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Things to do for fun in the Maldives – Absolute Fun Under the Sun

Endless shallow waves, warm streaks of sun and powdery sand are the magical dreams one holds of Maldives. Apart from romancing and relaxing, one can also anticipate having fun in the sun.


Picnics on Sandbanks

The thought of a picnic basket suffices in bringing a smile on to anyone's face. Beneath its woven brown lid, there are sandwiches, eclairs, chilled bottles of ginger beer, biscuits and cheese. A sandbank is a similarly satisfying prospect; it is a tiny bit of land that may not even have trees and is secluded. Take a parasol with you and if you wish to wait on hand and foot, have a butler accompany you.


Cook Like a Maldivian

Whether you stay at Maldives villas or at a homestay, the distinct flavours and aromas of Maldivian food are undeniable. Sign up for a cookery class where local maestros will teach you their secrets which have been handed down from generation to generation. Maldives fish and tuna are salient parts of every meal and by the end of the culinary journey, you would be an avid fan of coconut flatbreads and rice.


Trips in a Glass Bottomed Boat

With such shallow waters you should ideally be snorkelling, but if you want a change from a water sport, hop into a glass-bottomed boat which your abode can arrange for you. You will then be able to witness the coral reefs, the frolicking shoals of fish and if you are at the right place at the right time, you might see some other interesting underwater creatures too.


Whale Watching

A yacht or a dhoni would carry passengers to a part of the sea that sees dolphins and whales moving around frequently. With twenty-one different species known to call the Maldivian seas their home, there is every possibility that you would see a school making their way around hunting for food. Whether you are in an atoll in the North or somewhere close to the capital not far from Baros Maldives is located or deep down in the south, it is possible for these rides to be arranged. If the current and weather are on your side, you would be in line for a delightful ride.


Submarine Rides

Not only is it a grand story to tell but it is also a safe ride to experience. The submarine submerges itself in water and takes you through the ripples to see snappers, turtles, eels, lionfish, manta rays and whales. There are sufficient oxygen and food supplies for all the passengers to last up to four days in case of an emergency. If you are in two minds as you read this, throw your fears out of the window and get on board. Once you experience the air-conditioned comfort and the meticulous interior you will be prepared to take the plunge. If you are lucky and the seas are not rough a shipwreck or too also might be on the cards.

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