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Jupiter Gem

JupiterGem, a trusted online jeweler offers top quality colored gemstones and diamond studded fine jewelry with diverse collection of jewels. They provide variety of jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces. They give you affordable prices for both natural gemstones and handmade jewelry.

Golden Yellows - Gemstone Engagement Rings| Jupiter Gem

The honey-like, golden colored Yellow Sapphire Stone is slowly moving into the limelight these days as the sturdy gem is getting the recognition it deserves.

Gemstone Jewelry: A Color Changer

A color changer that will sweep you off your feet, natural Alexandrite has the best color change you can imagine. A gemstone that changes from a soothing teal blue to a vibrant fiery red, Alexandrite is a gemstone you can buy online.

Unique Engagement Rings — Long Lasting Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings have grown in demand ever since Prince William presented the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton the same cornflower blue sapphire ring his mother wore. Set amongst a halo of impeccable diamonds, this celestial sapphire is unlike any other. A variety of the species corundum, sapphires come in a spectrum of spectacular colors. With soothing pinks and sunny yellows, fancy colored sapphires are a great choice for color engagement rings as they are durable and less prone to scratching by the complementing diamonds.

White Sapphire as a Gift for your Lover | Unique Engagement Rings

In the current past, sapphire engagement rings have grown in popularity. It has predominantly established a gigantic demand among the individuals who are looking to get engaged. Although sapphire is available at reasonable prices in comparison to other precious gemstones like diamonds, it is not its economic advantage, which draws buyers to it. Rather, it…

Here are our Top Ten Reasons to Pick a Demantioid Garnet - Blog for Gemstone Lovers

A superfamily of gemstones, Garnet is a species that has, under its umbrella a spectacular range of colorful varieties. From reds that contend with a rich Burmese Ruby to hues that can put an emerald to shame, garnets have every color you can imagine under its umbrella. Here we will talk about the Demantoid Garnet, a part of the Andradite variety within the Garnet family.

Pick out these Glorious Green – Jupiter Gem – Medium

With the most spectacular Demantoids being mined in Russia, at we have a collection you will not want to part with, Gems that are rich chromium giving them the most electric greens.

Gemstone Jewelry: Transparent Sparklers

Looking to buy a White Sapphire online? Then log onto and you will be surprised with the inventory of natural White Sapphires we have in stock. 

Your Everyday Blues | Jupiter gem

A gem that can light up your life and add meaning to your relationship the Blue Sapphire is definitely not your average Monday blue. Known to bring about loyalty and love, these enduring gems are an opulent choice but still come alive in any fusion.

Natural White Sapphires | JupiterGem

White Sapphires is known to bring love and bliss to its wearer. On this page we have some samples of our collection of Natural White Sapphires

Pick out these Glorious Green – Jupiter Gem – Medium

With the most spectacular Demantoids being mined in Russia, at we have a collection you will not want to part with. Gems that are rich chromium giving them the most electric greens…

Your Everyday Blues - Gemstone Engagement Rings

A collection of Blue Sapphires that speaks for itself in stock at, we have a selection from beautiful blues with lighter tones and even some vivid gems that sparkle like the ocean under the moon.

A White Sensation | Unique Engagement Rings

White Sapphire is a gemstone that works brilliantly as an accentuating side stone or even as the central sparkler. A colourlessgem that pairs well with Morganite, Yellow Sapphires, Pdparadscha Sapphires and even Aquamarines, this exotic glittering delight will make a great choice for your engagement rings. A stone that is often well budgeted, the White…

A Rosy Pink Sapphire Ring – Prefect Means to Exhibit Your Love | Unique Engagement Rings

Pink sapphires with its soft rosy glow are the gems to relate to youth and beauty. Colored between a range of light pinks to vivid fuchsia pinks, these blossoming sapphires have unmatched brilliance. A trending choice for an engagement ring, natural pink sapphires have a hardness level of 9, second only to a diamond. A…