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Car Detailing Shop

Car Detailing for the Ordinary Auto Owner | Car RC

For most ordinary people, washing the car at the local drive thru wash and a quick zoom of the vacuum suffices as “car detailing.” However, the real concept of car detailing goes much further. To the car enthusiasts and those that want a very clean car, detailing entails much more than just a quick weekly wash. The

Top 7 Car Detailing Products to Have in Your Arsenal - Daily Magazines

Clean the outside and inside of your car to keep it looking good and provide a healthy environment to ride in. There are hundreds of car detailing products out there to choose from. However, the best option is to visit a car detailing shop near you. Here are just a few that you must have to keep your car clean and healthy.

Caring For A Classic Car – Auto East Day

Buying a vintage car is a dream come true for many people, but the appeal of a classic car isn’t just in its history, or what’s under the hood, it lies in the aesthetic of a beautiful automotive. One of the key elements of a good looking car, is the clean, shinning, quality paintwork.

The Details of Auto Detailing – Cars Hot News

Running and maintaining a car can be an expensive business. Cars can run into all sorts of issues and monthly expenses that keep the cost of owning one at a premium. They can be a life-saver in commutes and a joy to drive, yet not everyone is so enthused with their motor that they want to spend every Saturday polishing it.

Second Hand Sale?  Don’t forget to Detail | H4 Cars

You finally have the deposit, and are ready to buy your next car! But what do you do with the old one? With second-hand car dealerships and roadside plots becoming more popular with buyers, you might forget about selling your previous car for scrap and consider passing it on second hand.

Detailing and Damages | Motor Hastanesi

There is nothing worse than having to find the time and money to repair a faulty car, much less one that has been damaged in an accident. It can be a heart-wrenching experience when a beloved vehicle suffers a scratch or dent from some misshape or wanton vandalism. But when it comes to repairs, almost all of us have to take our vehicles to a bodyworks shop or garage before we can see it restored to its former glory.

Whilst DIY methods for detailing are generally a good idea and much more budget-friendly when it comes of the cleanliness of the vehicle, when it comes to body works and damages, you should a your professional take the keys:

Dent Removal – Let’s face it, no matter how skilled you are with a hammer, you probably aren’t going to pop that dent out so the surface is back to a smooth finish. Chances are the panel will still have a few grooves in it and perchance even some missing paint. Mechanics have special equipment for restoration to body-work that produces a manufacture grade result.

Windscreen Repairs – T Windscreens with a chip can crack at any point in a car’s journey. All it takes is for one pothole to cause a small chip or crack to shatter. Windscreen repairs can be as basic as having to fill the chip with an acrylic resin depending on the size and position in the wind-shield. However, chips in front of the steering wheel or larger cracks may require a full windscreen replacement.

Wielding – Yes everyone has reattached their exhaust with cable ties at one point or another. It seems like a harmless, inexpensive way to get from point A to point B, but the truth is without the proper repairs, the vehicle is unsafe. By having an exhaust or other parts of your car re-wielded, you cut down on the risk of accidents when on the move, of leaking emissions, and further structural damage in the example of the exhaust.

Scratches – Whilst paint pens are a great way of covering scraps in your cars paintwork, often as not they are not the perfect result. With the ability to perform re-sprays and paint-removal, a professional body-works detailer can provide you with an immaculate, flawless finish that will make you want to polish it until it shines.

Stenches and Spills – Whilst it is never a nice thought, certain bodily exudation and other substances such as forgotten food left to fester can cause our cars to smell less than fresh. Add to this the probability of a stain left untreated and you will be begging someone else to do the scrubbing. With equipment along the lines of stream cleaners, upholstery vacuums and detailing air fresheners, a professional clean is sure to have your car looking and smelling gorgeous.

So the next time you have a crack or a ding in your car why not consider having a professional detail service do the hard work?

Things You Should Bear in Mind before Going for a Long Trip

properly maintained car tells a lot about its owner. Most car owners
are quite possessive about their cars and get annoyed if there is
even a small scratch on the car, especially if they own a high-end
car. If a car is clean and sparkling, it shows that the owner cares a
lot about the car and makes efforts to keep in a perfect shape. That
doesn’t particularly mean that a car that is not too clean doesn’t
have a responsible owner, but it certainly changes the first
impression you creates on someone.

Let the Pros Do the Car Detailing - Gauge Magazine

Most pro detailing offer a few packages that start with a basic wash and go up in price as the service list increases. In general, the most basic package offers these items.

Cabin Clean – How To Give Your Car A DIY Valet?

When thinking about auto detail it is easy to get fixed on the exterior of the car. But seeing how we spend most of our time in the driver’s seat it makes sense to focus some energy on the interior.

Getting Your Car Detailing Right: Top 10 DIY Tips

A car is a great investment that needs the best care. So often you find yourself shopping for the best cleaning solutions that you can use to detail your car the right way. At times, it’s all about the tips that you use and not necessarily the cleaners.

Helpful Tips for Detailing Your Own Car

Most people are very possessive about their car and don’t like giving it up to others unless there’s a solid reason to do so, such as cleaning, detailing, or repair. Professional detailing may take anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the work, but you’ll receive high quality service and your car will look more impressive than ever. However, it is possible to avoid the fees altogether. Here are some tips for detailing your own car.

How to Save Money Off a Car Detailing Service -

Car detailing prices differ depending on a wide range of aspects, such as the size of the vehicle, details required, and the type of products used. A basic car detailing service will entail a tire cleaning and trimming, a basic wash, waxing, vacuum cleaning, window cleaning, and a mirror wash.

6 Important Steps to Remember When Auto Detailing - Car Reviews & Rumors 2017

Auto detailing can be a very tedious job, one which requires a lot of time to do properly. It is necessary to maintaining your vehicle and keeping it in condition.

5 Ways to Spot Quality Auto Detailing - MotorManner

Auto detailing is the mechanical equivalent of magic. A highly skilled detailer is able to transform the most beat up looking vehicle into a shiny new set of wheels. Here we’ll be taking a closer look at auto detailing; finding out what it is, how it works, and results you should expect to receive when taking your car into the shop.