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06 Interesting Facts on Maldives – Fascinating Points to Ponder

The Maldives is everyone's favoured beach getaway. An island nation of soft sand beaches, warm ocean, and marine life thriving in abundance amongst verdant reefs. There are however some facts about the archipelago you may not know; do read for more.


The Maldives Hosted the World's First Underwater Cabinet Meeting

That's right folks! The world's first cabinet meeting on the seabed was held in the Maldives, and there could have been no better place to do so. The act was an effort to raise awareness on climate change, as the archipelago is suffering greatly, due to rising sea levels causing erosion and disappearance of islands; already close to 100 islands have disappeared from the archipelago.


An Exiled Indian Prince Established the Maldives

The first people to inhabit the islands were from nearby India, and the first kingdom was believed to have been set up around 269 BC, by the exiled son of King Kalinga in India. The prince who displeased the king was sent away to the archipelago which at the time was known as Dheeva Maari.


The Archipelago has over 1000 Islands

Around 1,190 individual islands are grouped into 26 coral atolls. Amongst these only 200 islands are inhabited, many home to luxury resorts like Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, while others are public islands housing fishing and farming communities. Some are totally uninhabited; a few of these are used as 'picnic islands' to treat guests at private Maldives resorts to the solitary pleasures of dining on their own private island. Some islands are reserved as agricultural of corporate projects, while one or two are manmade, like Huhulmale close to the international airport.


The Maldives is the Flattest and Lowest Country

As you sit gazing across the glistening Indian Ocean from the terrace of your beautiful Maldives water villa, keep in mind that this is the flattest view you will enjoy of an archipelago. Enjoy the serene sight of the sea, dotted with little islands stretching out for miles. Your view won't be hindered in any way as the average ground level stands at 1.5 metres; the highest point on the archipelago, Villingili Island stands at 2.3 metres just 7 feet 7 inches.


No Alcohol in Public Places

The Maldives is a Muslim nation, and strict Islamic laws are practised. Hence, alcohol is banned everywhere else, except for your private Maldives resort. While you may enjoy a sunset cocktail while chilling on the deck of your Maldives over water villa resort, you cannot expect to order alcoholic beverages anywhere else. Even bringing alcohol into the country is banned, and laws are very strict in this regard.


The World's Smallest Muslim Country

The Maldives is a 100% Muslim nation and the smallest in the world. The constitution written in 1997 specifies that all citizens must be Muslim. Practising any other religion on the island is banned and other than for a bible or religious literature for personal use, you cannot bring in any form of literature or propaganda to influence the citizens of Maldives to change their faith.