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Protective Mask

Protect yourself against potentially harmful particles such as dust, paint fumes, pesticides, asbestos and viruses with our high quality respirator masks. We offer a complete selection of protective masks, protective clothing, hearing protectors and protection kits throughout the UK. Get free delivery over order £70 - Excludes Islands, Highlands & Channel Islands. Order online now!


Hearing Protection PPE | Highest SNR Ear Plugs and Earmuffs

Hearing protection is the most vital personal protective equipment (PPE) to be supplied to employees who are working in the areas that have excessive noise levels. At Protective Masks Direct, we carry some of the top earplugs and earmuffs to provide your employees with the highest level of hearing protection. Along with high quality products we always share useful information about improving the safety of your employees while dealing with hazardous materials. Take a look at our finest collection and order online now!

FFP3 Dust Mask | FFP3 Face Mask | FFP3 Disposable Dust Masks

Find the ergonomically designed FFP3 mask respirators to provide the best level of protection against liquid aerosols and smoke containing materials such as Asbestos. at Protective Masks Direct Ltd, we stock a wide variety of FFP3 masks available in different classes, you can choose based on the level of pollution. Our best seller respirator mask Pro3L in accordance with standard EN149:2001+A1:2009 which is suitable for all face sizes. Enjoy free and next day delivery on eligible orders.

Best Dust Masks Respirator | Dust Face Mask with Filter | Safety Mask

Identifying the level of airborne hazards in your workplace helps you to choose the right dust mask based on their FFP rating. Picking the appropriate dust face mask respirator which is comfortable and convenient for your workers can save them to any serious illness such as lung cancer, silicosis, COPD, etc. We at Protective Masks Direct, stock the great selection of safety masks which comes in a different filter efficiency and with the highest level of dust mask protection. Enjoy free and next day delivery on eligible orders!

FFP1 Face Mask | FFP1 Dust Masks | FFP1 Respirators

If your workers are exposed to dust, mists and fumes, it is essential to provide the right level of respirator mask that protects against the dust inhalation. FFP1 dust masks protect the employees against lower level dust and mists. We at Protective Masks Direct, supply the FFP1 masks ranging from disposable masks to reusable masks which can be used in all the lower risk environments. Feel free to contact us on 01435 897501 if you’re not sure about which product is right for you

FFP2 Dust Mask | FFP2 Face Mask & Respirator

When it comes to protecting the workers against a moderate level of harmful dust or solid or liquid aerosols, FFP2 dust masks come into the place. FFP2 respirators are known for filtering a minimum of 94% of airborne particles and being widely used in plastering, sanding and carpentry. Protective Masks Direct is offering all kinds of FFP2 respiratory masks which include top brands such as 3m, JSP, Moldex, etc. Explore the fantastic selection on our website and shop with confidence!


Asbestos Waste Bags | Asbestos Removal Bags

Asbestos Waste Bags | Asbestos Removal Bags

Buy Heavy Duty 30kg asbestos waste bags from UK’s largest supplier at Protective Masks Direct. Asbestos is commonly used for insulation purpose and found in various building materials such as cement. With dimensions of 900 x 1200mm, this 25 pack bags fit perfectly for removing the small to large amount of asbestos. Our asbestos bags available as both red pack and clear pack and comply with the all UK legislation for asbestos waste. To know more, kindly visit our website and order online now!

Full Face Dust Mask | Full Face Respirator Mask

Covers your whole face with full face respirator mask to keep yourself safe when working in areas with contaminated air. At Protective Masks Direct Ltd, we stock high-quality full face dust mask at affordable rates. All our full face dust masks provide the exceptional levels of protection for workers against air that contains particles and can be used for purifying air which is contaminated. Browse the collection of full face respirator masks from our online store to select the suitable masks for you and your employees.

3m Masks | 3m Full Face Masks | 3m Full Face Respirator

If you’re looking for the best 3M 6000 series full face respirator mask which helps to provide protection against particles, gases and vapors when used with an approved cartridge or filter. Our multi-functional, lightweight & well-balanced 3M 6000 Series Full Face Masks are one of the best in quality to ensure your safety and health with the 6000 series respirators. All filters are fitted quickly and are ease to use. All our 3m full face mask are made of high-grade silicone. Full face seal construction is both durable and extremely comfortable in almost any environment. Browse the full collection of 3m full face masks from our online store and find the suitable items for you and your employees.

Face Fit Testing Kit | Face Mask Fit Testing Kit

If you are looking for an approved qualitative face fit test kit which can be compatible with testing FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 filtering face pieces, half face mask respirators, and dust masks fitted with particulate or combined filters, you reached the right place. At Protective Masks Direct Ltd, we provide qualitative RPE face fit testing kits that are useful in ensuring that the respirators fit properly to the face of the wearer and therefore provide the best level of protection. Our wider collection of face mask fit testing kit is available in the legal requirement under the COSHH (Control of substance hazardous to health) Regulations. If you are not sure as to which face mask fit testing kit is suitable for your requirements, browse the full collection of face fit mask from our online store to find the suitable items for you and your employees.

Air Fed Respirator Mask | Battery Powered Air Fed Respirator Mask & Hood

When it comes to working in areas where hazardous contaminants are present then the use of protective coverings as a safety measure is a must. Protective Masks Direct Ltd offers an extensive and flexible range of air respirators, developed especially for the toughest environments. It’s incredibly lightweight and has been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort. The broad range of air fed respirator gives you the chance to choose the level of protection, comfort, style and maintenance that you need to work effectively and safely. Their easy-in-use feature can improve your productivity in the workplace. If you’re not sure as to which battery powered air fed masks are suitable for your requirements, browse our full collection of air fed respirator mask from our online store and find the suitable items for you and your employees.

Asbestos Protective Clothing | FFP3 Asbestos Masks | Asbestos PPE

If you live in a property with large amounts of asbestos sheeting, it’s recommended you wear asbestos protective clothing to protect yourself from exposure. As specialists in respirators and personal protection equipment (PPE), Protective Masks Direct Ltd, offers everything individually, including protective clothing, disposable coveralls, face fit testing kit, asbestos mask, full face & half face masks and asbestos masks & bags.
If you still have any query regarding asbestos protective clothing browse our website or feel free to contact us on 01435 897501 to get assistance if you’re not sure about which product is right for you.

Protective Disposable Coveralls, Asbestos Suit, White Overalls

Protective Masks Direct offers the high quality, soft, flexible and extremely comfortable protective disposable coveralls, asbestos suit, white overalls etc. while spraying chemicals or dealing with particulates. Check out our comprehensive range of other asbestos protective clothing and respiratory equipment according to your requirement. Contact us at

Disposable Dust Mask |Protective Face Mask

Protective Masks Direct is a leading supplier of PPE including disposable dust masks & respirator, that are lightweight & comfortable. These PPE ensure the safety of your employees in their working area. We carry various big brands disposable face mask such as Alpha Solway, Moldex, Biztex (Portwest) at very competitive prices. We are happy to help you to choose your perfect safety workwear, Call us on 01435 897501.

Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace

The value of practicing hygiene can be very well understood by the quote of Meagan Francis, “Cleaning & organizing is a practice not a project”. Hygiene is important to practice in your day-to-day lives. We spend a large portion of our day at our workplace. So, workplace hygiene can impact our health.
If you will incur a culture of non-hygiene at your workplace then it will put everyone’s health at the risk. Each of us wants to live healthy so it’s wise to practice hygiene at work and home both. Hygiene is required to stay healthy and safe. Good managers feel responsible towards maintaining the hygiene in their workplace.
This Article is originally Posted on Protective Masks Direct Ltd. Read this Complete Article to know more about Importance of Hygiene in the Workplace.

Buy Moldex Ear Plugs in UK | Protective Masks Direct

Moldex ear plugs come in a contoured shape that makes it an extra safe fit, providing the most cost-effective solutions for the workplace. Its dispenser mechanism keeps the ear plugs automatically replaced with every refill thus maintaining the hygiene.

To buy Moldex ear plugs or get more detailed information about this product, contact us at

Disposable Coveralls | Category 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls | Disposable Protective Suits

Protective Masks Direct offers high-quality asbestos suit, protective coveralls, designed to provide high protection whilst keeping you cool.

The disposable coveralls are hard wearing and tough to ensure safety in any asbestos-laden environment. Reach us at to get assistance and complete information related to the right protective overalls.

Half Face Respirator Mask | Protective Masks Direct

At Protective Masks Direct you can get the best fitting half-face respirator mask. The range we offer covers all types of latest half-face mask and respirator. Each of these, half face respirator can be used with a wide range of filters and cartridges.

The details of each product and the guidance for the protection you potentially need is provided on our website. Get in touch with us at

Asbestos Masks and Asbestos Equipment | FFP3 Masks - Protective Masks Direct

Protective Masks Direct supplies the wide range of asbestos dust masks/respirators and other asbestos removal equipment that helps to reduce the health and safety risks at your workplace. Asbestos is a material that is widely used in construction, which is harmful to your workers. Our asbestos masks are used to provide the correct protection against solid and liquid aerosols and smoke containing materials. Furthermore, we understand your employee’s safety and thus offers asbestos protection kits at affordable prices. Enjoy Free and next day shipping.

Shop Moldex Ear Plugs | Protective Masks Direct

Protective Masks Direct offers a wide selection of Moldex disposable earplugs that protect your workers from hearing loss problems. These products are soft, easy to use and available in appealing colours. This product comes with a tapered shape, fits easily in the ear canal, and so you’ll feel more comfortable whilst at work. Avail free and next day shipping.

FFP2 Dust Masks | FFP2 Face Mask & Respirators | Protective Masks Direct

Protective Masks Direct Ltd offer high quality FFP2 dust masks and other respiratory protective equipment to protect you from the dust & other health hazards. FFP2 face masks are able to provide the 92% filtering efficiency. These dust masks are lightweight, comfortable and available in various types like disposable and reusable. If you have any query regarding any dust mask products, feel free to drop us an email at

Reusable Dust Masks & Respirators

Protective Masks Direct offers an extensive range of reusable dust masks and respirators to protect from a wide variety of hazardous materials. We carry reusable masks of all top brands such as Moldex, JSP, Sundstrom, etc. Check out product specification on our website and order online today. Enjoy free and next day shipping on eligible orders.

Sundstrom SR 100 Mask

If you are searching for Sundstrom SR 100 Mask then your search ends here. We at Protective Masks Direct, offer Sundstrom mask and such as other high quality dust masks that protect you against dust, paint mist and other hazardous materials. This product is well tested, more comfortable and easily adjustable. Enjoy free and next day shipping on eligible orders.

Rockets Reusable Ear plugs

Protective Masks Direct offers high quality reusable earplugs that are tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002. These earplugs are more comfortable, washable and easy to use. It comes with soft flexible design. Enjoy free shipping on orders over £70 throughout the UK.

Shop Moldex Paint Spray Mask

Protective Masks Direct offers Moldex Paint Spray Kit that protects against organic vapours, ammonia gases and the highest particulates. Explore our finest collection of latest ultralight paint spray masks that are made up of TPE material. It comes with easy maintenance as you can clean them without tools. Feel free to contact our sales and support team at

Importance of Communication to Ensure Safety in The Workplace

If your organization or unit doesn't pay much attention to this aspect, now is the time that you start creating a communicative environment at your workplace. this can be extremely beneficial, not just with work-related tasks but with the overall wellbeing, like making somebody understand the importance of a dust mask if they are working in a polluted environment.

If your employees are friendly with each other and are on talking terms, they will not feel reluctant while sharing work-related it related to asbestos bags, using and handling equipment feedback. Whether your employees are working inside the four walls of a building, or are present on the factory floor where the need for an air fed mask is unavoidable, clear communication can help implement basic standards of workplace safety.