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Healing Through Caring Homecare LLC

Healing Through Caring Homecare LLC is a family-owned homecare in Spring, Texas that was first developed by a registered nurse.

Nursing Homes vs Home Care: Analyzing the Pros and Cons

No matter how much we want to take care of our loved ones, there are times wherein we struggle in doing so.

What Are the Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the leading causes of fatality all over the world.

Homecare in Spring, Texas | Personal Care Services

Do you have an aging loved one who needs assistance in their home? Let Healing Through Caring Homecare in Texas provide them with the care they need.

Homecare | Spring, TX | Healing Through Caring Homecare

Healing Through Caring Homecare LLC is a family-owned homecare in Spring, Texas that was first developed by a registered nurse. Through our 13 years of experience, we are here to provide you with the quality care you deserve so that you can age and recover with ease.

Home Care and Home Health Care: What Are the Differences?

Home Care and Home Health Care are two care options which are provided to homebound patients.

Home Care: Elevating the Quality of Life of Homebound Patients

With the safety and comfort that it offers, the home is undoubtedly the best place for seniors and patients.

Non-Medical Care | Services | Spring, Texas

Healing Through Caring Homecare, a homecare in Spring, Texas, offers a variety of non-medical services to give them the assurance of comfort and contentment while recuperating or aging at home. With a personalized care plan, we make sure that the physical and emotional needs of our clients are met.

5 Traits of Highly Effective Caregivers

Entrusting your loved one’s safety and well-being is perhaps one of biggest decisions that you will have to make.

Beware: Signs That Indicate Your Seniors Need Home Care Services

Due to their deteriorating abilities, seniors’ well-being tends to be at risk. They become more prone to threats of accidents and other health issues. No matter how much independent they want to be, there are times wherein they need assistance.

Respite Care to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Do you notice yourself transitioning from being caring and positive to being unconcerned and negative?

Home Health Care vs. Home Care: What’s the Difference?

When you are looking for in-home care services for your loved ones with mobility problems, a severe injury, or a chronic illness, you might be confused as to what type of service is right for them. There are in-home care providers that say they provide home care services and some say they provide home health care services.

Alzheimer’s: Why You Need Professional Care

Alzheimer’s Disease is a kind of illness wherein the brain cells slowly degenerate and die. It is the most common cause of dementia, which is a symptom of cognitive, social, and behavioral decline. This disease affects the person’s ability to function independently, making professional non-medical care highly important.

How to Convince Your Loved One with Dementia to Take Medication

The time of day for someone to medicate isn’t always set in stone. One of the advantages of homecare in Spring, Texas is the flexibility it offers in terms of the individual’s routine. Try giving your loved one their medicine when they’re most open to taking it.

Why Seniors Need Companionship Services

Regular exercise, a proper diet, and getting a good night’s rest are necessary for helping individuals stay healthy as they age. However, social interaction is an equally important aspect of living a long, happy life.

Misconceptions About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is something that a lot of seniors face; therefore, understanding the realities of this condition is vital, especially for those receiving non-medical care. However, many people are filled with misconceptions regarding Alzheimer’s.