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Headline for Must Try food in Bahrain – Arabian Cuisine that you are bound to fall in love with
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Must Try food in Bahrain – Arabian Cuisine that you are bound to fall in love with

Bahrain food is among the favourites when it comes to Middle Eastern Cuisine. Albeit similar to its neighbours the variety here is unique in its own right. Below are the most popular dishes.


Sharbat Saffran

This is actually a refreshing drink and for many, it is considered a must have especially if you are looking to brave the typical Middle Eastern weather. A great thirst quencher, the drink with its dose of saffron in it is considered to have significant medicinal properties as well. You can get your hands on Sharbat Saffran at several restaurants but the drink is readily available at simple Chai cafes as well. Flaunting an alluring colour the sharbat is very refreshing on a hot summer day. You can either have it with rose water or palm water but regardless of what you choose the drink remains to be equally fantastic.



A popular breakfast in Bahrain, Balaleet is a combination of the sweet and the savoury. The resulting dish that is created is interesting to say the least. The primary ingredient to make the Balaleet is vermicelli. Prepared sweet with lots of cardamom in it, Balaleet feels almost conventional at first, but top this with a nice omelette and you get a savoury component added to the dish making it unique in its entirety. At first you might find the combination a little unusual but once you get a taste for it you may have a hard time not craving for it. Children in particular love Balaleet for breakfast. It is simple, unsophisticated and most certainly very nourishing.


Fish Machboos

A typical lunch in Bahrain would include a full plate of rice accompanied by well-cooked meat or fish. Machboos is a special way of preparing the fish and is considered a National dish of Bahrain. Marinated with a unique blend of spices including black lemon, saffron, black pepper, and cardamom, this dish feels delightful on one's taste-buds as it does on the tummy. Most luxury hotels in Bahrain know their way around Machboosh. If you are keen on trying it out the restaurants at Reef Resort Bahrain should have it available.


Liver with Khoboos and Mehyawa

Local cuisine in Bahrain is known above all for its bold and strong flavours. Khoboos or oven baked flatbread is a staple here and morning, noon or night the Bahrainis love to get their hands on the Khoboos. This bread can be consumed with a multitude of sides. Many even prefer it plain for that is how fresh and soft it actually is. The liver is a popular accompaniment to Khoboos and the most popular liver dish in Bahrain can be found at the Haji Gahwa. Couple this with some dried fish sauce known as Mehyawa and some cheese and you are in for a treat that is out of this world.


Fava Beans

The Bahrainis have rich wholesome breakfasts and when you are in this country do not forget to indulge in their breakfast platters. The breakfast items found in the menu include everything from potatoes to bread and the ballet and finally the fava beans. These are a type of beans that are served mashed and usually accompany the red kidney beans, a Tahini dip and some dates. The fava beans are a real treat when you have it with all the other items on the breakfast platter.