communicate with them, to build a large vocabulary, all those abilities are harmed due to screen addiction. Now some parents or critical thinkers might think that phone can be a boon in some cases like mobile apps, educational aspects, that is true to a very little extent but introducing of such devices at an early can be fatal. Following are some ways which can be taken to prevent such an addiction.

Time frames- It’s a good idea to sit down with your kids and collaborate on guidelines for when and how they’re allowed to use their devices. Write them down so there’s no dispute later over what they agreed to. kids are more likely to follow the rules if they have a say in creating them and are also more likely to become responsible adults.

Tech-free zone- A popular tactic is to set times or spaces where technology is not allowed which can be at meals, one hour before sleep, in the morning or whatever suits you. Parents can also plan a gadget free trip.

Choose the screen- Measuring screen time alone is missing the point. There’s a big difference between spending two hours watching stuff which is educational and spending two hours decimating zombies in Dead Rising. According to research the biggest offender in this field is the TV because of its dual effect which is screen and the advertisements of junk foods which kids can get their hands on.

Get active- What does a kid do when there’s no screen to turn to? Break out the board games, ride bikes, play hopscotch. In fact, there are many PlayStation and gaming consoled which allow the kids to exercise a little and not just use their thumbs.