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The Plumbing and Gas Guys

The Plumbing And Gas Guys goal is to provide Western Australia with high quality services at an affordable price and also giving tips and pieces of advice to our valued customers.

Liscensed Emergency Plumber Perth 24/7 Ph 1800 087 244

Urgently in need of plumbing or gas fitter in Perth? Call us now and we'll attend to you ASAP! We're professional, safe and fast.

CM3 Certified Commercial Plumbers. Perth Liscensed. Ph 1800 087 244

We can handle all industrial and commercial plumbing projects in Perth - schools, churches, unit developments, factories, retail hubs and more.

Domestic Household Plumber | Perth Liscensed 24/7 |1800-087-244

For home plumbing maintenance - from rooftop to drains, the Plumbing and Gas Guys is the trusted provider of 24/7 domestic plumbing in Perth by a Certified and expert team.

Water Leaks Detection & Repair Perth Available 24/7. Ph 1800 087 244

Professional hydrosonic water leaks detection & repair, all Perth suburbs & available 24/7. All leaks detected & Repaired, under concrete, underground, showers, drains & in walls we can find & fix the leak.

Leaking Toilet Repairs Perth by Licensed Plumbers. Ph 1800 087 244

Professional toilet plumbing repairs for leaking toilet, running toilets, overflowing toilets, leaking toilet bases etc. All toilet leaks No Call Out Fee.

Professional Plumbing for Dripping Taps, Leaking Taps & Faucets

We all know that a drip from tap ads up to an expensive water bill. But so too can damage caused while attempting repairs yourself, not to mention DIY is just a pain. Choose an expert to tackle your dripping taps, leaking taps & faucets repairs.

Get Appliances Installed Correctly and Safely

Many appliances are built in and may require minor carpentry and even require that they may be wired in directly to the mains power, both of which are best left to a professional to avoid costly damage. Even a gas oven has an electrical connection for flame lighting. This is why The Plumbing and Gas Guys have appliance installation, plumbing, gas fitting and electrical services.

Dishwasher Installation Perth by Licensed Plumbers. Ph 1800 087 244

Expert dishwasher installation by licensed & insured plumbers, electricians & renovators. Why take the risk of an inferior installation use a professional.

Toilet Installation Perth by Licensed Plumbers. Ph 1800 087 244

Expert toilet installation by licensed & insured plumbers & renovators. Why take the risk of an inferior installation, use a professional.

Washing Machine Installation Perth. Ph 1800 087 244

If you have a more complex installation then we are there for you. Proper washing machine installation is of vital importance because the last thing you need is a minor water leak or drain leak working its way into the infrastructure leading to huge unexpected costs in the future.

Backflow Prevention Perth. Licensed Plumbers. 24/7 Ph 1800 087 244

Have a licensed plumber install, test check & repair your backflow prevention devices. Backflow prevention installation, repairs, maintenance & testing.

Domestic and Commercial Reticulation Systems. 24/7 Ph 1800 087 244

The Plumbing and Gas Guys have the manpower to manage both small and large jobs, so if you need a repair on your domestic or commercial reticulation system, from a large glass house to a back yard our licensed, insured and qualified plumbers can assist you.

Licensed Gas Fitters & Gas Plumbers Perth. Ph 1800 087 244

We cover all gas fitting services in Perth - gas leak detection & repair, gas pipeline replacement, installation, gas safety checks and more.

Licensed Gas Plumbers & Gas Fitters Perth. Ph 1800 087 244

It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to do gas work yourself or use a tradesperson who does not have specialist gas training and a specific gas plumber license, the consequence of errors can be quite severe.

Gas Installation & Servicing Perth Gas Fitters. 24/7 Ph 1800 087 244

All gas installations must be done by a licensed professional and certified as safe, because the last thing you need is a gas leak or worse, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning which may be fatal.

For Gas Installations - Choose a Licensed Gas Fitter

In a gas installation, a professional will also make sure that the line size is large enough to service all the appliances, hot water systems, and heaters in the domestic or commercial premises.

Professional Gas Leak Detection in Perth

Gas Leak Detection in pipes and units could lead to costly and potentially harmful consequences. It is therefore critical that you ensure your systems are fully sealed and functioning as they should be. Keep your family, friends, and employees safe by choosing our team of experienced professionals to tend to your property’s problems.

Gas Appliances Services - The Plumbing And Gas Guys.

Gas appliance servicing in Perth has never been easier! Our gas fitters are qualified to check, repair and install gas appliances.