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Handloom Saree

Paribrita is team of Bengal weavers who will share their work and experience here.

Katan Silk with Nakshi Kantha – A Supreme Combination of Style and Tradition

Nakshi kantha or kantha stitch embroidary work in katan silk saree is a supreme combination of style and tradition in Bengal culture.

Black Begampur Handloom Cotton Saree - Tanyaaj

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Popular Motifs That Using in Traditional Saree – Handloom of India – Medium

Bengal weavers’ use different type art or pattern as motif in traditional Bengal saree. It represents various stages of life, nature, ritual or customs, historical story etc. According to saree…

Latest Tangail Matka Silk with Pure Tussar Handloom - Paribrita

Shop unique tangail matka silk sarees from Paribrita handloom saree weaver online. Wide range of matka silk with tussar silk exclusively.

Types of Jamdani Sarees – paribrita

Jamdani -the perfect combination of tradition and pride of Bengal. From Mughal empire to British period in all respects we find jamdani. The source of jamdani saree was Bengal. After separation, in side of both Bengal produce jamdani sarees. Now let’s take a look how many types of Jamdani saree in produced.


Figure Motif Baluchari Work

Figure Motif Baluchari Work

Baluchari known for its figure motifs, but the Mughal paisley influences on Baluchari are just forgotten. A genius revisited the history, we just followed him. Hope someday such over shadowed genius will get some light...

Hidden Fact of Muslin a Traditional Artwork of Bengal

Muslin is an old and traditional artwork of Bengal. We explore a number of facts about this elegant, luxurious fabric from Bengal.


Origin of Baluchari Saree

Origin of Baluchari Saree

Once Bishnupur was the capital of Mallya dynasty and different kinds of crafts flourished during their period under the patronage of Mallya kings.. Temples made of Terracotta bricks were one achievement of these rulers. A major influence of these Temples can be seen in Baluchari saree.

Till date Baluchari is not a common consideration for bridal wear. Despite of all its credibility its get neglected since long.. But we are still hopeful someday Baluchari will be also get attention as bridal wear. Don’t worry bridal wear is not only for brides. It’s just a gorgeous saree. Visit some more baluchari sarees here.

Reality of Cotton Muslin Saree - Do You Know?

Muslin is most discussable thing in Indian handloom industry. We got various concepts on muslin from our history. But most of us not aware to know actually what is muslin. A simple “mal cotton” fabric’s yarn count is generally 80-100. Above 100 counts cotton is spinning by hand. And handspun cloth must be hand woven. So it is clear that, muslin is above 100 count cotton. Once upon a time 700 counts cotton had spun in Bengal (Kalna, Badwan). Even it was called that those 700 counts cotton muslin sarees could pass through a figure ring. Finest muslin is never spun by machine.

PPT - Khadi – India’s Own Textiles PowerPoint Presentation - ID:8043791

Khadi is the only febric of India that became mail tool of freedom fights. Let\'s know origin and history of Khadi. Slideshow 8043791 by paribritahandloom

Swarnakatan – The Finest Malberry Silk

*Swarnakatan – The Finest Malberry Silk *
This is "SWARNAKATAN"... That means finest mulberry silk with gold.. We tried to revisit the history with limited resources...Hence feeling like Royal.

Rust Baluchari Silk Saree Online - Paribrita

Buy rust baluchari silk saree online as bridal wear with blouse piece. Metarial - Katan silk the finest form of malberry silk.