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We Empower Enterprises to Accelerate Innovation through Frictionless Consumption of Cloud Services and Tools across Providers.

Why is it important to secure cloud? A lesson from the GoDaddy data exposure | CoreStack

Without a proper governance structure and right tool to implement the structure, organizations such are faced with security issues such as data exposure.

Multi Cloud Management and Governance Platform for Enterprise - CoreStack

CoreStack Enterprise with its Cloud-as-Code™ approach ensures effective governance and management of cloud resources covering Cloud operations, Compliance, Cost and Consumption.

Attain cloud success with a staunch cloud governance framework | CoreStack

Implementing a robust cloud governance framework with clear directives on roles and responsibilities helps to govern cloud and attain success.

An Interview with Ezhilarasan Natarajan, CoreStack Founder and CEO: ‘We Empower Enterprises to Accelerate Innovation ...

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3 reasons why e-learning course students prefer on-demand practice cloud lab | CoreStack

In this corporate atmosphere professionals upskill themselves with E-learning courses. On-demand cloud lab helps students glean technical concepts better.

How hybrid/multi-cloud governance platform benefits your cloud strategy | CoreStack

Multi-cloud environments bring benefits of mixing and matching the best technologies from various cloud providers, but managing it is a daunting prospect.

Economics of Multi Cloud | CoreStack

Multi cloud provides opportunities as well as challenges for enterprise customers in terms of cost. On one hand, the price reduction led by intense competition helps customers to find the right cloud provider to realise better Total-cost-of-ownership (TCO). On the other hand, certain use cases could lead to increased spending, thereby, increasing pressure on ROI. Navigating the multi cloud landscape requires deeper understanding and the right set of tools to augment the multi cloud strategy. In this post, we will talk about some of the factors that impact the economics of multi cloud and highlight how it can be handled with a right strategy and right set of tools.

Beyond CMDB: Cloud Services Inventory Management | CoreStack

Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) has long served as the backbone of IT services management. It served reliably as organisations used traditional practices of rolling out changes in a carefully orchestrated manner.  However, with cloud services ranging from VMs to containers and serverless, and with increased focus on agile processes, there is a fundamental shift needed for inventory management. Will the traditional CMDB suffice the modern hybrid IT needs ? In this post, we will touch upon the topic of cloud services discovery and inventory management and how it has changed in the multi cloud era.

Learn how to enrich classroom education with online practice labs | CoreStack

Today, many universities are moving away from traditional classroom sessions to virtual, e-learning method of delivering the content. The challenge of providing hands-on lab is even greater with this transition. Withsignificant increase in online learning, improving the student’s engagement level and completion rate is key. CoreStack CLaaS enables you to overcome this challenge with ease.

Try Corestack from Azure Marketplace - CoreStack

Launch Corestack in Microsoft Azure. A free 2-week evaluation edition of Azure Cloud Managed Services is available in Azure Marketplace.

Top Predictions for Cloud in 2019 | CoreStack

Cloud is becoming ubiquitous with enterprises across industries and regions adopting cloud computing technologies. Enterprises are exploring the ‘Cloud first, and mobile first’ approach while continuing to work on migrating their existing workloads to the cloud. On the other hand, cloud providers are aiming to make cloud ‘intelligent’. In 2019, we will see these trends to continue with an increased focus on Governance, Intelligence, and Optimization. In this blog we outline some key technology trends we anticipate in cloud for the year 2019 and beyond.

CoreStack CLaaS (Cloud Lab as a Service) Portal Tour

Get hands-on practice working with emerging technologies and software at your own pace. CoreStack CLaaS is a self-paced, technical lab environment designed t...

CLaaS: Virtual Lab for learning - CoreStack

Cloud Lab as a Service (CLaaS) offers on-demand, virtual practice environment for students/professionals to upskill their technical expertise.

CoreStack Demo

Tony Rylands, VP Sales Engineering @ CoreStack, provides an Introductory demo of the CoreStack platform. CoreStack is a Cloud Management & Service Governance...

Multi Cloud Automation using Terraform through CoreStack | CoreStack

Terraform is ‘infrastructure as code’ automation software by HashiCorp. It allows users to define infrastructure components in a high-level scripting language (.tf similar to JSON or YAML), which in turn can be executed to build the infrastructure on the desired cloud platform

Why Cloud Governance and Management - CoreStack

CoreStack addresses cloud governance related challenges by chaining various services within a cloud platform or by easily integrating with 3rd party tools and technologies.

CoreStack Gets Recognized In Gartner Magic Quadrant | CoreStack

In the recently published Gartner’s first ever Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Cloud Management Platforms-2019, CoreStack gets the honorable mention based on the customer queries they received about our platform. At CoreStack, we are happy to see this recognition. This not only indicates that we are solving a major customer pain point, but it also validates our approach to governance.

Webinar - The Importance of a Seamless Cloud Governance Strategy

Imagine the positive impact on your business if you have 1. Predictable cloud costs 2. Actionable insights on cloud operations

Orchestration across multiple cloud platforms using HEAT

Heat allows the user to set up HOT templates that describe the dependencies and the flow of the infrastructure resources that should be deployed to meet specific use case requirements. The Heat engine understands the order it needs to orchestrate the execution of the flow defined in the template.

CAMS – A leading Financial services company reduces cloud costs by 60% using CoreStack platform | CoreStack

“Corestack is a robust cloud governance platform which helped us optimize our cloud costs and strengthen compliance. We are delighted to partner with CoreStack”

Cloud Operations management for Mobile Gaming | CoreStack

Our customer is a leading Mobile Gaming company, focused on developing quality casual and multi-player games in the sports genre. With more than 15 million active users and over 100 million downloads, it has won several global and national awards. It owns the IP of the most popular Cricket Game in India which has made it to the best games and apps on Google Play for four consecutive years. It also services Fortune 500 companies with Advergames.

What is new in CoreStack 2 5

What is new in CoreStack 2.5

A fast-growing Online Training Organization uses CoreStack platform as a catalyst to propel its growth | CoreStack

Our customer is a live and interactive e-learning platform that is revolutionizing professional online education. They help professionals learn trending technologies for career growth. They are the fastest growing and have the highest course completion rate in the industry.

CoreStack™ Orchestration for Universities | CoreStack

A leading Indian university pioneer in imparting knowledge in the areas of engineering, science, technology and education. One of the premiere educational institue that focuses on research in various domains partnering with government and corporate institutes.