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Teacher Training Bangalore

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), is an award winning teacher training institution in Asia and across the globe, is dedicated towards preparing a skilled teacher workforce who can effectively teach in varied learning environments and will become future global leaders in teaching and education equipped with contemporary teaching techniques who can prepare students with the essential 21st century skills and knowledge.

How to Become an ESL Teacher

English as a second language (ESL) teachers teach students whose first language isn't English.
To Become an ESL Teacher Follow These Steps
Take a Bachelor’s degree course from a regionally or internationally accredited university
Earn ESL certificate from internationally accredited institution like TESOL Canada
Get teaching license for ESL teaching if required
Apply for the position you’ve dreamt forever
To earn ESL certificate some important skills are required which are included in this ppt.

How Shadow Teacher Deals with Special Needs Child

Here are Some Tips to Follow to Deal with Special Needs Child as a Shadow Teacher. One of your primary roles in teaching special children is to help mitigate any issues through the thoughtful development of the children will follow and find to be challenging.

Teacher Training Bangalore - Types of Special Needs in Education

According to Disabilities Education Act, Special education is: “Specially designed instructions to meet the unique needs of a child with disability.” Special education provides additional services, support programs, specialized environments to meet special child’s developmental & educational needs.

In the below infograph you will get every information about Special Education Needs in a short glance.

Learn the Proper Use of Teaching Aids in Nursery Teacher Training Course

Proper use of teaching aids reinforce the initial desire of the student to learn the new concept so that their enthusiasm can be sustained over the duration of the course. So you should know how to use teaching aids in nursery classroom as a candidate of nursery teacher training...

Montessori Teachers Training Course in Bangalore with Assured Placement

Asian College of Teachers offers Montessori teachers training course in Bangalore with specializations in English Language Teaching, Classroom Management, Education Management and Early Childhood Care.

We are better than other institutes because:

· Easy instalment facility available

· Scholarship options are available for meritorious students

· Courses are available in Online and Distance mode.

· Maximum duration is up to 8 months covering 120 hours only at Rs 20,000

· Courses can also be covered in fast track modes

· Candidates can also avail Teaching Practice sessions

· The courses are endorsed by Training Qualifications, UK (TQUK)

Join Online Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) course in Bangalore

Asian College of Teachers offers Nursery Teachers Training courses at Teacher Training Bangalore. They prepare the candidates with child-centric learning by incorporating storytelling, rhymes, and fun games.

Learn the Use of Teaching Aids and Teaching Materials

In teaching language, teaching aids & teaching materials play a very important role since individuals have the tendency to forget, with the proper use of such aids, they can be helped to remember the lessons permanently & motivate them to learn better. Because they directly address the five senses so the chances of forgetting are less and the learning process is more effective.

How to Become a Certified Preschool Teacher - 5 Important Steps

A certified preschool teacher is expected to meet state requirements, both in terms of education and teaching experience. Here is a look at the 5 important steps that one needs to follow in order to become a certified preschool teacher.

Difference Between Montessori Training and Regular Teacher Training

Both models have their own share of benefits though the differences prevalent between them is also fairly striking. This post looks to dive deep into this topic and explore the major differences that exist between regular teaching training and Montessori training methods.