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5 Reasons Why CDR Gets Rejected by Engineers Australia

These mistakes may result in rejection of your CDR Report. CDR gets rejected when it is not written as per the requirement specified by Engineer’s Australia. Here is a list of common mistakes that applicants does while writing a CDR for applying for the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment.


1. Divide One Project into Two Career Episodes

1. Divide One Project into Two Career Episodes

A lot of people make this mistake while writing Career Episodes. They divide the same project into two parts and include each part in each Career Episode. It is the requirement of Engineers Australia that you describe one full project in each Career Episode.


Writing Career Episode about Group Activity

Writing Career Episode about Group Activity

This is the most common mistake people does is describe how their group or team worked on the project, solved the problem and completed the projects. However, CDR is meant to assess your personal skill, not the teams. It assesses what you did in that project, what was your role and did you achieve it, how you worked on the team, your decision-making skills and so on. Hence, write your report in first person i.e. I, focus on what you (I) did personally rather then what your team (WE) did.


3. Plagiarism from Samples Available Online

Never do this. The CDR Sample provided by different sites is for reference. Engineers Australia use different software to find out plagiarized content. So, either you did it intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll get caught. So just read the sample, learn from it and write your Career Episode on your own Projects in a similar way as in CDR Sample.


4. CDR in Different Language

It is compulsory that you present you CDR report to Engineers Australia in English Language. It is better if you use Australian English and use it in a correct way.


5. Grammatical, Spelling Errors and Report Formatting

When you present your CDR report to the EA, you are submitting an official document which is meant to be written by a professional. So, you must pay attention to its formatting, correctness of its spellings and grammar, and the flow of sentences in your CEs.

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