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Headline for Attractions and Excursions in and around Pasikuda – A beach holiday not to miss
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Attractions and Excursions in and around Pasikuda – A beach holiday not to miss

Pasikuda is one of Sri Lanka's main tourist attractions that is known to host one of the safest beaches in the country. Here are some attractions you should check out while visiting Pasikuda.


Beach sports

The clear blue waters of Pasikuda are so calm and shallow that you can even walk a few kilometres into the sea without facing any kind of danger. Hotels and resorts in the area offer its visitors the chance to enjoy popular beach sports like diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and kayaking. Since the currents are weak Pasikuda is the ideal place for novice snorkellers. Visitors can also many other fun activities like doughnut banana boats rides that even be enjoyed by kids


Whale watching

Pasikudah is a great place for whale watching and the best time to enjoy this activity is during March-August; visitors who go whale watching during this period have the chance to see sperm whales, blue whales and spinner dolphins. The experience is truly surreal and is one you will treasure forever.


Batticaloa Lagoon

Located about 32 kilometres away from Pasikuda, the Batticaloa lagoon is the largest lagoon in the Batticaloa district at a length of 56 kilometres. The lagoon is home to several islands, out of which Bone island, Puliyantheevu, Buffalo Island are linked with large bridges making it easier for tourist to visit the islands. The lagoon is also home to various water birds due to the presence of many swamps, seabeds and mangroves.


Batticaloa Dutch Fort

In addition to the Lagoon, Batticaloa is also home to the Dutch fort. The Fort which was actually constructed by the Portuguese in 1628, however, 10 years after it was built the Dutch captured the fort, hence how it got named "The Dutch Fort". The fort, which is square in shape is located in the Puliyanthivu Island; the centre of the Batticaloa town and is neighbouring the lagoon. The fort is planned to be turned in to a conference hall/museum in the future.


Minneriya National Park

Although the Minneriya National Park is not technically near Pasikuda (around 79 kilometres away from Pasikuda) the trip is definitely worth a visit. The Minneriya National Park was initially recognised as a sanctuary in 1938. It was designated as a park in 1977 to protect wildlife in the area such as monkeys, leopards, the Sri Lankan sloth bear, Sri Lankan sambar deer and elephants. The park is also home to many other species of flora and fauna.



Pasikuda is home to some of the most therapeutic and relaxing spa resorts in Sri Lanka. Luxury resorts in the region such as Anantaya Resorts & Spa Sri Lanka will ensure that you will enjoy a therapeutic spa experience. Body wraps, head massages, oil treatments and healing treatments are a few of the services that you can enjoy during your stay at these magical spa resorts.


Archaeological ruins of Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa is one of Sri Lanka's biggest heritage sites which is a must-see place if you're a history lover. Polonnaruwa in ancient Sri Lanka was the location where many of the highly honoured and respected kings used to live. Visitors are free to explore the royal palace, temples, gardens and other landmarks in the region. The drive to Polonnaruwa from Pasikuda will take about roughly an hour. The beauty of the ruins in Polonnaruwa was even featured in a Duran Duran song in 1982 titled "Save a prayer".