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Orca - Linkedin Markting Tool | Social Media Sales

Orca complements your email sequences with Linkedin profile visits and connects to get you noticed faster by your leads.
Turn cold leads to conversations in less time and effort. More info at


The Definitive Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn

If you’re a B2B salesperson, you’ve got to be using social selling on LinkedIn to engage with your audience. With over 400 million users, there’s a ton of opportunity to generate new leads. But with the amount of noise on LinkedIn, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you use LinkedIn as an alternative to cold email and other channels?
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How to Build a Sales Automation Process to Supercharge Productivity [Strategy + Tools]

You’ve got a killer sales process that keeps reps productive and easy to manage. But you can’t help but think things could be more efficient. What’s the answer to this? Sales automation. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use sales automation to make time-consuming tasks more efficient, generate more leads and close more deals.
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Intent-based Lead Generation

What exactly is a lead? Believe it or not, this term is misused all the time. So let’s take some time to define and understand what the word is actually referring to. A lead is someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form. The keyword to look at here is that they’ve indicated interest.
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Orca - Sales tool

Orca - Sales tool

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How to automate your work on Linkedin?

Have you ever been blocked– or even locked out of LinkedIn and do not know why? About 4-5 times a week I get this email: “Help! I have been locked out of LinkedIn! What can I do about it?” If your business is serviced by your connections and activity on LinkedIn, this can be a huge headache – costing you a bit time and money.

While there are a couple of things that can get you limited on LinkedIn (something other than your name in the last name field, specific content, duplicate accounts), it has been my experience that most people have their accounts blocked because they automated too many processes on LinkedIn.

Now do not get me wrong, I do automate some of my activities – and even recommend it. But you must work on LinkedIn’s End User Agreement, and you must be conservative in your activities!

Here are some LinkedIn automation DO NOTs and what to DO instead!

Do not automate SPAM.

By this I mean:

Do not use 3rd party apps to automate profile viewing extremely.
Do not use 3rd party apps to automate inviting people to connect extremely.
Do not use 3rd party apps to automate sending messages to your connections extremely.

LinkedIn does not want you to use any 3rd party automation tools at all – and has been actively using both the software tools and the users of many of these tools, coming down particularly hard on what it thinks “data scraping tools.” I do automate some of my LinkedIn activity, at the very least, if you overuse these automation tools, your account can be blocked or shut down completely!

Do automate repeated activities.

I do utilize a tool to automatically send messages to particular LinkedIn connections (Linked Helper Chrome Extension). But I delicately curate these connections, I delicately curate the content I post them, (I never “sell” them anything in these messages) and I never do more than 100 private messages a day. My practice of thumb is: I make sure every message I send utilizing this automated process, I would have sent manually. I usually only send my delicately curated list:

A post I wrote exactly for people like them;
Or a tool I found that will support them in their LinkedIn marketing and lead gen practices;
Or a free webinar I might be doing;
Or a book I have read that I think they might like.

I utilize the tool because it saves my assistant's time and my money!

Do repetitive delegate activities.

I have my partner do some of the more repeated daily activities on LinkedIn for me. Since I get tons of invitations a week, she goes through and manually messages each would-be connection. Since I'm at my 35K connection limit, I have to choose who I accept into my network delicately.

My partner goes through every connection request, sends a different message to each person, and leaves the material and/or personalized invitations for me to respond to. He also manages my inbox alerting me to urgent posts and messages my contact as updates and (when needed) to Publisher for me.

This is a process I could fully automate, but choose not to because I think it is essential that human eyes are laid on each and every person who invited me to connect.

Do not automatically add everyone to whom you connect to your email automation list.

One method (that drives me insane) is when people connect with me on LinkedIn and then attach me to their email lists. Just because I approve to connect with you doesn't give you permission to spam me with your newsletter that I did not sign up for! I'm already signed up to all the newsletters I can handle. If you automatically add me to your newsletter I won't only unsubscribe from it – I'll also report you! (And disconnect from you on LinkedIn – another issue my assistant does for me.) If you want to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your automated email marketing process, then ask me to opt in! Which brings me to.

Do respond to every invite with a free lead/offer magnet.

When I respond to requests and new connections, I always give them a variation of free resources. I assume that people are connecting with me because they want to learn more about LinkedIn. So, I'm happy to provide them with information! I would highly recommend building a “lead magnet,” a piece of content that your connections would find highly valuable and offering it to them for free.

I add about 60 people a week to my email list- because they OPT IN to get my information! Yes, I would be adding tons if I just shoved every unsuspecting contact into my email list – but not only is that a bad practice, it is illegal in some countries (like Canada). So I would rather have fewer people who wanted to hear from me, rather than a bigger list that could get me to shut down on LinkedIn, get my website blacklisted or get me sued!


LinkedIn automation can be helpful but only done in moderation with highly curated content and connections. LinkedIn can be a great site for driving people to your automated marketing list, but only when you give them the option of opting in – otherwise you risk getting your account blocked and possibly sued! So carefully consider what, and how you'll automate on LinkedIn!

There are tons of software tools for LinkedIn, which help to automate even more accurate and prompt. As an example, you can use Orca to automate email sequences with LinkedIn profile visits, which will increase leads amount.



Best Ways to Automate Your Activity on LinkedIn - Pros & Cons

When we talk about LinkedIn marketing, its a lot of work and we all love to do VA’s and outsource the work and to most extent, automate the business so we can concentrate on most important stuff. But a lot of people are undecided to use automation and especially Linkedin Automation software in their market.

I understand you do not want to risk your LinkedIn Account. But what if you test and pinch and come up with a strategy that is either semi-automated or fully automated that can bring you leads 247 366 without doing anything at all? Taking this risk is worth taking sometimes.

Who would not like to do that?

Off course everyone. But there're pros and cons of using automation tools on your Linkedin Account. Today, we're going to study this in details.

So let's get started.


1) Automation is great for scaling. If you want to get your LinkedIn account to the next level. You can use different software tools to automate your Linkedin Connections, advertisements and even customizing your intro message. Now I assume you are a one-person army and imagine once you set up software that can send invites in your behalf initiate chats, liking other people status and even comment your friends status. How much can more leads you close?

2) Consistency and Quality. We all informed that in manual work we always lack consistency. As a human being its quite tough to work on the specific task, especially repetitive work consistently. As long as you have a pure mindset going forward with your Linkedin prospecting. You can pretty much automate lead prospecting to a good level. And automation software isn't going to get bored with work; you are going to get your job done 24/7 366!

For automating your lead prospecting, you can try the

3) Automation will be an enormous time Saver. Time isn't infinite, and once you have a tactic that is bringing a good amount of leads, you can use a software piece and almost set and forget. Your most constant task will be handled by the automation software which is going to keep you a ton of time.

And we all experienced that Time is MONEY.

4) Reduce turnaround time in testing new methods. If you have to work manually and test different approaches. You need a lot of time and sources. But if you use a software, you have a tremendous competitive advantage because you can test tactics on the scale. For instance, you want to test, how much connection requests per day is safe? Manually, you have to do everything by yourself. Which is a slow task? Using software, you can exponentially increase connection request and find out how much requests per day are safe.


As we discussed a few advantages of Linkedin Marketing automation. There're some risks as well, once you use the software on these type of social networks you're always at risk getting your account banned. So let's discuss the disadvantages of using automated software for your Linkedin Lead Generation.

1) You can get your account banned. This is the highest risk associated when you decide to use Linkedin automation software. After all, you're spamming and once LinkedIn found that this is a bot operation. They're going to take seconds to either limit your account or ban it.

2) Quality vs. Quantity. When you practice automation in a Linkedin lead generation, you always compromise on quality. But your quantity gets through the roof. In Automation, you trade off between quality and quantity. But some people want to scale up things very fast, so you have to keep in mind that one needs to compromise on quality if in automation.

3) You cannot depend on automation. You must get regular updates. No matter how powerful your software is, you're playing with one of the world largest social media platforms. So you need to have a regular upgrading system that helps you to stay ahead of the game. If you're using software, it works great for you, and the company shut down and stop to update the software. You're in trouble.


We discussed the pros and cons. Now it's up to you how much risk you want to take and how much safe you want to play. In my opinion, use both automation and manual and at them in parallel. And see which one plays well for you. If you do not have time yourself, write your approach to steps, and you can hire cheap VA’s on Upwork and Fiverr.

Let's brainstorm it; you can semi-automate your Linkedin Automation as well.

Use software for Sending connection requests, beginning chat manually. And then use chatbots always to get them back to your website/lead funnel and whatever you want to send them. This is probably the best approach for everyone out there.

Now, this is up to you, and what task that you think are the least essential and time sucker, you can automate it. This is a huge conclusion, and you must do your due diligence on your own. Once you do that and take steps to semi-automate your Linkedin Lead Prospecting. You can double or even triple your profits and revenue.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.



Benefits of Using Advanced Search on LinkedIn

There is a potential goldmine on LinkedIn, just waiting for you to tap into its ability to locate and connect with your ideal users. This goldmine has only become more even helpful as LinkedIn has improved and updated its free search feature, making it easier to find possibilities using the LinkedIn Advanced Search function.

So just what makes LinkedIn such valuable for you to find out and connect with your potential possibilities?

Think about that at the time of writing this that LinkedIn has over half a billion global members in 230 countries. That is a huge pool for you to search for potential possibilities (this is where the updated Advanced Search comes helpful).

Today we'll learn how to search for candidates who themselves are in search for a candidate like you.

Searching for a job or the motivated people by using traditional methods can take you a lifetime, and you will be still sitting at home with that newspaper and pen in your hand. Times have changed and so have the process of finding jobs. LinkedIn is now considered the best method of searching for a job. It has around 348 million users, and we're sure that your future employer is one of them. So how do your search for them?

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search is a unique feature that will help you in finding the vacancies or the suitable people in the right places, all you need to know is how to use it to your advantage.

How to use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Option?

When you sign in to your LinkedIn account, you'll find an Advanced option next to the search bar, tap on that option, and you will see a dialog box appear on your screen. Advanced search option on LinkedIn gives you two options :

• Searching for whose who might help you to get a vacancy.

• Searching for the vacancies directly.

Advanced People Search on LinkedIn

Searching for Recruiters

Through LinkedIn’s people search characteristic, you can search for the reps of your dream company without knowing their any details and can connect with them.

For instance, if you have a company in mind and want to connect to its HR team, you can do it through this option. Just specify the name of the company under the option of Company, and in Title, you can specify the designation (HR executive or HR manager or just HR).

Searching for people who share the same experience and education as yours.

Not sure about which company to join? Do not know which companies provide the job that you are looking for? This method will help you in connecting with people in the similar field. As an advice, take into account that by using Orca you can increase your email sequences rate. That will allow to be noticed by your leads even more faster.

Through LinkedIn, you can discover which companies hire people who have the same experience or education as yours. In the keyword field mention your experience or your degree and in location field select the location of your choice and tap on search. So if you've searched for marketing skills, you will receive a list of experts who have listed marketing as their experience. You can go through their profile and get info about the employer and can also check for a job through their company page.

Advanced Job Search on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn job search function will tell you about the jobs in a particular field. Through this function, you can exactly know if there're any vacancies in the companies that you're interested in. For example, if you want to know that about the job at Ogilvy & Mather in the Digital Marketing Department in the US, you exactly must search for the same thing. In the keywords section type Digital Marketing, in company type Ogilvy & Mather, and in location section US. You can also type the postal code if you're looking for an exact location.

You'll see the list of vacancies when you tap on search, go through them and apply for the one which you think is relevant. If you do not have any particular company in mind, then you can leave the Company field empty, and you will see the vacancies in Digital Marketing at your location.

Boolean Search on LinkedIn

If you want to search for several keywords at the same time, you can use Boolean functions which will demonstrate relevant results for all your keywords. You can use AND, OR, and NOT functions to enhance/filter your results.

AND function

When you want to search for job/people with more than one keyword, you can use the AND operator or Boolean search. For instance, if you're going to search for people with SEM, SEO, and Social Media skills listed so that you can use SEM AND SEO AND Social Media in the keywords field, and you'll see the results show the list of specialists who have all these three skills listed.

OR Function

When you want to find the job or people that consist of at least one of your diversity of keywords, then you can use the OR operator. For instance, if you want to find people that are either good at Social Media OR SEO, then you can type Social Media OR SEO in the keyword section.

NOT Function

When you want to remove something from your search, you can use NOT function. For instance, if you're searching for only SEO specialists, then you can type SEO NOT Social Media NOT SEM NOT Digital Marketing in the keyword field and you search results will show you only SEO specialists.

The best part about the Advanced Search Option on LinkedIn is that your search can be as broad as possible or as narrow as possible. If used correctly, you definitely can find your dream job via LinkedIn.

So if you haven't yet started using this advanced search feature then start today and if you've been using this then share with us how it has helped you by commenting below.



Integrate Orca with your favorite apps. Orca fits perfectly in your growth stack.

Integrate Orca with your favorite apps. Orca fits perfectly in your growth stack.

Integrate Orca with your favorite apps.
Orca fits perfectly in your growth stack.
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When other professionals look at your profile, it's an invitation for you to check them out. The trick is to get the right people to look at your profile so you can take it from there.

When you get a notification that someone looked at your Linkedin profile, you will almost always look back to see who they are. What do you think happens when you look at profiles of potential customers? Chances are, they will look back and checkout your profile.
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Orca sales management

Orca sales management

Orca makes you smile.
Spend less time on busy work and more time talking to leads.
Let Orca handle boring, routine sales actions.
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