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Top 06 Must Try Meals in Macau – Eclectic Dining Delights

A traveller looks forward to being an explorer, an adventurer, a shopaholic and of course a foodie! Macau delivers on all counts, especially in the latter; read on and be enticed.


Portuguese Egg Tarts

This is Macau's most popular food, you can find visitors and locals enjoying the tasty snack at just about every street corner it's sold at. An egg tart consists of a flaky pastry filled up with creamy egg custard which is quite similar to a rich crème Brule. The flavour of the pastry is further enhanced by the caramelised top. The tart is best eaten warm and can be bought at restaurants, street-side vendors and even hotels in Macau.


Pork Chop Bun

This is a popular street food snack, which is basically a well-seasoned pork chop sandwiched within a bun. The best version is the extremely tender pork chop put inside a soft bun with a crunchy top. Tai Lei Lok Kei located in Taipa is tipped to serve the best pork chop bun and if you are staying at Ascott Macau, the place is a mere 15 minutes away. If you are considering an alternative to Macau hotels, 5 star luxuries are offered at such serviced apartments which make for ideal starting points for foodie adventures.


Mashed Potato

A very simple dish is turned into a star at Robuchon au Dome, a Michelin starred restaurant that does mashed potato right. The velvety smooth texture of the dish is quite enticing made with the perfect ratio of butter to potato which is cooked with the skin on for added flavour. French butter is used to make the dish which is passed several times through a sieve in order to achieve the smooth texture.


Egg Rolls

This snack is very popular in Macau, although it is served across the globe. Look for the street vendors who proffer the tastiest and crispiest egg rolls. Served piping hot straight off the griddle, sweet, feathery light and packed with loads of flavour, the egg rolls are perfect to munch on as you explore Macau attractions.


Portuguese Seafood Rice

A soupy sort of rice, this is the Macau version quite similar to the Spanish and Italian versions. Consisting of juicy clams and prawns the rice boiled in a delicious tomato stock is one of the best comfort foods you will savour in Macau. Make sure to sit down to the meal ravenous after a satisfying shopping or sightseeing tour for the perfect ending to a fabulous day in Macau.



This is a dessert, and the name in Portuguese translates to 'sawdust. The dish is far from this un-appetising name though and is loved throughout Macau. Serradura is a chilled pudding, often served as an ice cream or in semifreddo style. The dessert is made with layers of sweet crushed biscuits, condensed milk, cream and vanilla. Sold at bakeries and road-side snack sellers, as well as restaurants this is one dessert you will keep going back for.