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Top 25 Blockchain Development Companies In 2018

Blockchain is decentralized ledger in which Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are recorded chronologically. The blockchain is encrypted, thus guaranteeing security and resistance to modification.
A blockchain developer is a software developer with expertise in data structures and architectures. Here is a list of top 20 blockchain development companies in 2018.



Inicsoft is a blockchain development company with 12 years experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects. The company offers a range of blockchain and Cryptocurrency services. They are also experts in ICO consultation, digital wallets, tokens, ethereum, etc.
Founded: 2005 Employees: 54


Sybite Technologies

Sybite Technologies is one of the best and most devoted blockchain development companies. The experienced team at the company focuses on developing technological solutions for businesses with a high emphasis on blockchain development.
Founded: 2010 Employees: 25


Sphere Software

With an experience of 12 years in the market, Sphere Software prides in providing the best end-to-end blockchain development solutions. Some of the areas the company specializes in are blockchain development, big data, hyperledger consulting, Atlassian Support, web apps, Agile mobile apps, chatbots, etc.
Founded: 2005 Employees: 101


Oodles Technologies

Although Oodles Technologies is a software Development Company that focuses on high-end technologies like AI, and live video stream, its primary focus is on Cryptocurrencies and everything related to it. This includes cryptographic apps, tokens, ICO.
Founded: 2009 Employees: 250



Neoteric is a software development company with an experience of over 10 years. The company, which started offering blockchain development services in the recent years, specializes in AI, Hadoop, cognitive computing, blockchain, java, etc.
Founded: 2005 Employees: 72



AgileLab specializes in the development of customized mobile and web applications, coding, design, and blockchain solutions. They have a team of skilled craftsmen, consultants, partners, developers and even saviors to businesses.
Founded: 2005 Employees: 15



The JatApp team has expertise in three main areas: smart contracts, ledgers and wallets. The company, which has its headquarters in Miami Florida and offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, also develops mobile and web solutions for startups.
Founded: 2010 Employees: 29



Intellectsoft is an expert in IoT, AI, mobile development, Augmented Reality, cloud computing and blockchain. The company is credit for developing apps such as Cryptocurrency Wallet, Virtual Currency and Online E-commerce Marketplace
Founded: 2007 Employees: 255



Innovecs has an extensive experience and expertise in financial technology, e-commerce, advertising, healthcare, Human Resource, gaming etc. They also develop blockchain apps and software programs for P2P transactions; integrate third-party apps; Cryptocurrencies; ICO, etc.
Founded: 2011 Employees: 358


FreshWorks Studio

This company has devoted a significant amount of their effort to blockchain development. Some of the key areas they have focused on are mobile & app development, blockchain development, Google Apps, UX/UI design, Bitcoin, Etherum, Zoho etc
Founded: 2014 Employees: 42


Espeo Software

This company has a creative vision which has helped them to successfully complete projects that involve launching ICOs and distributed apps. If you are into digital currencies, the developers at Espeo Sofware can develop the right product for you.
Founded: 2008 Employees: 61


Empirica Software

Empirica Software focuses on three major areas: machine learning algorithms, fintech frameworks and blockchain development. The company’s approach involves using blockchain for specific services. That includes internal accounting, asset rehypothecation, P2P systems, lending transactions, etc.
Founded: 2010 Employees: 10-30



Ezetech’s team has extensive skills and expertise in a wide range of technologies. The company’s goal is to develop the best blockchain solutions. The services offered by the web development company include web development, crypto-exchange, Cryptocurrency, blockchain development and wallets.
Founded: 2015 Employees: 35



LimeChain is a Bulgarian-based blockchain development company with a wide expertise in creating blockchain solutions for both startups and established businesses. The company is committed to helping in championing blockchain development locally and around the world
Founded: 2017 Employees: 18



Coinfabrik has extensive expertise in Etherium, ledgers, Bitcoin, etc. They provide a wide range of technological solutions, including tokens, digital currencies, Bitcoin, private blockchain, public blockchain, software development and crypto-economy
Founded: 2014 Employees: 16



Chromaway uses blockchain as a platform to provide the best contract solution for real estate agencies, financial institutions and governmental agencies. The company which believes it’s an “era of digital government” specializes in blockchain development, consortium databases, cryptocurrencies and tokenization.
Founded: 2014 Employees: 13



Chain is a blockchain development company that specializes in creating cryptographic ledgers that support breakthrough financial services and products. The company’s areas of expertise include blockchain development, cryptography, ledger technology, distributed systems and payment systems.
Founded: 2014 Employees: 40


Blockchangers AS

Blockchangers AS is a company dedicated to helping businesses implement advanced technologies in the daily operations but with a “Nordic” approach to it. This basically means the government can still regulate and control the currency, unlike in the U.S. The company specializes in blockchain development, banking software, DApps, truffle, Vue.js front-end and Ethereum.
Founded: 2015 Employees: 6



ArcTouch is an app development company with an unbeaten track record in the niche. The company started a Blockfirst team whose goal is to provide blockchain solutions that cover planning architecture and implementation by developing prototype decentralized apps for top platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Founded: 2008 Employees: 155



ABES is made up of R&D experts who specialize in blockchain technologies for Alphana Software Inc., a software development company based in Philadelphia. The company develops and implements blockchain solutions for businesses around the world. Their area of expertise includes blockchain development, Cloud, IoT & Analytics and Mobile app development
Founded: 2017 Employees: 18



As a leading blockchain development company in the world, Techracers develops award-winning end-to-end blockchain solutions that streamline business processes. The company specializes in Cryptocurrency wallet development, blockchain application development, ICO launch services, smart contract audit, private blockchain development, etc.
Founded: 2012 Employees: 201-300



Altoros is a world-class IT-consultancy agency whose main areas of expertise are big data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain development and cloud consulting. The company also evaluates blockchain solutions for its clients.

Founded: 2001 Employees: 354



Dotsquares is a large software development company, with more than 800 workers and many locations around the world. The company specializes in big data, digital market, mobile app development, blockchain development, CRMs, etc.
Founded: 2002 Employees: 834


Treehouse Technology Group

Treehouse Technology Group is leading the way in transforming the business world with blockchain development technology. The company offers a wide range of technological services, including web development, smart contracts, software development, blockchain development, ICO and wallets.
Founded: 2014 Employees: 20


Netcore Agency

Netcore Agency is always evolving to adapt to modern trends and technologies, including blockchain development technologies. The company specializes in ICO consulting, cryptocurrency, blockchain, token, electronic wallets, SaaS, smart contracts, web & mobile app development, and crypto-exchange.
Founded: 2013 Employees: 21