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The Basic Principles of Nutrition for Patients with Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are deposits that form in the conditions of urolithiasis (vesicle calcification). These conditions usually occur because of metabolic disorders and urinary system dysfunctions.



The consumption of water rich in salts and severe intoxications can become the provoking factors of their development as well.
This disease can strike people of all ages. Nutrition plays a crucial role in their treatment. A proper diet helps to normalize the metabolic processes, prevent future deposits, controls pH of the urine and reduces strain over the kidneys. The chemical structure of the deposit requires different approaches in creating a diet plan, but there are basic principles relevant in all the cases. Here they are:


Portion sizes and meal frequency.

Portion sizes and meal frequency.

Your portions shouldn’t be too big or too small. If the bowel is overstrained in any way, the chemical balance changes in a way that provokes the accumulation of deposit . The same goes for intervals between meals – they must not be too short or too long. Three hours is ok. Try to eat your last meal of the day no later than three hours before sleep.


Food preparation.

Avoid eating fried food. The best way for you is boiling products before cook anything from them. This helps reduce the amount of purines in your food and dissolve the extractive substances.


Monitor salt consumption.

Do not consume more than 5 g a day to better control the concentration of salt in the urine. This is also a reason why you should avoid alcohol – it also increases salt concentration and causes ureter spasms, being an obstacle for the urine to come out of the body.


Allowed and forbidden foods.

The list of food allowed and forbidden to eat varies according to the chemical structure of the stones in each patient and is planned individually with a nutritionist and/or nephrologist in Brooklyn. Depending on the individual issues, different products can be strictly forbidden or allowed eventually, not being a part of the regular daily menu.


Vitamin support.

Any restrictions in diet require additional vitamin support. It is very important to maintain proper diet to be sure that the amount of nutritive elements in food and supplements is balanced well, and will not cause any unwanted metabolic fluctuations.



Sometimes it is useful to make fast days but be careful. Your body requires a delicate approach so add the products back carefully and gradually. It is very good to make one vegetarian day a week.