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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 26, 2018
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5 Hacks to remember when it comes to nonprofit fundraising

There are life hacks or clever time saving hacks all around the internet to make your life relatively easier. In a similar way, there are nonprofit fundraising hacks which could simplify the whole process for you and help you stay ahead of the curve.


Focus on individual stories

It is now a well known fact that people relate to stories rather than numbers. It is much easier to connect with real life characters. But even when presenting stories to people, we shouldn't overwhelm them by talking about a large group of people. Talking about a single person and their stories of need will have a much greater effect.


Increase your depth with mobile giving

Adopting mobile giving will give a lot of room to your donors. They will have a greater freedom now, to donate on the go, whenever and wherever they would want to. People won't be restricted now from the lack of adequate infrastructure in terms of computers or need to be present in your events physically. This will definitely go on to increase the depth for your nonprofit.


Have a modern website to attract potential donors

Your website acts as a window to your nonprofit. It is the first impression that you create in the minds of the people who visit your website that would go on to determine the number of new supporters that would be added. Moreover adding features to your website which allow people to donate on it will convert their support into a tangible amount.


Effective use of social media

Once you have created your campaign, you need to take it to as many people as possible. Social media is the most effective way to achieve this. You need to club it with other forms of marketing like sending out emails, offline marketing, print ads, etc for best results. Social media with its various platforms offers you a very cheap way of reaching out to a large audience. Articulate your messages well and share it to make the most out of it.


Thank your donors genuinely

Don't forget to give out a heartfelt thank you note to everyone who contributed to your cause. Keep it genuine without expecting much in return. This will not only make your donors feel appreciated but also go on to foster long term relationships.

These are a few hacks that you need to remember to make the most out of your nonprofit fundraising opportunities. Keeping the basics strong will result in some much needed rewards.