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News on Hernia Mesh Procedure

One million hernia repairs occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in thousands of patients facing severe complications from hernia mesh. Learn about your legal options available for filling lawsuit from

Have Questions About A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Claims

We have put together a short list of commonly asked questions to help you with any questions. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Some Common Complications

It's common to have some kind of 'complication' after surgery, like some mild pain or soreness. We want to know we are looking for the actual victims of receiving one of these dangerous devices. The manufactures have been shown that they lie about their products through misleading packaging and other methods. Listed below are three of the most reported issues that happen after repair surgery.

What to know before you file lawsuits?

A hernia occurs when an internal organ bulges through the wall of the damaged muscle or tissue that normally contains it. They can occur in different parts of the body and are accordingly named as inguinal, hiatal, incisional, femoral and umbilical. The surgical mesh used in the hernia repair surgeries is available in sheets, patches and plugs.

News - Hernia Mesh Claims

Did you know that by the early 2000’s, hernia repair with mesh was the more popular surgeries -- with more than 90% of groin-area surgeries overall. You can file a claim and give help to others that have been wronged by medical malpractice or manufacturing error.

Get The Settlement You Deserve

Don’t suffer in silence. Any victim who has ever suffered from hernia mesh complications is entitled to compensation by filing an abdominal hernia mesh lawsuit against the device. Contact them to know further details.

Wholesome Read About Hernia Mesh Procedure

Although the meshes were thought to be a safe procedure, the FDA received plenty of adverse reports from the patients about the health complications associated with the implant surgery.

What Are The Complications Of Hernia Mesh Failure?

Shrinkage of the mesh and movement (migration) of the mesh results in subsequent hernia occurrence. The products have been found to be inherently defective in nature and resulted in mesh complications.

Claims and Expenses for Abdominal Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Anyone who thinks they have been injured as a result of a defective hernia mesh procedure should contact their physician. But post that, it is important to make the voice heard against the mesh makers who have made thousands of women suffer from unnecessary pain and complications.

Hernia Mesh Failure Symptoms you Should Know

If any patient has developed complications or required additional procedures following the surgery with Ethicon Physiomesh Composite , Atrium C-QUR hernia mesh, or patches made by Covidien or Bard, they may have grounds to file a hernia mesh lawsuit....

Hernia Mesh Procedure that Causes Complications

If you or someone you love faced injury after hernia mesh procedure, you may have chances for legal recovery. Surgical mesh has been the preferred method for curing hernias of the groin and abdominal wall, but tens of thousands of patients who had this 'minimally invasive' surgery dealt with chronic pain and other serious medical problems – some of which are even life-threatening.

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Have Questions About A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Claim?

We have put together a short list of commonly asked questions to help you with any questions. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit In News

Hernias develop when an organ pushes through the damaged or weak lining of the intestinal, pelvic or abdomen wall. It often needs surgical intervention to fix the tear. Typically, this repair surgery is done with the hernia mesh and provides the required support from further bulging of the area.

Why Should You Learn About Hernia Meshes and Its Complications?

The hernia mesh failure symptoms ranging from chronic pain to adhesion causing bowel obstruction. In most cases, these complications can cause loss of pay, deterioration in the quality of life, and so on. If you are suffering from such symptoms after a hernia mesh surgery, then approaching them could help. Contact them now.

Claims For Serious Injuries & Complications | Hernia Mesh Claims

If you have suffered from abdominal hernia mesh complications such as bowel obstruction, recurrence or adhesion the experts at will help you file a abdominal hernia mesh lawsuit.

How to Spot the Hernia Mesh Failures Symptoms?

No surgery is free of risk, and that includes hernia mesh implants too. When “foreign objects” like hernia mesh are introduced in the body, complications arise by poor implant design, etc. Victims often fight back for justice, and that’s why, spotting the symptoms is necessary, bang on time.

Get Answers For All Your Mesh Lawsuit Doubts

Failed mesh complications have resulted in some serious life-changing injuries that an unlucky patient might face. Several reports have been made to the FDA and compensation has been made available to thousands, while several other still wait for justice. Let your doubts on hernia mesh be cleared.

Are Patients of Hernia Mesh Surgery in Potential Danger?

Hernia meshes are being liberally used to treat even smaller hernia bulges. However, the medical implant has been linked with several life-threatening complications. If you have recently undergone a hernia mesh surgery, then reading this page might help you in preparing for the future.

Major Hernia Mesh Companies Facing Lawsuit

A hernia mesh lawsuit is a legal claim against the mesh manufacturer by a patient who has been implanted with faulty mesh device and suffered serious complications and injuries post the surgery. The lawsuits allege that the mesh devices were imperfectly designed and that the mesh makers failed adequately to warn patients of known and foreseeable health risks and side effects.

Signs of a Failed Hernia Mesh Implant

Surgical mesh is intended to strengthen weakened tissues of the body's linings, and help new tissue grow. It has been widely used to treat hernias, which predominantly occur in the intestine or other internal organs and push through a weakened spot in the abdominal muscles.

Weary of Complications from Hernia Mesh Implant?

Hernia mesh complications can be life-altering. Oftentimes, redoing or reversing the implant surgery seems to be the only way to fix hernia mesh complications. Complications of hernia mesh include severe conditions such as bowel obstruction, adhesion, bowel perforation and migration.

Know about Hernia Mesh Procedure

File a claim with a team of hernia mesh attorneys that win.

Complications and Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Failure

We know how difficult it is to endure the pain of hernia. Moreover, the condition worsens when you have to live with a defective hernia mesh implant surgery. There have been many reports submitted by victims of faulty hernia meshes highlighting their tales of pain.

Litigations Continue over Defective Hernia Mesh Implant

Patients who received hernia mesh implants for the repair surgery of hernia might be at the risk for serious injury. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers like Atrium Medical, Ethicon, and C.R. Bard for marketing defective surgical mesh products.

Is Their Hope For C. R. Bard’s Mesh Victims?

These complications, physical, emotional, as well as financial, are considered as damages by the US federal courts. And, the patients can seek compensation from the manufacturers for the same. Hence, the lawsuits against the mesh producers like C.R. Bard.