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Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel (SS) Sheet Metal Pumps

A.T.E has a reputation for using the latest technologies in designing its products and meeting service standards. A.T.E. introduced Teraflow vertical centrifugal pumps which are used in wide range of applications because of their nature, meeting the targets of industries.

Water Pressure Booster to Increase the Pressure of Water

To supply the water at commercial complexes, large residential buildings, skyscrapers, malls and multiplexes water pressure booster pump is used. It increased the pressure of water with the help of booster. It is engineered by A.T.E Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. which is a renowned company for its work in flow technology.

Solutions to Waste Management Problem

Biological wastewater treatment breaks down the organic substances present in wastewater using normal cellular processes. A.T.E. has a team of highly experienced professionals and a sophisticated facility for waste water treatment and recycling. We have Zero Liquid Discharge facility and value-added products such as enzymes, micronutrients and microbial cultures for efficiency.

Industrial Air Washer to Improve Air Quality

An Air washer is useful to improve air quality in the industry. A.T.E. introduced Luwa air washer having features like high humidification efficiency, low-pressure loss and the washing effect of the air. It is easy to operate and makes the cooling, humidification, and dehumidification possible with just chilled water.

Wastewater Management – Methods to Save the Environment

Primary treatment of wastewater is one the key step in wastewater management. Many industries use high technology methods to ensure that the water is treated to its maximum. As per environmental concerns they ensure having a proper wastewater treatment system. ATE offer their own versions of the AAA technology to treat textile effluents.

Heat Recovery Systems – an Efficient Way to Reuse Energy

ATE provides Lamiflow heat recovery system which is useful to optimize heat energy which is escaping through industries. Thus it saves a considerable amount of energy and plays their part in reducing their carbon footprint. Heat recovery system can be used to keep offices cool or warm based on the requirement, without opening a window or resorting to more fuel-wasting heaters.

Scientific And Natural Evaporative Cooling

In the field of comfort cooling, Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) is an innovative and revolutionary change. The question is how eco-friendly are they? Evaporative cooling system is upgraded by regular research and development for them to remain eco-friendly. Being cost effective and reliable is another important requirement to meet the varied industry demands.

Let’s go eco-friendly and solar!

A.T.E.’s Concentrated Solar Thermal system has provided solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Solar thermal technology is used in it which uses solar energy from the sun. This technology directly impacts costs and increase your savings by being energy-efficient. The system also has many benefits like easy to install, longer lifecycle, user-friendly etc.

A.T.E. – The Market Leader of Sample Warping Machines

A.T.E. provide sample warping machine which is used for bottom weights, shirting, silk, wool, home textiles, apparel, and worsted textiles. Warp Knitting machines are also a speciality of A.T.E. who have been providing machinery from the best of brands to industries across 60 countries for the past 75 years.

Warp Knitting and Textile Spare Parts – What You Need to Know?

Warp knitting represents the fastest method of producing fabric from yarn. Warp knitting machines have a higher productivity rate than weaving. They are used in a variety of fabric construction. There are various types of warp knitting machines like Tricot, Raschel etc. Raschel knits are used for manufacturing flexible fabrics whereas Tricot knits are used for a wide verity of fabric weights & design.

Various Types of Warp Knitting Machines

A.T,E. introduced various types of warp knitting machines such as Tricot warp knitting machine and Raschel warp knitting. These machines are useful for textile industries. Low maintenance and less working cost these are features of these machines. ATE has a dedicated vision towards creating innovative change and delivering products and services that guarantee a hundred percent client satisfaction.

Warping Machine for Textile Industries

Warping Machines are used in the Textile Industry for parallel binding of yarn onto beams. ATE provides various kinds of warping machines like Multimatic, Gir-O-Matic and Gir-O-Matic 16 S Sample warping machine. To produce knitted fabric warp knitting machines are useful which you can find at ATE website.

Pumps Which Have Revolutionised Technology

ATE introduced air operated diaphragm pumps which are safe to use and doesn’t require any technical assistance for maintenance. Our catalog of AODD pumps include all kinds of Yamada AODD Pump. Yamada is the heart of AODD technology and holds three patents for its valve and thus is known for its superior reputation in valve business.

Importance of Solar Thermal System

ATE Enterprises brings to you one of the most efficient cooling systems namely the HMX. HMX introduced the most efficient and eco-friendly product i.e. evaporative cooling based on DAMA technology. ATE has covered everything like from concentrated solar thermal technology to cooling systems like evaporative cooling systems.

Importance of Wastewater Treatment – Saving Environment

Wastewater is water which has been affected by human use. It contains various types of waste such as human waste, chemicals, food remnants, and so on. The wastewater treatment aim is to eliminate solid and discharge back to the environment. By knowing Wastewater treatment plant are necessary, ATE facilitating and offering world-class solutions and products for the same.

Air Washer Work and Features

Luwa’s Air washer brought out by the A.T.E. Group which is capable of carrying out all the tasks of cooling, humidification, and dehumidification. This air washer has a modular design due to which it is easy to operate. It is highly efficient in providing humidification with very small pressure loss. It is one of the preferred choices for carrying out the manufacturing processes in the industries.

Lubrication System: Improving Operability with New-Age Pumps

The lubrication system is help to give a flow to the clean oil at the accurate temperature, with a appropriate pressure to each part of the engine or lubrication pump. ATE introduced various kinds of lubrication pumps like Yamada STB, Yamada DR, Yamada KPL etc. These high-efficiency and robust lubrication systems from ATE are used for various applications in industries.

TeraSpin: Creating New Avenues in Textile Engineering

TeraSpin specializes in the manufacturing of world-class and eco-friendly textile machinery spare parts at its Ahmedabad facility in the North-Western part of India. It manufactures a wide range of textile machine spare parts, which include cradles, spindles and inserts, upgrade kits, weighting arms and top rollers.

The Best of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps from ATE

The ATE Group provides various kinds of air operated diaphragm pumps such as Yamada NDP-5, Yamada DP-10, Yamada NDP-15, etc. These pumps are an innovation in the field of water management systems. These are easy to maintain and represents an ideal low-cost-high-returns investment. These pumps are useful in chemical transfer, blending and filling and other industrial applications.

Vertical Centrifugal Pumps Selection Guide

Valence Electrons Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the A.T.E. Group, manufacture vertical centrifugal pump which is an excellent product that delivers flow rates according to application requirements. Its main features include auto-draining of the centrifugal pump and quick demounting for a rapid changeover. It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance pump that provides reliable outputs.

Know About Advantages and Challenges of Solar Thermal Systems

The solar thermal system used solar energy which is renewable and free, so the units can be operated cost-effectively. It is easy to maintain because it utilizes simple technologies. Concentrating solar thermal technologies can be leveraged to produce large-scale electricity. HMX from ATE offers a range of solar thermal technologies and applications that can be utilized in industries and sectors such as educational, hospitality, etc.

ATE Textile Weaving Solutions

A.T.E. Group is among the leading textile machine manufacturers in India and offers a wide range of KARL MAYER warp preparation solutions for the weaving industry. We also make textile machine spare parts like top rollers, cradles, and spindles and inserts. There are various types of textile weaving machines like handlooms, non-automatic power looms, circular looms and conventional automatic looms. To know more about weaving machines, visit A.T.E. Group website.

ATE Textile Spinning Machines

There are several processes in the textile industry to get the final product. Among these process Spinning is a major part where textile spinning machine plays an important role. ATE is one of the top textile machinery manufacturers in India where you get all the textile solutions you need for your textile industry.

Water Pressure Booster Pump and High Pressure Water Pump

ATE provides a water pressure booster pump and high pressure water pump, these both have different functions. A high pressure water pump can push water up to as far as 50 meters whereas water pressure booster pump helps to increase the volume and pressure of water. A.T.E. Group offers a range of impressive pressure boosting systems for multiplexes and malls, skyscrapers, large residential buildings.

Solar Thermal Solutions - ATE Group

Solar thermal system distributed in two categories like active and passive solar systems. Ecoaxis offers a range of solar thermal technologies and applications that can be utilized in industries and sectors such as educational, religious, hospitality, retail, engineering, automotive. A.T.E. India manufactures concentrated solar thermal system which doesn’t require special skill to operate.