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Medical Audiology Services

We provide our clients with superior comprehensive, ethical audiological services while giving them useful tips.

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Implants

Hearing implants are an alternative to hearing aids. Specialists may recommend an implantation procedure when hearing aids are not working adequately for the patient anymore. An implant may also be the best solution for those who have medical problems with the ear.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Aids

Hearing is a vital sensory function in our body. It allows us to avoid danger, communicate, receive information, and is weaved through all other aspects of our modern lives. Moreover, our ears help us maintain balance. Therefore, it’s fair to say that a suffering from any levels of deafness can be debilitating and tragic. Employing the help of hearing aids is one of the best treatments, but there’s just one bit of a problem.

What You Ought to Know About Hearing Tests and Its Benefits

Hearing tests are essential to ensure that you do not have symptoms of deafness. Most symptoms include but are not limited to; trouble in listening to a speaker in a noisy public space, the feeling of fullness in your ears, fluctuating difficulty to hear, or sudden deafness. If you ignore these symptoms, they may lead to more serious complications.

Balance and Dizziness

Your sense of balance is controlled through signals to the brain sent from your ears, eyes and muscles. You may experience imbalance, dizziness or vertigo if one or more of these systems is not functioning optimally.

Protective Ear Plugs

Exposure to excessive and repeated loud noises overtime can provoke a permanent hearing loss. Protective ear plugs can help in the workplace, at home or in recreational settings. Custom made noise plugs can help prevent noise induced hearing loss and ensure a more comfortable, lasting solution.

Hearing Test Perth

This is more than a simple hearing test. We use specific questions to gather information about your symptoms and history of the ear and hearing healthcare to date. We carefully inspect the outer ear and eardrum for signs of pathology, before testing your middle ear function.

Hearing Aids and Hearing Test

Medical Audiology offers a full range of hearing rehabilitation options independent of hearing aid manufacturers or commission-based sales.

Implant Clinic

At Medical Audiology Services, we offer a full range of hearing services. People who cannot wear or benefit from conventional hearing aids may benefit from a cochlear implant or a bone conduction implant available in our clinic.

What Does a Cochlear Implant Do?

A cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the cochlea by converting sounds into an electrical message which can ultimately be read or perceived by the brain. It takes time and practice with the implant for the brain to be able to do this.

Why Consider a Bone Conduction Implant?

A bone conduction implant amplifies incoming sound dependent on your hearing levels. Instead of sending the sound through your ear as a hearing aid would, it sends the sound by vibration across your skull to the hearing organ (cochlea).

Single Sided Deafness: What it is and what are the options?

In persons with Single Sided Deafness, a bone conduction implant works much like a CROS hearing aid. The bone conduction implant is inserted by an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon on the person’s deaf side. The sound that is detected by the processor on the deaf side is sent by vibration across the skull to better hearing ear.