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Updated by Joanna James on May 21, 2022
Headline for Top 5 Supermarkets near Colombo - Five of the Best Supermarkets in and around Colombo
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Top 5 Supermarkets near Colombo - Five of the Best Supermarkets in and around Colombo

When it comes to grocery shopping or finding the best products in the city, Colombo's supermarkets are the places to go. Here are five of the Sri Lankan capital's top supermarket brands.


Stаr Unіtеd

Providing an opportunity for franchise-based retailers to cash in on the supermarket industry, the concept of the Star United supermarket is the brainchild of Ceylon Business Limited. As many of the city's old supermarkets disappeared due to the advent of popular brand names the likes of Cargills and Arpico, Star United aims to bring back franchise retailers back into the market. While the supermarkets will be managed by the individual store owners, support services will fall under the purview of CBL. With nearly 40 branches islandwide this newcomer in the supermarket sphere shows no signs of slowing down.


Keells Supermarkets

As one of the oldest supermarket chains in Sri Lanka, Keells supermarkets have been operational for well over 20 years. Owned and managed by the Jоhn Kееllѕ Grоuр, the Keells Super outlets, as they are widely known among local residents are located in strategic locations all across the island although Colombo his home to the vast majority of its 45 island wide outlets. Retailing groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products as well as dairy and stationary, Keells Super outlets in Colombo also contains beauty products as well as baked goods and pharmacies. Linen and homeware items are also on sale in addition to toiletries and other products. Keells is one of the few supermarkets that offer coconut scraping and online order and delivery services although the benefits are limited to certain outlets in Colombo. Those who are looking to buy apartments in Colombo whether it's at TRI-ZEN or any other similar compound will find that most apartment residents in the city utilize these value-added services from Keells.


Laugfs supermarket

As the first supermarket chain in Colombo to initiate 24-hour shopping, the LAUGFS Suреrmаrkеts are trendsetters in the industry. Those who are in need of emergency supplies or working unusual hours can rely on LAUGFS suреrmаrkеt сhаіn to be open all day and night long. This particular supermarket giant began operations back in 2001 and serves an impressive 500,000 customers every month in outlets spread out across Colombo and its suburbs. Laugfs also provides insurance cover for consumers on various products including wines, bakery items, groceries, fruits and vegetables and medications via the Osusala Pharmacy outlets located inside the supermarkets.


Arрісо Suреrсеntеr

Arpico Supercentre is an anomaly in Colombo's supermarket landscape as the range of products available at Arpico Superstores are not limited to the items found in traditional supermarkets in the island. The product catalogue of Arpico extends to household appliances, electronics, clothing and even furniture while the supermarket chain also retails mattresses and furnishings crafted and manufactured by its parent company Rісhаrd Pіеrіѕ Dіѕtrіbutоrѕ Lіmіtеd. Offering ATM and banking facilities its most of its Colombo outlets, Arpico Superstores also house extensive cafeterias where some of the city's best restaurant chains and snack vendors have set up shop.


Cаrgіllѕ Fооd Cіtу

As the largest supermarket chain in the country, Cаrgіllѕ Fооd Cіtу is omnipresent in nearly every nook and cranny in Colombo. With a larger percentage of the market share, Cargills attracts consumers of various demographics with its 'higher value for the lowest price' motto. Ranked among the country's most valuable homegrown brands, Cargills has developed a strong relationship with the nation's farmers and has set up collection hubs to which local farmers can sell their fruits and vegetables directly without requiring a middleman. Low price points and a large number of outlets makes Cargills a tough competitor among local supermarkets.

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