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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Want to report a bug as a quality assurance professional to the developers? Use these tips

Engineers treat their code and their applications as something of their own. It is understandably so because they developed it. Any creator would love his creation.

Hence pointing out an App Crash problem to an android app developer is no easy job. A quality assurance professional has a tough task at hand. It can lead to an ego clash between the developer and himself.

Hence the Quality Affirmation Experts need to be tactful while dealing with developers. It is when they have to report another bug. Here are a few tips that they use to avoid possible clashes:


Professionals must ensure that it's a bug and not anything else

Professionals must ensure that it's a bug and not anything else

As stated earlier, no one likes someone pointing out their mistakes. However, if it's an error, it's an error. The truth is that when there is an error, one should fix it. If it means that a developer is upset about it, then so be it. You cannot hide from reality, and reality is that you have discovered a bug.

However, as a tester's job here is also important. An inspector must perform repetitive and all possible checks to make sure he has encountered a bug. Ask yourself a few questions: Has it happened once by any chance?

Maybe due to your browser issue, it appeared only once. Go through a thorough checking of different gadgets, working frameworks, internet browsers. Be 100% sure that you have found, by all possible chance, a bug.


You must not turn out to be a terrible person

Do not make a fatal error of identifying something as a bug without proper checking. For example, while testing suddenly, you find you are unable to log-in. It is not necessarily a bug. You might be working on an older version and need to download the new one. Keep away from such circumstances and avoid being terrible.


You must be to-the-point about your opinion

It is a very valid point. Just telling someone that there is an error is not good enough. You must be able to locate the fault and be particular about it. Remember that if you are showing someone his mistake, you are helping him.

The more data you give, the better help your mate will get. In case of identifying a bug, let a developer know the OS variant, internet browser, etc. Fundamentals like model number and sort of gadget are also important details. Explain the issue in a short and crispy way.


Help an individual with guidance

It is very crucial for a developer to locate a bug. There is no point in hiding it. Remember that hiding an error can have quite a damaging effect on your project. You must advise your developer to use all possible avenues to identify it.

If you do the necessary checking, you can locate it through one of the alternatives. Here, you need to be a guide for your developer. Help them ease the situation. When there is an App Crash problem, follow this way to guide your application developer.

You should consider a few essential aspects that you will need to discover a bug. While searching something, switch-on the search filter option.

It can churn out any possible bugs for you. Similarly, if you are purchasing any software's online, check the versions like Standard, premium, etc.


You need to show the way

It is quite an important task. Sometimes it is easy for a professional to make a statement about a bug. It is straightforward to say,"Here is a bug; fix it" They may not realize how difficult it can be for a developer to find it out.

Hence, word of mouth is not good enough. Instead, it is much better if you make any presentation with diagrams locating an error. You may also use symbols showing exactly where you think is the bug. Use a step-by-step method as a complete process.

Never mind, if it is a lengthy one, at least you know that your developer is getting the idea. It is essential since the process is quite complicated.


Clarify and explain the way to solve the problem

All the while we were talking about identifying a bug. Now, the important thing is to fix it after identification. A professional must be pleasant enough to explain the way to solve this problem.

Suppose you encountered an error quite some time back. Do not tell your developer to rectify it based on the past information. That information will be of no use to him. You need to check the present scenario.

Let the developer know what the current situation is. They will have the capacity to settle bugs speedier if you give them all helpful data.


You must be polite and soft-spoken

Remember that no one enjoys the fact that you show them their mistakes. Hence, you need to act smart and to-the-point regarding your opinion. You will see how the professionals in mobile apps development companies handle their developers. They know that these people are assets; hence they need to take care of them.

Politeness here plays an essential part. Do not overreact to anything as it can create an adverse situation. Keep in mind that you are not a school teacher or an evaluator. A professional's job is to ensure quality.

Try not to report bugs with this arrogant way and dodge articulations. For example, "once more," "obviously" or "nothing unexpected." It is when you tell individuals that something isn't filling in as it should.

As a Quality Assurance Professional, your job is to set high standards. Make sure that you work with all individuals in your group to achieve your objective. Enable your developers to create better programming and applications.

It is apparent that you must not compromise with quality. However, at the same time, to do so, you must not be harsh with your fellow men. You always need to maintain the balance to get the best out of your people.



Building up an app is a complicated procedure. It requires a great deal of strategy making and keeping focus. A developer should encounter bugs initially after building an application. That is a hard reality.

We all know that we can learn from the mistakes we make. There is an essential thing that a professional must remember. Everyone is working as a group, and all of them have a similar objective.

All of us need to share this is information working as a team. There is no space for pointing fingers on someone in your group. The sooner you understand it, the better working environment you will have.