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From Then To Now - Learn All About The Digital Transformation Of Faxing

From Then To Now - Learn All About The Digital Transformation Of Faxing

Telecommunication & Internet has paved the way for lots of things. The most it has contributed is in allowing to have quick to and fro of information via different medium and channels. Many tech pundits have posted it as the post-digital era but in reality, many companies are still in the middle-way of this digital transformation limbo.

Take fax machines. While some businesses are still holding onto their printers and standalone fax machine others have significantly adopted the technology and are already using cloud faxing and artificial intelligence to provide customized content for customers. Digitization involves few steps of process change in the way things are done -- moving from paper-based systems to digital documents and processes in every part of the business. However, effectively these changes could reduce costs, enhance productivity and excel the user experience for employees and customers.

Traditional faxing is loaded with challenges. Not only managing of a large number of these devices is a tedious task but also carries a high expense of phone lines, paper and accessories. Additionally, these devices aren’t secured and hence, the same goes for the content of the document. In such a scenario, one cannot be assured of the staying true to the compliance or adhere to the rules and guidelines. On the contrary, their digital counterpart, i.e, cloud faxing or electronic faxing services allow anyone to send and receive faxes using mobile devices, desktops or laptops. No more need of standing by the machine or have fear of failed transmission.

When it comes to fax usage, Healthcare, Legal Tax & Audit firms and Government organizations are at the forefront and deals with the most crucial and sensitive information of clients and customers. In such circumstances, for their day in day out tasks, it is advisable to rely on online fax services. Below are few of the immense benefits of opting for internet faxing for your personal or professional use.

1) Stay Organized
Now sync all your digitized files to the cloud and retrieve it anytime-anywhere hence, no more need to manually arrange and declutter your office desk regularly.

2) Highly Secured
TLS encryption delivers your faxes with high security

3) Improved Compliance
Electronic faxes are compliant with HIPAA and GLBA

4) More Visibility
Real-time data & reporting capabilities increase the visibility of fax usage.

5) Productivity Boost
Faxes as an email attachment are delivered straight to your email inbox.

6) Save Money
No Fax machine, fixed phone line, paper or ink toner cost

7) Full of Options
You can select your preferred fax number from a pool of local and international numbers

8) On The Go
Feel the convenience to send and receive faxes from your desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone

The corporates around the world are following a strict code of conduct and has upped the security measurements for safe transmission of documents via mobile faxing. There are many mobile faxing apps that not only suffice the basic need of faxing but also provides cut-throat analytics, insights and reports regarding the same. Even when it comes to choosing the best online fax services from many available, there are many factors that one can go through to suit best to their needs, such as international fax number, online account access, email compatibility, mobile app, cloud storage facility, features and plans, costing, fax limits, payment options, customer support, etc.


Internet Fax Services - The Essentials Of Today's World!

Internet Fax Services - The Essentials Of Today's World!

Technology is constantly evolving and has improved our lives in each and every aspects; well that’s what at least we can claim for the small, midsize or large enterprises in terms of being efficient and productive. These businesses strive to be multifarious and attain maximum benefit out of their day. Well, one thing assures their efficiency is using online tools.

On the other hand, these firms rely hugely on the document transmission process for the internal network of operation from their respective ends to meet the need of clients. With the change in technology, the fax industry has conveniently shifted from the traditional method of faxing to online fax or internet fax services.

Businesses are easily able to send and receive documents anywhere, anytime with these mobile fax machines. One can easily send a new faxes online from a computer or mobile. Online faxes are received to your email account as a PDF attachment, that most of us are now familiar with the process.

An organization can easily avoid the confusion and limitations that surrounds a conventional fax machine. Limitations such as only one fax can be sent to a recipient at a given time, the cost associated with paper, ink-toner, fixed phone line, etc., risk of losing paper fax documents and many more.

Online fax service provides many features besides empowering you to send and receive faxes with just a few clicks from your mobile or any other smart device. First of all, enabling you to connect a leading cloud storage account, you can be rest assured to pull up any fax details from the past. It also keeps your fax documents organized. Moreover, to impress your clients or customers you can even use beautifully designed cover templates to look professional. Some internet fax service providers even offer the option to add company logo and digital signature to personalize so that your clients can even associate themselves with your brand. While other offers unlimited incoming fax mixed with a free trial of their software or application. Mobile faxing has become such a common phenomenon due to the availability of such fax application available on all the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Windows. It is highly beneficial to small business owners and startup entrepreneurs as they are struggling with time, it is best for them to not find or operate a fax machine as well as receive notifications and fax updates in real time to the selected mobile devices. Besides all this, one can easily leverage with professional cover page templates, notes, flags and comments.

The most important aspects are to check whether the said internet fax service provider is following the best practices to adhere to HIPAA & GLBA compliance and guidelines. It is to ensure that the online fax service provider is taking proper precaution in securing your faxes and its content against viruses and stops from any kind of hack that may lead to identity theft. Hence, it is utmost important for you to choose a fax service that uses promising encryption to secure your private and confidential information.

You can get free credits or faxes by referring to friends or can opt for the pay-per-fax facility as you wish. These are all additional features but your main focus is to check about the compliance, cloud account support, image file formats, cover pages, etc. Automated fax image optimization & editing, fill forms, annotate PDF’s and sign documents are amongst the other few features and tools that might come handy in carrying out your daily faxing needs.

Last but not least, we urge you to also check if the fax app or service is providing free trial, free fax number, customer/technical support which are necessary to help you derive the best internet fax service provider from a list of available ones.


All You Need To Know About Modern Day Saviour- Internet Fax Service

All You Need To Know About Modern Day Saviour- Internet Fax Service

Modern day technology and tools have made us act fast and our surrounding process getting automated leaving us to be more efficient and productive. Especially, for the fax industry, this transformation has proved to be a boon for offices, people and organisation involved in it. Not only that the old fax method or as we know the traditional fax machines were tedious to operate but also were not pocket-friendly. There were too many cost aspects associated with the fax machine which always left more than one opportunity where things could go wrong. Most of us would have experienced that when we needed to get a document transmitted immediately, there were many things that could go wrong with fax machines such as empty ink-toner cartridges, paper-jam, busy fixed phone line or even at times machine gets broke down due to unfamiliar reasons.

However, internet fax services online have brought relief in many ways. One can in just a matter of a few seconds quickly send or receive faxes online. Additionally, with technology evolving constantly, it is quite easy to perform document transmission through your mobile or any other smart device in just a matter of a few taps. Although, industry segments like legal, healthcare & medicine, real estate, etc have immensely benefited from such online fax tools. These industry segments need to transmit hundreds and thousands of documents each day for say contracts, fill forms, signing NDA and many more. The added advantage it presents to these said ventures is in terms of providing extra safety and security of the document content. As usually, a healthcare institute has to deal with a patient’s confidential and sensitive medical records and information makes these online fax applications more trustworthy. These tools encrypt the fax data and make it hard for anyone to infiltrate or breach.
The advantages of internet fax services are far more fetched than the conventional fax machine. Not only it completes the basic function of transmitting the documents but you could perform many more functions with the amazing features. Primarily, you can edit the fax image, fill forms, annotate pdf as well as sign documents. Most of these fax applications also offer beautifully designed cover template that a business could choose as per the need. If you are a solopreneur, freelancer or a midsize business owner then you can also impress your clients by adding your company logo and digital signature to make your customers associate with your brand. Before finalising on one online fax app, it is advisable to check your options and select the one which is more coherent with your business needs. Try to go with the trial offer and get a handy experience and feel of the said fax app. Other parameters such as technical support, HIPAA & GLBA compliant, TLS-encryption, etc play a vital role.

Few of the business owners have even upscaled their operation by taking it to the cloud integration. With only a few and handful of online fax apps, you can connect to leading cloud storage and access and upload your documents directly from the web, email or desktop computers. There are many offering their services not only all mobile platforms but have also made it possible across Apple watches and Android wear gear. This has made it quite convenient for busy owners to receive notifications and fax updates anywhere, anytime.


Internet Fax Service: Paving The Way To The Future Of Online Fax

Internet fax services or online fax services, as the name suggests performs the function of sending and receiving faxes over the internet. It converts the paper document using a scanner into digital format. Important thing is that with internet fax you can send a fax to the machine whereas, the vice-versa is also possible.

There are many such service providers from whom you can opt for the services. The best part about these online apps is that they come loaded with its features and functionalities. Once you sign up with the services, you can send and receive faxes online just as you would an email with an attachment. Mostly these internet fax services offer a trial period to let users know about the interface, functions and ease-of-use, etc. While so, most of them do provide a free incoming fascimile number to start receiving documents on your virtual fax number. This gives a chance for users to try out a free-service before they sign-up completely. Additionally, you can keep this number as your business fax number and provide it to your potential or existing clients, partners and customers.

Unlike the conventional machine, these are secured, fast and reliable. Moreover, you can send faxes with multiple documents in the same delivery which gives you complete freedom from the time-consuming & tedious way of scanning each document with the fax machine. Also, one doesn’t need to even type cover pages because, with online services, you can choose from a customized and beautiful cover page template.
Below are a few value-based points to share some information to look for from an internet service provider:


How much and what are services you are going to receive in the selected price package? Are you getting unlimited incoming & outgoing faxes in a low-cost package? To begin with, you should at least be getting a free incoming fax number to try their app or software with no hidden fees or set-up charges for the service. At this point, it is suggestive to check as many fax apps as you can by doing the proper due diligence of the features and functionalities suitable to your business.


Getting a busy signal or paper-jam are few of the common problems with the traditional fax machine. Such kind of interruption could also happen sometimes with the internet fax service when you instantly want to send a document and they don’t go through. Few of the service providers offer delivery notification option on their services - hence, it's better to go through all their feature and terms before opting.

Customer Support

Just as with any other service industry, for internet fax service providers also customer support remains an epic pillar in building a successful business. Agents that are well trained and knowledgeable with the technical know-how of the process, along with their days and timings of operation and their method of support in the form or email, web, chat or phone should be taken into account while going through different service providers.

Security & Compatibility

One should also ensure to check whether the software is compatible with all the current operating system as it will give them the extra edge in acquiring potential clients or customers. One also need to make sure that the said service is taking enough measure in ensuring to keep the data safe that is being transmitted. You should conduct thorough research before signing up with any online fax services. An app service that uses TLS encryption can be trusted well and also who is practising HIPAA & GLBA compliance and guidelines.

Online faxing is considerably new when we compare it to the conventional methodology, however, within a small span of time with the help of constant evolving tech, internet fax has changed the scenario quickly. Making the entire procedure more simple by cutting down the cost of a fixed phone line, ink, cartridges, paper rolls, maintenance, etc it has perfectly integrated well with the different needs of a business, more or less saving time and resource for everyone. With the current progress, one can send new document online from mobile or computer. Features such as fax image editing, adding company logo and digital signature, fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents and many more are highly beneficial.


Expedite Your Business Process With Internet Fax Services

Expedite Your Business Process With Internet Fax Services

Sending and receiving documents has remained an integral part of daily activity for almost all businesses around the globe. It still is now. Only that the system we have been using for a while now, i.e, the traditional fax machine has gone outdated. They have gone incompatible day by day with the ever-growing needs. Moreover, as we all are aware of the limitations that any conventional fax machine presents such as paper getting jammed, ink and toner expense, fixed phone line cost and of course the maintenance of the equipment. Not only this, in situations wherein you urgently need to send a fax but getting a busy phone signal will delay your document delivery and hence, could cost you a client or a deal.

Well, now it is possible to quickly send and receive online faxes anywhere, anytime. You do not need to either find a copier shop or need to let the fax machine occupy substantial space in the lobby of your office. Everything can be handled from your smartphone or other smart devices. All you just need is an active internet connection in your device to instantly send new fax online from mobile or computer. Well, then what are the factors to be considered while opting for an online fax service? Let’s take a look.

First of all, you need to make sure that the one you are opting follows proper procedures to be able to tackle the fax data or content in a safe and secure manner. Also, adheres to the guidelines laid down by HIPAA & GLBA compliant as the fax is considered to be the most favourable option when there is a trade of documents between a medical facility and a patient.

There are many other features also that you need to check out before finalizing such as whether the said online web fax or the online fax service allows you with options of the ready-made cover page, to add your company logo, easily customize and fax image editing and simply able to add your digital signature.

There are also few in the industry who allows receiving all your fax related notifications and updates in real time to your chosen smart device. Technology advancement has also made it possible to avail the same services on the wearable devices for Apple and Android. Select the one where you get to try their platform let’s say in a free trial period so that you can make an informed decision. Few of the market industry players also gives offers you free incoming fax number for a limited period. Also, another important point in your checklist should be to review the user-interface and user-friendly. In other words, you need to check whether the fax app is easy to navigate and lets you complete the intended function with no hassle.

About the Author:

Now, when I look back at all those years gaining experience from the ground zero to pay off nicely in terms of sharing knowledge with my reader gives me immense joy. It might come as a surprise to many but the success and growth of an organisation hugely depend on how much optimised is the process? Recently, online tools such as internet fax service have made it possible to make the business process seamless and effective.


Change In The Fax Industry With Mobile Fax Machines

One of the greatest transformations we all have witnessed with the technology advancing in every segment is in the fax industry. Long gone are the days when you had to rely on a tedious old fax machine or rather the traditional fax method. However, it did pose a lot of limitations when you needed to send quick fax or send them in bulk quantity. Moreover, it was also not well adept with the security measures as anyone can peep into the fax content. Hence, an exposed risk for the parties involved in the fax transmission.

On top of all the other factors resulting in not favouring the usage of a conventional fax machine, the list was topped with it being a time-consuming and costlier option. Not only you had to wait frequently for the other end to have a clear phone line so that the fax can be transmitted. This was the major factor in delaying the faxes. Also, the recurring cost was one of the pain points of fax machines such as fixed phone line cost, paper, ink toners, occasional equipment maintenance fees, etc. However, the world faced a sigh of relief with the arrival of internet fax services which allowed to quickly send and receive faxes online. Also, the ease of accessibility that surrounds the online faxing technology is at-par as compared to the old fax machine and its methodology. One can easily send a fax to clients from the gym or while taking your on-the-go coffee without having to stand in line for a fax machine.

Mobile fax machines quickly changed the scenario for the businesses and how documents were delivered so far. This allowed to instantly send new fax from mobile or computer. There is much online fax service provider who also provides free fax number along with a free trial period. Also, due to increase in hacks and identity theft especially when one is dealing with the medical records and information, faxing industry is regulated under HIPAA and GLBA guidelines and these service providers have to be compliant with respective guidelines. Besides everything, online fax offers a number of features such as you can customize your fax, make them look more professional, add your company logo and digital signature, fax image editing and optimization and many things you can do with your faxes to make your clients and customers associate with your brand. The constant development and evolving of online fax services have paved the way to receive notifications and updates in real time on your chosen mobile device or even on your smart wearables like Apple watch or Android wear. Most of these fax apps also offer to download the app from the respective app store. he old age method of a document transmission is redundant now for the above-mentioned points. It goes without saying that the traditional fax machines are not used as frequently as they were used earlier. Of course, there are lots of factors that contribute to these companies to look for an alternative. With technology advancing, faxing industry has not left far behind. The usage of the fax is on the rise, contrary to the belief. With the arrival of online fax technology, it became quite easier to send and receive faxes online.


Crucial Factor In Deciding internet fax services online

Crucial Factor In Deciding internet fax services online

When you think of choosing a fax service provider, might not seem to be a hefty task but when you understand the need and priority of your business and its requirements, certainly selecting an internet fax service becomes a critical decision. There a many points that need to be checked. These factors could vary from a free outbound/inbound trial, unlimited inbound/outbound, pay-per-fax rate, subscription charges and ofcourse, business reputation and reliability.

Then there comes a range of variety of services which in a way is more confusing for any newbie or a new business who have just started with lots of fax requirements. That is when an outlook towards comparing best online fax apps can come in handy. If one might still be in the dilemma of adapting to online fax than check out the following advantages it has to offer:

  • Access fax from anywhere
  • Mobile support
  • Easy to use
  • Just download the app - no complex hardware installation
  • No overhead costs
  • Better Security
  • No busy signals

Without waiting for further ado, let’s dig into the core tips that one should look for when selecting the best online fax services:

Review your need
It is a must for you to know the number of faxes that are needed in order to carry on with your business operation. You’ll need to figure out the monthly count of the faxes so as to pick the best one.

Ask for recommendation
It is advisable to check with other business owners with an equal amount of fax requirement. Check whether their purpose is fulfilled and also satisfaction level services. See who else they recommend because it is the best way to narrow down the list.

Contact vendors
Once your list is ready for potential fax service vendors, the next best thing is to contact them and inquire about features, price, etc.

Understand the fee structure
For whichever plan you might think is best suitable based on your necessity, it is always in your best interest to go ahead and ask for detailed pricing structure, i.e, monthly fees and additional costs. It is also good if you can get the same details in writing before choosing a particular vendor.

Check SLA
It is best to check the vendor’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) and also what kind of support the vendor is providing? The most beneficial way is ‘live chat support’.

The most important point about these vendors that you have to keep in mind is that they will always try to upsell. Not every business would require all the features or functionalities offered by any such popular fax apps. So try to avoid the temptations of having all the online fax features because there is no point to pay for the features that are of no use to you and especially to the business.

The best ones to look for in industries who can guide you or advise you on the best possible options in the market are startup owners, freelancers, small to midsize business or large organizations depending upon your industry segment and verticals. Many of these services can also be now paired with your smart wearables. In other words, it is now possible for you to receive fax updates and notification either on your smartphones or chosen devices and especially on Apple watch and Android Wear.

With the arrival of online fax services, it has become very easy to send and receive faxes online. Not only this but few features such as add company logo, digital signature etc have also become common among most internet fax service providers in the faxing industry.


Have You Introduced Your Business To Mobile Fax Machine?

Have You Introduced Your Business To Mobile Fax Machine?

Businesses around the globe have to constantly revamp their system and tools to cope with the growing market needs. Relying on just old methodology is only going to slow your business down. One such old system that needs a complete makeover is the conventional fax machine. Most commonly also known as traditional fax machine - aren’t compatible to deliver as per today’s requirement. There is no guarantee with the old faxing methods such as the service availability are affected by many factors such as fax line problems, limited channel capacity or failure of fax device or fax server systems. There are other constraints also like paper getting jammed, ink and toner expense, fixed phone line cost and of course the maintenance of the equipment from time to time.

Among the business owners and entrepreneurs, another great relief is that either you are sending or receiving faxes online, it does deliver an acknowledgement notification to recipient or sender allowing them to feel safe especially when it comes to conquering their timely sales or deals. Also, you need to check for customer support whether it is available 24*7? Does the vendor offer live chat or email support? Since you or your business/ organizations might be dealing with the presence of global clients with a need to do national & international faxes, it is mandatory to know whether their support is available round the clock if any technical issues arise? Traditional faxing is loaded with challenges. Not only managing a large number of these devices is a tedious task but also carries a high expense of phone lines, paper and accessories. Additionally, these devices aren’t secured and hence, the same goes for the content of the document.

It is easier now to send new fax online from mobile or computer which allows businesses to flourish on the go. Proving highly beneficial to startup entrepreneurs to small and midsize enterprises to focus on other key areas of the trade rather than to just be idle by the fax machine and wait for the faxes to transmit. Mobile fax machines have a lot to offer to such newly ventured companies such as they can send a fax to multiple recipients, add company logo, digital signature and easily customize your images.

There are many online fax service providers who offer a different range of free services such as the number of outgoing and incoming faxes, specific location, number of pages, free credits, etc. One thing that might come handy would be to go through the plans and check about the services so as to choose the best that suits your business needs. Moreover, you also need to check the user-friendliness and design of the app. Some internet fax services provider also offer to port the number of avails a new fax number absolutely free. The productive part of online faxing is that you get to save money, time and resources spent behind the process. Also, the ease of accessibility that surrounds the online faxing technology is at-par as compared to the old fax machine and its methodology.


Would You Fax In 2019?

Would You Fax In 2019?

It is quite hard for small businesses, solo and entrepreneurs to approach with the same level of professionalism and credibility as compared to established businesses, companies and brands. Even with a visually attractive website and alluring mobile site, they aren’t able to compete and the only possible way seems is to go for online fax system when you quickly need to send and receive confidential documents.

Conventional fax machines present a set of limitations in carrying secure transmission of documents. A paper-based fax document lying on an office fax machine or multifunction printer can be a security and compliance risk for the company. Even an in-house fax server is prone to the security threat and can create security vulnerabilities if the server is not encrypted. The images stored on a fax machine is also another vulnerability considering for a business’s confidential data.

Moreover, with more and more adoption of digital modern technology, fax by internet or online fax services or fax over IP (FoIP) is gaining momentum. This has simultaneously also reduced the once widespread usage of traditional fax machines. Similar to e-mail, online fax is also nothing more but than sending & receiving faxes in digital or computerized form. Since, there is no fax machine, ink, toner, a fixed phone line is involved, not only it saves valuable resources but also paves the way in becoming an eco-friendly way of faxing.

Internet faxing is absolutely reliable because for each and every fax you’ll send is bound to reciprocate with delivery notification, unlike the traditional fax machines where there is only one to way to make sure and that is by calling the person on the other hand. With an internet fax service, you can gladly avoid the noisy transmission that comes from the fax machine. You can easily add a digital signature and sign the received faxes securely and fast. No more need to take a print to sign it and then fax it back again. Another salient advantage of internet fax service is that it will digitize all your messages, quickly allows you to search and retrieve any specific document.


Low cost
No fax machine
No installation
No need for a telephone line
Environmental friendly
Efficient and Speedy

When you decide to opt to send and receive faxes online via smartphone, you’ll have to download the said mobile or web application as per the applicable operating system. They are available to download for Android, iOS, Windows, etc. You just need to choose as per your business needs and can start faxing on the phone. There are many other fax service providers who also offer you to transmit a fax to email service. Internet fax services are becoming a sensation these days, which allows you to send and receive documents from your mobile device

Unlike, fax servers which are expensive to maintain and incurring from time-to-time repairing & maintenance cost associated with the traditional faxing; cloud faxing requires no routine maintenance or repair work. Moreover, Cloud faxing enhances security and helps maintain compliance with current data security and privacy standards.


What Makes The Internet Fax Service More Favorable Than Fax Machine?

What Makes The Internet Fax Service More Favorable Than Fax Machine?

Sending and receiving documents in itself is a very tedious task and moreover, it becomes worse when you are holding a contract or agreement which needs to be sent on an immediate basis to the client and fax machine breaks down or face any other technical issue. Not only it costs you business loss in this cut-throat competitive era but also slows you down. We all almost did pull through the traditional fax machine but now with the growing need and expectation for everything to be efficient, it is time to shift to mobile fax machines.

Let us take a quick glance over some of the limitations associated with the conventional fax machine.

Traditional faxing is loaded with challenges. Not only managing a large number of these devices is a tedious task but also carries a high expense of phone lines, paper and accessories. Businesses also have seemed to identify another issue is that you can’t send multiple faxes at the same time. Additionally, these devices aren’t secured and hence, the same goes for the content of the document. Exposing the risk and threat to identity theft in case if it is a medical or health record or containing any other personal information. In such a scenario, one cannot be assured of staying true to the compliance or adhere to the rules and guidelines. Another major drawback of using old fax machines is that they are not eco-friendly as it involves the usage of paper. Nowadays, large corporations and institutions in the wake of being environment-friendly and support go green initiative which is good & necessary by the way, have supported and started to integrate their business process with the internet fax services. Actually, it isn’t that difficult. In fact, it has gone much easier to send and receive faxes online with just a couple of touch from any fax app from your mobile.

Advantages of using a mobile fax machine:

Not only online fax suffice the need to send new fax online from mobile or computer but it also enhances the user experience by providing cutting-edge multifarious features and functionalities. These features not only make an organization more efficient and productive but also paved the way to beat the competition and climb ahead in the race.

One can put a digital signature on fax and can also add the company logo to personalize the fax. There are a handful of these services who also provide a list of professional in-built cover templates to suit your style. You can even send faxes to multiple recipients in one go, letting your business be more productive and efficient. Receive updates and all fax notifications in real time to your favourite mobile devices.

Whichever, the internet fax service you may seem deemed fit for your company, ensure that the said fax app has no hidden cost, offers various plans for inbound/outbound transmission, HIPAA compliant, provides secure end-to-end encryption and most of all suits your business requirements. You can begin with the free trial offer and then can make an informed decision. Also, these companies bring in various offers such as, get free faxes by referring friends or free fax number, etc. Remember, these are all the upselling factors, however, focus on your basic needs and then go for it!


Is Business Success Relevant To Being Time Efficient?

Is Business Success Relevant To Being Time Efficient?

There is an old notion that runs among business owners is that ‘You can sleep, your business can’t’. True in the essence as well, because in today’s competitive market you never know when your business door is getting knocked with an opportunity. Let’s take an example of a talent agency to understand closely. Let’s say you are with your client and waiting for the offer letter from a production house. For any reason, the offer letter is delayed and your client’s manager pulled another offer from a different agency. Surely, it contributes to the loss of client and business for your agency. Of course, one might be upset with such inefficiency in the document delivery system and when poked for the reason, you found out that the email with the attachment went to the spam folder or it was still lying in the mail room. In either of the case, you are the one who suffered the loss of business.

To avoid such issues, you need to rely on lightning fast and effortless internet fax service provider. In today’s day and age, when technology has evolved in every industry sector including the fax industry, it is time to take advantage of online fax service. One can easily get rid of their existing email, postal and traditional fax machine system and count only on mobile fax machines to become more engaging & efficient in the business.

Online fax service not only limits to just facilitate you to send and receive faxes online but also you can add your digital signature and company logo for your clients to associate with your brand. The convenient and easiest way to secure any business deal. Moreover, it is productive to select a template and feed only important details rather than to have drafted an entire email. Not to mention the chances of inviting manual errors. There are many online fax services available but it is wise to first compare top online fax solution and choose as per your business requirements. A handful of them also provides unlimited inbound with an option to get a free fax number.

A few cutting-edge features which these internet fax services offer are fax image editing, fill forms, annotate PDFs and much more. All these functionalities provide extra leverage as compare to the conventional fax machine. ‘Internet Fax' or commonly known as ‘Email Fax' simply uses your email account and internet access to send & receive faxes online. Anytime. Anywhere. Additionally, it is more secure and reliable as your online fax will only be sent to the intended recipient’s email inbox unlike faxes lying on the tray wherein every passing-by eyes are a potential threat to the identity theft of the clients.

Sending and receiving faxes online is the most efficient way one can go for to increase productivity for the business, may it be a small medium or large enterprise. Internet faxing is absolutely reliable because for each and every fax you’ll send is bound to reciprocate with delivery notification. With online fax app, you’ll only need to prepare the document once and can send it to multiple recipients simultaneously. Using an internet fax service, you have to specify or select the documents that need to be faxed, choose the number from your contact list and let the rest be accomplished by your smart faxing app.


How In-house Automation Can Boost Productivity?

Businesses can flourish and even surpass the expectation if at the nick of time implements the necessary steps to optimize the process. With the evolving tech, in-house automation can undoubtedly prove to be beneficial not only to the small and midsize business house but also to large corporates. One of the automation that any industry segment should focus upon is becoming efficient in the document transmission process. Up until now, this process was tedious and considered a snail-pace as compared to the availability of latest and trendiest online tools such as mobile fax machines.

Let see how in-house automation can boost productivity and boost efficiency especially for industry sector such as legal, healthcare & medicine, reality, etc. But before that, let's have a quick glance over why there is a need for big enterprises to focus on in-house automation and opt for internet fax services.

Long before email became the means of a primary source of communication, faxes have been dominating since ages to send documents. Fax machines work with fixed phone lines, paper, ink-toner and a similar facility at the receiver’s end to another machine on a different location. Thanks to technology, the scenario has changed now. Nowadays, all of this and more can be achieved with the comfort of your home. You want to pay bills, buy groceries, send payment, scan document or send online fax is possible from our phone without leaving your home or office.

With industries such as healthcare & medical, government institutions, reality, insurance, etc are constantly involved in sharing relevant information with their customers and/or clients. And supposedly, they rely heavily on the fax technology to complete their document sharing process which includes contracts, health forms, insurance documents and other formal documents which boosts the fax usage.
Requirements For Smartphone Faxing

We have listed a few of the points below to be able to fax via your smartphone:

1) A smartphone with an Operating System with the available fax service application
2) An internet connection
3) An app subscribed (free or paid) for online fax service

Smartphones have become the most accessible and reliable tools for carrying any day to day activity. Moreover, with a reputed and trustworthy online fax service provider, one can fulfil both the occasional and regular fax needs. Within offices, in-house automation through online fax software offers a major solution in enhancing productivity and boost the growth of a company.

Automation of the document transmission process could result in immense benefits either for your personal or professional use. Few of them are listed below:

1) Stay Organized
With an online trace of documents based on date, time, etc and readily available from the archive - one can stay organized

2) Highly Secured
Unlike conventional fax machine, no one can spy on your document content as online fax are end-to-end TLS encrypted

3) Improved Compliance
Electronic faxes are compliant with HIPAA and GLBA

4) Productivity Boost
Within just a few taps from your mobile screen, one can do away with their fax work even while having a coffee. No more need to stand in a queue.

5) Save Money
No Fax machine, fixed phone line, paper or ink toner cost

Being associated with the fax industry for a decade long now, I certainly like my readers to be more aware of the current trends and it is utmost practice to do the same through various such articles. Moreover, my attempt to shed light on how the success and growth of an organization hugely depend upon the optimised process. In terms of the fax industry, relying on internet fax services can definitely pave the way to enhance document transmission process to save time, money and other resources. Mobile fax machines are another way to make the business process seamless and effective.