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Top 07 Traditional Chinese Meals to Try While in China – Indulge Your Taste-Buds

Chinese cuisine is famous the world over, but just how well do you know the traditional favourites? It is a pleasure to experience the authentic flavours of real Chinese cuisine, and you can do so, when in China by trying some of the traditional dishes listed below.


Spinach Noodles

The Xi'an province is well known for its variety of noodle dishes. Mind you, no self-respecting restaurant in the province will cook noodles from a packet, oh no, the noodles are freshly made from scratch. The traditional dish listed here, are noodles made from spinach, which are then enhanced with a range of any ingredients you fancy. A favourite combination is spinach noodles in a tomato sauce, topped with beef, potatoes, carrots, egg and some spicy chilli.


Fried Mashi

The perfect meal to take back to your Wuhan hotel apartment, fried mashi is similar to gnocchi, but offers a sweet and spicy flavour. The soft, thick texture of mashi is enhanced with crunchy vegetables, making the dish the perfect comfort food to savour at the end of a fine day exploring the area; this is especially true if you have been exploring areas like Wuhan, home to some lovely eateries serving a range of traditional dishes and where you will also find accommodation options the likes of Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan.


BBQ Meat

One of the most favoured amongst Chinese dishes in China, the standard serving of BBQ meat in the country is called kao rou. Available at both restaurants and roadside vendors, the heavily spiced meat is hard to resist, especially since the meat is barbequed on open fire coals emanating a delicious aroma. BBQ meat consists of a variety such as lamb, chicken, beef, gizzard and other animal parts more adapt to local taste-buds, but do be adventurous and try it all.


Cold Vegetable Dish

Cold vegetables or liang cai is a dish made-up of tofu, peanuts and an assortment of vegetables, such as cucumber, beans, cabbage and lotus root. Any other vegetable or ingredient thought to go well with the dish may also be added.


Stinky Tofu

Now before you wrinkle your nose in disdain, do keep in mind this dish far precedes its name. Stinky tofu tastes much better than it smells, and is often heavily seasoned and quite a winner once you get past the stink and actually taste the food.



That all-time Chinese favourite, dumplings are available in plenty when staying at hotels in Wuhan or any other area of the country. A traditional dumpling will contain beef, pork, chicken or seafood and can be ordered fried or steamed; either way, they taste heavenly. Enjoy your dumplings like a local by dipping them in black vinegar mixed with spicy chilli.


Mutton Stew

Stew or Pao Mo is a traditional dish from Xi'an and mutton is often a favourite ingredient, although beef and pork are also used. This hearty stew is not made with noodles, instead, chunks of bread are added to the broth and once soaked offer a rich and delicious flavour. Eat you Pao Mo dressed with lashings of chilli sauce and pickled garlic.