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Online casino software

We have been developing this online casino software with detailed and robust administrator panel, able to collect every statistic, including the member hand for each gameplay, which is very serviceable when one of your players tend to tell that they were cheated or if they have suspicions about being paid correctly.More info at


Mr Chicken

Slot Machine – Mr. Chicken is an HTML5 online Casino game. Enjoy this colored slot machine with bonus game and hold reel feature! Some other slot machines take themselves much too earnestly. Mr. Chicken is nothing like this. The music is pleasant, as is the background that shows Mr. Chicken and his friends out on the farm.
The ZIP package includes the game with 1500×640 resolution that sizes to fit modern screen device.


Mystery Island

If you have ever liked venturing to a mysterious island in search of untold riches – well now you can thank Mystery Island, an online slot game from Coachvip. Winning payouts revolve around finding mysterious containers and tribal artifacts, while those who remain the mysteries of Mystery Island will be bestowed with brilliant bonus games such
as Stacked Wilds, Wild Flowers, and Free Spins.


The Wizard

With prophecy in his hands and a big laugh on his face, The Wizard is here to offer big rewards to you.
The Wizard is the new slot machine. The game, which highlights a smiling, cute little bald wizard, unlike the standard bearded wizard with a hat that we regularly picture, is entertaining and has some exclusive bonus features that increase the rewards you win.
The Wizard is available as live slot machine across casinos in the US and other countries where Bally Technologies has its presence.


Golf Keno For You

Players bet by choosing numbers ranging from 1 through (usually) 80. After all, players make their wagers, 20 figures (some variants draw fewer numbers) are drawn at random, either with a ball machine similar to ones used for lotteries and bingo or with a random number generator.
Each casino sets its series of payouts, called “paytables.” The gambler is paid based on how many quantities were chosen (either player selection, or the terminal picking the numbers), the number of events out of those selected, and the wager.
There are a wide variety of keno paytables depending on the casino, usually with a more substantial “house edge” than other games given by that online casino. The house edge varies from less than 4 percent to over 35 percent. The average house edge for non-slot casino games is under 5%.


Roulette 3D

3D game playing is always excellent fun. When you play free online casino roulette in 3D, it is even further fun than in all different cases. The visual and the look experience, with animations and graphics, will leave you highly repaid, and the whole playing experience will leave you thrilled, too. If you have played European roulette, you will know the type in this online game also. It has one zero, like all European varieties of roulette. It is often faced out that this model comes with a slight house edge for each bet, so that is one more advantage of inviting you for free play.


Magic 2000 For You

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Strip Poker

Playing poker always makes for an excellent time, mainly if you are winning the pot. But if you are out for a twist with adult colleagues who are well, pretty, close buddies, play a game of poker anywhere clothes become the money: strip poker.
Whether it’s summer or winter, pile on the garments—it’s like starting a regular poker game with numbers of chips. You will have a lot to waste before things get, ah, interesting.


Woods of Magic

Get lost in the forest with fairies and pixies in Woods of Magic. Search for magic enchanted keys, gems, and more in this mystical game! We all like fairy tales and children’s novels and these are the things. The Woods of Magic lets you step into a world of magic and fantasies and win some great prizes.


Magical Christmas

Do you want it could be Christmas every day? Well, with this slot machine you might be able to get some of that Yuletide cheer all year round. Merry Christmas is a 5-reel, 21 payline Magic Christmas slot machine that is packed to the rafters with Christmassy decorations, including a wild party symbol, a Bonus Christmas tree and much more. Plus, some lucky players might find that Christmas comes early with a 100,000-credit jackpot (unless, of course, if you play this slot machine of the 25th of December, in which case your present will be bang on time).


Fruits And Monkeys online casino software

Fruits And Monkeys is a slot game. Including five wheels and nine paylines, the title is an old video slot that should be close to many long-time members, having been around since the days of the Soviet Union. The game includes solid pay-outs, wild symbols, and bonus games. Ensuring a jackpot of 5,000 coins, it’s worth a gander.

Fruits And Monkeys, as the name implies, follows the achievements of a wild-eyed monkey, which tracks rivers of the genetic code to do as monkeys do: namely find bananas and shinny up trees. Fruits And Monkeys symbol is the model of the game and thus its highest-paying symbol. More on the pay-table later, though. For now, let’s consider a look at the visuals.

One would hazard a guess that the statement of Fruits And Monkeys wasn’t eye-watering. The design is on the dull side, with bright colors, directly sketched icons, and somewhat basic animations. The reels appear toward the backdrop of a sort of jungle. Yes, there’s grass, and the odd spike poking out of the side of the screen. What’s more, a monkey seems below the reels, grinning, moving his eyes and flailing a banana. It’s only the most visually stimulating tableaux, but we’ve seen worse games beat the market. Finally, what happens on the wheels is what counts.

Along the rear of the screen, you’ll see all the familiar buttons: you can pick to play one, three, five, seven or nine pay-lines. This is more where you’ll find the Bet, Help, Exit, and Start buttons. Sadly, Fruits And Monkeys does not include an Autoplay function.

In the game, you can stake a maximum/minimum of one coin per line. The minimum coin value is one; the peak is 25. Thus, you bet everywhere between one and 225 credits on each spin of the wheels. To raise the bet on each line, modify the values using the Bet button.

The numbers in Fruits And Monkeys include items you’d find in any tropical forest. There are bananas, pineapples, lions, butterflies, monkeys (naturally), snakes and…er…anvils. OK, you might not notice an anvil in a tropic forest, but it’s by the by, really: we are in a slot game, not a wild forest. The game’s wild figure is the golden skull. It can change for all other symbols (except the monkey) to form winning combinations. It’s also a pretty high-paying figure in its own right. If you hit five of certain on an active pay-line, you’ll maintain 2,000. Four pays 500 and three yields a tonne. Five crazy monkey icons, meanwhile, pay 5,000 for five and 1,000 for four. Five lions grants 500, five pineapples 200. The pay-outs fall rather steeply after that.