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Social Media Pearls From My Guests Talking On Social Media

A collection of social pearls from my guests on my talk radio show. Take note of their key message, pearl of wisdom and then listen to their perspective on my show.#ROTPt #OOTSE

Add Value and Make It Quick by Daniele Thibodeau

"When blogging about social media make sure you value and make it quick." from Social Media: A subscriber's perspective #OOTSE

Be Human by Axel Schultze

We are one human being. The more we are actually ourselves and show we are human, the more successful we are in business. People do not want to do business with robots, we want that other touch. Let go…it is perfectly fine. That’s who we are .... human beings. From Social Media and Entrepreneurs #OOTSE @axels

Be Personal by Aaron Manogue

“Use social media for what it was intended for. D not over analyze it. Use it to connect with your constituents; be personal, get out there and build your brand.” From Social Media and Not For Profit. #OOTSE @AaronManogue

Be Real by Cristina Falcão

Be real, be consistent. Like any other relationship, you get what you put into it. ON social networks, Fakers and Posers are discovered quite easily . Be yourself. Be real and give to your network. from the Social Media Toolkit. #OOTSE @cristinalfalcao

Be Social by Pam Ross

"Social media is just a new tool. Don’t just use social,be social. It is all about listening, connecting really engaging with ppl and actually having a conversation." from Social Media in The Workplace. #OOTSE @pamelamaeross

Be Social Media Friendly and Find Your Voice by David Bradfield

[When you are social media friendly you are saying although you don’t have the resources or you may be regulated out of the conversations- we can still listen, understand and create content that we know will align with where people have questions and what they are talking about. When you create social media friendly content it is very succinct and shareable. You get your voice by being social media friendly. From Jumping into Social Media: An Approach To Strategy. #OOTSE @dbradfield

Building Business through Your Community by Brandie McCallum

Social media is a great platform to build relationships, build your reputation and build a community while bringing business into the company. From Social Media Conversations. #OOTSE @lttlewys

Connect Connectors by Michael Q Todd

“Publicly connect those good connectors with other connectors that you know.
Find something you know, become a specialist and share the knowledge liberally. You will naturally build your reputation and the value will naturally be returned.”
from the Social Media Toolkit. #OOTSE @mqtodd

Don't Be Intimidated by Christine McLeod

“Don’t be intimidated by this seemingly big wave of information and technology, and you feeling behind the 8th ball. Find a mentor, find a friend, find a colleague, find someone in your network. Go to Google google. Google is your best friend. Start typing in “innovative HR” or “social in the workplace” and you will find people who can help you on your journey. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The social media community is a very giving community and you will find you will start to find your pace and your voice. Even if you do nothing but listen and follow people you admire in the beginning” from What is social media in the workplace? #OOTSE @impactresults

Do What You Love. Be Brave, Be Bold, Share Your Opinion and Gain Respect by Marcus Sheridan

"We live in a world of grey. Nobody wants to have opinions; nobody wants to be very transparent. If you have the guts to share your opinion on a subject you should. Your opinion should be what you as a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur stand for. We don’t have enough thought leadership in this country and every industry is just waiting for thought leaders to step up. If you love what you do, go put your opinion on a piece of paper or on your computer and then put them out there. Be bold, be brave and what is going to happen is you are going to gain the respect of many. You are gong gain fans and ultimately you are going to gain clients and profits. And really, that is what this conversation is all about." From the Content in Social Media: What makes great content? #OOTSE @thesaleslion

Embrace The Change That Is Happening Around Us by Sean Moffitt

"Change is happening. Change is happening all around you. The difference between now and 40-years ago, is that the paradigm is changing so quickly. 75% of the fortune 500 companies that will be on the Fortune 500 15-yrs from now, we currently do not know today, or if we do they are no where as close to those that are there today. That is pretty stressful for those who want a cradle to grave job. As it relates to social media, for most companies, their customers are well ahead of them in terms of adopting the behaviors and tonalities of being great in social media. So for businesses, it is about how quickly can they can embrace the change and get in front of it. Because disproportionately, social media rewards the first movers or at least the fast followers. So embrace the change, you know it is going to happen and surprisingly and perhaps serendipitously, good things are going to happen." From Jumping into Social Media: An Approach to Strategy. #OOTSE @seanmoffitt

Fall in Love With Your Business and Not the Social Tools by Ayelet Baron

"Life is about relationships; being able to build trust. It is about deciding who you want to work with; what you want to do and what impact you want to have in the world. If you focus on the relationship piece of it and you say to yourself what relationships do I want to drive my business and what network I need to be part of. And then look at the social media tools as an opportunity to build those relationships and align them to your strategy so that they are enabling your business. That will be really important because these tools are going to change.
If I had a My Space strategy 5 years ago, I would be in a lot of trouble today. But if I had a solid strategy for my business and I looked at what tools that are going to help me enable it…. We don’t know who is going to end up winning and standing 2 or 5 years from now. So don’t get too attached and fall in love with the tools. What you need to do is fall in love with your business. Build the relationships you want and see which of these tools enable your business." From Social Media and Entrepreneurs. #OOTSE @ayeletB

Future Leaders Will Embrace The Social Web by Colleen Young

"The future leaders are going to be those that embrace the social web and understand its potential. They will really embrace this collaborative tool that we have. Whether it is from learning from the people they are serving or building communities of practice" from Social Media and Healthcare #OOTSE #ROTPt @colleen_young

Just Be Yourself by Kelly Kim

“Social media is not that different from your off-line interactions. So if someone says hello, say hello back. It is just polite. Just be yourself. Reciprocate.”
In The Social Media Toolkit. #OOTSE @Twylah

Just Listen by Chanelle Schneider

“We just need to listen to each other. When we are collaborating and when we are trying to communicate with each other we just need to listen.
Make it short and snappy and listen to each other when talking across the generations.” From The Generations and Communication Technoogy. #OOTSE @WriterChanelle

People Do Business With People They Trust by Simon Hamer

“People do business with people they know, like and trust. It is as simple as that.
This is why social media is so successful.” From Social Media Conversations. #OOTSE @simonhamer

Provide Excellent Feedback by Sidneyeve Matrix

“We are all so starving for feedback on our ideas on our performance. It is very difficult to give great feedback. We all want it. We need to work on the feedback piece.” From The Generations and Communication Technoogy. #OOTSE @sidneyevematrix

Social Media Can Enhance Our Lives in Ways We Have Yet to Discover by Henry Ford

"Social media is a tool that is priced right. It is effective and here to stay.
Because it could be use for good or evil (or could be effective or ineffective) I would urge you to stay tuned and learn to use it correctly, as it can enhance our lives in ways I think we have only begun to discover" from Social Media: A subscriber's perspective. #OOTSE @successisyou

Strategy and Investment Are Required For Success by Alison Gordon

Strategy and Investment Are Required For Success by Alison Gordon
It takes time and money to do social media well. You do have to create a strategy and invest. And you also need to be clear what success means for each initiative and/ campaign that you do. From Social Media and Not For Profit. #OOTSE @alisongordon

Teach Your Audience Really Well by Karen Dietz

Teach Your Audience Really Well by Karen Dietz
“Make sure you add value and that you really help your audience understand your topic. Teach them really well. And make sure you have fun doing it.”
From the Content in Social Media: What makes great content? #OOTSE @kdietz

We Are Now at One Degree of Kevin Bacon by Tanya Krackovic

"The seven degrees of the Kevin Bacon game has come down to one degree.
With the advent of social media, you don’t have to go seven degrees out any more. You just need to step out and be accessible and before your know it you can be in contact and be in collaboration with literally anybody you want to connect with." in Social Media: A subscriber's perspective. #OOTSE @TASOinc

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