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Here are 08 Reasons to Visit Vietnam – A Country for All

Vietnam is the perfect holiday destination whether you are a foodie, culture buff, art lover or love exploring nature. You cannot forget the over 3,000kms of tropical coastline (yay!) if you are a sun worshiper! Listed are awesome reasons Vietnam should be on your travel list.


The History is Fascinating

Roamers who love to explore, dig deep and delve into the fascinating past of foreign cultures, traditions and history will find Vietnam is a gem. The country boasts one of south-east Asia's oldest cultures dating back to 2000 BC. Explore the ancient Dong Son culture and influences the country has faced from the Chinese, Indian and Khmer cultures as well as, the French colonists who left an impressionable mark around the country.


The Scrumptious Food

Street food is an iconic attraction in Vietnam and a pretty good reason to start packing your bags. Street food is widely available throughout the cities, and all you need do is pull up a plastic stool sit down and await a platter of delicious food guaranteed to thrill you. Some of the favourites include spring rolls, pho noodle soup, banh mi, seafood, sticky rice and much more. The food is guaranteed to always be tasty, fresh and healthy.


Vietnam Has the World's Best Coffee

Or so you will think, once you've had your first sip. The country is the world's second largest coffee exporter, and has carved a special niche within a region better known as 'the green tea continent'. That's right coffee lovers will love Vietnam and its variety of coffee, including coffee with condensed milk, coffee with coconut milk, it's true, coffee with yoghurt, coffee with egg and even plain old black coffee. If you are exploring Da Nang, one of the newer cities in Vietnam offering modern accommodation options, be it a Da Nang condotel or a city hotel, you will find many hip coffee shops within easy reach.


The Beautiful Beaches

Da Nang, for instance, boasts 30kms of gorgeous coastline, lapped at by crystal clear waters, where fishing, water skiing, yachting and diving are some of the thrills to look forward to. Easy to access from Citadines Blue Cove Danang, this popular coastal stretch is just one of the fine beaches, that make Vietnam a must visit holiday destination.


To Try Fresh Fruit

Fruit fans will love the range available in Vietnam. A haven for tropical fruit, the country has an abundance of pineapple, mango, banana, watermelon and mandarin. Other than for the usual suspects you will come across a range of spiky varieties, which taste as exotic as they look. Besides, fruit is cheap and available just about anywhere, including the shopping malls.


The Friendly People

A land of smiling locals, Vietnam is a pleasure to explore. You will encounter friendly locals whether you are exploring the cities of the countryside, making your trip all the more memorable.


The Magical Mountains

Located in the north of the country the town of Sapa is loved by both leisure travellers and mountaineers. The mountain ranges of Vietnam home to the peak which was once Indochina or rather Fansipan are enchanting regions to explore.


Perfect for Budget Travellers

Travelling on a budget was never easier, than exploring Vietnam. The country is loved for it low-cost attractions, from food to accommodation and open-air markets. The country is perfect for backpackers to explore.