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Legal Deposition

5 Tips to Prepare for Interpreted Depositions | Jilio-Ryan– Certified Court Reporters in Orange County, US

Professional interpreters can translate both questions and answers providing you with an accurate account of the witness's testimony. Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for interpreted depositions:

Foreign Language Depositions: Guidelines You Should Follow | Jilio-Ryan– Certified Court Reporters in Orange County, US

There are several important guidelines when it comes to Foreign Language Depositions. Check out the list of some major guidelines you should follow in the context of foreign language depositions.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Real-Time Deposition

During a real-time deposition, it is up to the court reporter to ensure that each person speaks, concisely, and at a slow, easy-to-understand speed.

Why You Should Videotape Your Future Depositions | Jilio Ryan

Legal video deposition can make a huge difference in your court cases. Here’s why video depositions are important for your litigations.

How Video Conferencing Is Beneficial for Your Deposition

Video conferencing offers benefits in terms of time, money, and convenience. Here are some advantages of video conferencing for your deposition.

What You Should Do and Avoid During Court Deposition | Jilio-Ryan

Depositions are important #litigation tools because they usually provide clues for #attorneys to predict the outcome of a case. Many times a case is won or l...

7 Technology Skills Every Legal Assistant and Paralegal Needs to Know

Paralegals and legal assistants need to have a basic working knowledge of available technologies to work more efficiently and stand out in their profession.

How to Establish the Credibility of Your Depositions | Jilio-Ryan

Your depositions are the foundation for your reputation. Here is what you can do to establish the credibility of your court deposition services.

A Complete Guide to Legal Deposition

Depositions play an important role in the legal process. They allow for a witness’ testimony to be heard even though they may not be able to attend the hearing physically.

Some of the Most Commonly Asked Deposition Questions

A deposition is a legal process to gather sworn evidence from a witness. Here are some deposition questions for giving an effective testimony.

Everything You Should Know About a Legal Videographer | Jilio-Ryan

In order to become a legal videographer, you will want to take a few courses in both videography as well as legal transcription and criminal justice.