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Vegas X - Online Casino Software

Vegas-x is internet consulting and Gaming technology marketing firm specializing in the state-of-the-art 3D casino and multiplayer poker games all built on a secure, stable and scalable hi-tech gaming platform.

Our specially-selected online gaming software solutions and vendors deliver performance via every type of platform and client-side device. Our clients can utilize everything from browser-based, platform dependent and mobile applications utilizing our proven Java codebase, as well as innovative 3D software solutions.

Our high-quality gaming solutions cover all the most popular casino games, online poker and even games like backgammon and rummy. Best of all, they can be highly-customized to meet each of our clients’ needs and demands.

Every gaming software packages include everything required to start your own online gaming business. Most significant of all, at an investment that makes entry into this business feasible for many people and companies that have long been shut out due to capital requirements.

We are committed to delivering the business’s most stable gaming platforms, top-of-the-line 24/7 support, full licensing and leading-edge infrastructure. All products are packaged, tested and implemented by experts to meet your specific needs. Our purpose is to give you with a smooth performing platform that will yield excellent profits for years to come.

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Riverslot Internet Cafe Software & Games

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What is cryptocurrency in Online Casino Software? Is it the ph­ant­om ­of the­ opera of the new age or maybe the money of the future? According to financial tendencies on the Web in the last few years, the future of cryptocurrency has arrived earlier than expected and became our present as we speak. Online casino software are well aware of the power of cryptocurrency and are already enjoying the benefits of using it, but can anyone predict what is about to come? Let’s try to solve the clues and give some answers to these questions!

Understanding the fundamental ideas of cryptocurrencies might seem confusing at the beginning. First of all, most men don’t know that cryptocurrencies gave up as a side result of another invention.

Namely, Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic founder of Bitcoin, had no intention of inventing a currency. What Nakamoto managed to do was creating a decentralized digital cash system.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cash system with no central or server authority.

The idea is excellent. Although Nakamoto wasn’t the first one who attempted to build digital cash, he was the first one who succeeded to pull it off.

Now, the story backward digital cash is quite mild, even though it sounds difficult. You have a payment network, balances, and transactions. But, unlike conventional payment networks, you have no central server.

That means that every individual peer in the network has to have a list of all steps to check if future deals are good to go or if they are to be considered a double spend.

To break if further down to even more simple English – cryptocurrencies are nothing more but limited entries in a database no one can change without fulfilling specific condit­ion­s.

The massive popularity of cryptocurrency followed in its check into the online gambling field. And much earlier than anyone has expected, top-quality casinos like Oshi and BitStarz allowed their gamers to use Bitcoin for playing online slots.

That alone was enough to give birth to the new era in online gambling. Cryptocurrency is, by nature, a better system for operators and users compared to traditional funding options.

Convenient advantages including no chargebacks, meager fees, and super fast transactions are the reasons why blockchain technology has conquered the world of finances.

Cryptocurrency is perfect as depositing and withdrawing payment method.

The whole feeling of trust ensured by secured methods of depositing and withdrawing gives reassurance to both operators and customers. Clarity, transparency, and security – those are the three support of cryptocurrencies.

The number of online casino software that allows using crypto as a payment and withdrawal method is continually growing. Also, Malta Gaming Authority just recently made a ‘sandbox test’ of its cryptocurrency controls, which confirmed Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announcement from April 2017 that Malta has been working on a ‘national strategy to promote blockchain technology.’

Technologically speaking, the online gambling business is often deliberately used as the litmus paper for tech changes. It’s no mixed with cryptocurrencies. An entire army of clients out there is willing to take the new payment opportunity that addresses many of the challenges they still face today.

Therefore, it would be logical to expect that blockchain and crypto technology will only last to develop. And, as they grow, they will create a better environment for both customers and operators.

Have any information to share regarding the present or the future of cryptocurrency in online casinos? Your comments are always welcome at our forum, so feel free to share your thoughts.
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Different Types of Gamification at Online Casino Software

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Looking for the Best Internet Sweepstakes Software

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Have you ever caught the terms like ‘variance’ or ‘volatility’ in combination with online casino software? If you have been part of the world of gaming for a while, you must have; however, new players will most definitely be confused when first faced with ‘high volatility slots’ or ‘low variance slots.’ To subdue your confusion to zero, we have decided to devote an entire blog post to online casino software slot volatility and all things associated to slot variance.

To light off, let’s establish slot variance. To make it as plastic as possible, we can relate the word to ‘risk’ or more precisely ‘risk factor.’ So, if a slot is supposed to be a low variance slot, it usually means that it pays out often, but in fewer amounts. In other words, such online slots are low-risk slots.

If a slot is supposed to be a low variance slot, it usually means that it pays out often, but in fewer amounts.

On the other side, if a slot is said to be a high variance slot, then it’s been recognized to reward players with more massive jackpots, but not as frequently. Risk factor? Higher. But so are the payouts.

High variance slots, on the other side, reward members with more significant wins, but not as often.

Luckily, you can choose slots for your preferences, tastes, and budgets. That’s why you should always question yourself what variety of slots would be a good stroke for you and give them a turn in fun mode, before continuing to the real deal.

Say you’re in the mood for more extended sessions where you may capture smaller wins usually – you must go for low variance slots. Undoubtedly, the rewards are more straightforward, but at least fun is promised – mainly if you are on a budget. Some of the most popular low volatility slots combine the Blood Suckers slot, Starburst slot, Aloha! Cluster Pays slot – to name a few.

Still, remember that even low variance slots may not pay out as often as you want them to; after all, all slot outcomes are arbitrary, and you can’t know what’s going to happen and when.

Still, many gamblers will much instead turn to the so-called high volatility slots as their primary goal is the big bucks. Be advised, though; such online slots have more frequently than not been described as fairly frustrating.

So, if you are goal-driven, patient, and dreaming of those vast jackpots, these slots are more your cup of tea. The most popular volatile slots include the likes of the Dead or Alive slot, Gonzo’s Quest slot, Piggy Riches slot and Thunderstruck slot.

Ultimately, as we said, it all boils down to personal preferences and budget limitations. Either way, we hope you will be landing victories at online casino software right and left, no matter what variety of online casino software slots you go for.

In the meantime, come to our forum and tell us whether you usually go for low volatility or high volatility slots – it’s a subject that never ceases to be engaging!
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