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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Things to Know Before Buying an Apartment - Important New Advancements to Keep in Mind when Buying the Perfect Apartment
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Things to Know Before Buying an Apartment - Important New Advancements to Keep in Mind when Buying the Perfect Apartment

Buying an apartment is a big investment but one that can be worth the price of these new age technologies are incorporated into the living space. Here are some must-have features of the future.


Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures not only sets the mood and tone of an apartment during night time but is a utility that can integrate all the spaces of your home. Having the ability to control the lighting system through a wireless and personalized network is, therefore, an added advantage. This can not only benefit apartment owners during everyday activities but also during special occasions such as parties and social gatherings. Creating the perfect ambience inside the apartment with a wireless lighting system can set the right mood for a party or an intimate dinner. The customizable lighting system is also easy to access and can be incorporated into your mobile phone for easy control.


Air Purification

While it may be an aspect those who are in the market for a new apartment may ignore, air purification is a serious matter when living in apartment complexes and other compounds where a large number of individuals share a single landscape. This is especially true in busy and congested cities where air quality is always below standards due to fumes from vehicles and industrial factories. Those with asthma and air quality related illnesses are not the only ones who should be concerned regarding the quality of the air in an apartment compound.


Connectivity Hub

In the modern age, every individual requires the seamless connectivity of all their devices across the board. A Smart hub is one feature all those on the hunt for a great apartment should look out for as it will allow one to connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to any of their devices. This not only makes searching for accessing content on one's television, tablet, laptop or phone an absolute breeze but can also include other household control systems such as security elements, lighting and power supply. Certain brands have developed Smart Hub technology so far as to allow one to order the coffee machine to brew a cup while one is in the shower.



When it comes to entertainment units in apartments, we all underestimate the value of a good speaker system. Whether one is entertaining guests at home or simply enjoying the surround sound experience of a home theatre system in the comfort of your apartment, finding the perfect portable speakers to take to your new place is key. While many of the world's leading speaker and lifestyle product manufacturers produce speaker systems for apartments and other integrated living spaces where one can make use of the devices to make and answer calls, read aloud recipes and set off alarms finding the right fit for the kind of technology available in most apartments is important.


Smart Outlets

The number and placement of power outlets are not only a prime concern for apartment buyers but also developers and designers of new apartments in Colombo the likes of TRI-ZEN. Smart outlets eliminate the need for strategically placed power supply outlets as the Smart Outlet can be used anywhere in the apartment by simply plugging the device into the wall. It instantly converts the home appliances into Smart appliances by integrating power to a centralized point which you can then utilize to switch on the television, boil a kettle or microwave leftovers.

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