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Updated by Trippy Mandala on Jan 31, 2019
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Trippy Mandala

Trippy Mandala – This blog is nothing but the result of the realization that how far our generation has drifted away from the Spirituality and its glory. Our history, ancient wisdom, the sense of spirituality has been long lost since the ages.

Making Simple Mandalas is now everyone’s Cup of Tea! - Trippymandala

Mandalas have taken the internet by storm recently. Everyone everywhere seems to talk about them, are in awe with its mysterious interpretation and trying to learn their significance or merely try to imitate them. These center-filled gorgeous looking shapes appear seemingly impossible to recreate by our own. The intricate designs and a confusing labyrinth can only be called the art of some finest artisans of the world! But let me tell you here that you are clearly underestimating yourself as an artist. Though visibly tricky it may seem, Mandalas are pretty easy to draw with just little geometric know-how and a bit of technique applied, you can be a pro at drawing Mandalas and who knows, you may actually be able to sell your easy Mandalas too!

Elephant Mandalas & Tapestries | A Guide To Mandala Elephant Coloring

Elephant mandalas are getting quite popular day by day. Here is an amazing guide to create elephant mandalas, tapestries, and some amazing elephant mandala tattoos. You can create your own mandala elephant after reading this article.

How To Hang A Tapestry - Ways To Hang Mandala Wall Tapestry?

If you want to know how to create a mandala wall tapestry and hang that tapestry in a dorm room with and without nails? This is an ultimate guide to put up mandala sheets and wall arts/wallpapers for decor in your room.

How to Draw a Mandala? A Step-by-Step Guide For Simple Mandala Design

Here we present the simplest guide to draw simple mandala designs or mandala tattoos all by yourself. Whether you want help with mandala drawing ideas or want to learn how to draw mandala flower design, this guide will teach you in simple steps.

Mandalas | The Meaning Behind Simple & Colorful Mandala Designs

The entire concept of mandalas, mandala coloring books, mandala tattoos, elephant mandala tapestries, animal mandalas, skull mandalas, and other mandala designs is getting quite popular these days. Let’s find out the history and significance of mandalas here.

Animal Mandalas – A New Trend for Mandala Wallpapers!

Animal Mandalas are gaining importance and trending as a fad. But do we realize what meaning and significance of animal mandalas carry and how do they affect us? Let us get into the detailed study for animal mandalas- the importance, meanings, and designs and understand their uses and what they project.

Mandala Madness | Mandala tapestry | Best Mandala Color Tapestry

Get to know everything about the latest trend of Mandala tapestry. Get an insight into the different forms, colors and symbols used in Mandala tapestries, their significance and benefits in human life. Learn to give your home the modern touch and aesthetic look with keeping the ethnicity intact.

Mandala Madness | Mandala Significance| Mandala Meaning | Mandala Art

Want to feel the real essence of Mandala art? Let us help you by giving you the in-depth knowledge of everything related to ancient and modern Mandalas. Mandala depicts art as a means of expression for the innermost self. Visit to know the Mandala inside out and enhance your knowledge.

Mandala yoga| Mandala meditation| Mandala yoga poses and sequence

Learn all about Mandala Yoga and Meditation in the very informative blog illustrating how you can meditate using Mandalas and what Mandala yogas are all about. Read the blog for a detailed explanation of Mandala Meditation and various forms, sequences and poses of mandala yoga with instructions.

Sand Mandala – The Complete Knowledge - Trippymandala

Sand Mandala is a traditional design followed by the Tibetan Buddhists, which deals with creating and destroying mandalas which are created with the help of sands. The mandala sand is found in various colors which makes the art look vibrant and attractive.

The Power Of Lotus Flower Mandala - Trippymandala

The Mandala Flower comes in various forms. Usually, the centre of flower forms of the focus of the Mandala with the petals radiating all around. The lotus Mandala is quite artistic among all the other forms and is available in various shapes and colours.

Interpreting the Elephant Mandala - Trippymandala

The elephant mandala symbolizes power, focus, prosperity, intelligence and enduring strength. It has great significance and relates to different aspects in Hinduism and Buddhism.

All You Need to Know About the Mandala Tapestry - Trippymandala

With a good idea about the meaning, application, types of mandala tapestry, you would be able to buy the right one. Here is everything you need to know about wall tapestry mandala.

Everything That You Need To Know About Mandala Colouring Activities - Trippymandala

Mandala colouring pages are highly popular amongst all ages today and they are easily available too. Boosting the creative mind, mandala colouring is a great activity to enjoy at all ages.

Mandala Art – The Perfect Stress Buster For All Age Groups - Trippymandala

Mandala Art is gaining a lot of popularity for its sheer simplicity and effective creativeness. It acts as a pure stress reliever for a number of people across the globe.

The Entirety Of The Geometric Mandala - Trippymandala

The Geometric Mandala is of great significance and importance. Here, the different aspects of the Geometrical Mandala are explained. Mandala also has religious depictions.

The Incredible Ability Of a Circle to Achieve Enlightenment- The Tibetan Mandala - Trippymandala

Following Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan Mandala is a holy tool. It is perceived as a representation of the limitless universe. Tibetan Mandala is also used as a healing and motivational aid.

Animal Mandalas And Their Importance - Trippymandala

Confused about what kind of mandalas to buy? Dig deep into the meanings of different mandalas, specifically the animal ones and then choose for yourself.

Major Healing Benefits Of Colouring Various Mandala Stones - Trippymandala

Mandala Stones are one of the most creative and attractive trends of the season. People love the idea of colouring various kinds of stones as a part of their meditation.

Exploring The Simple Mandala Design – Meaning, Religious Significance and Benefits - Trippymandala

Simple mandalas are lovely designs used for embellishments. The structures and designs of these mandalas have specific significance. Read to know more.