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5 Must Visit Events in Bali – Highlights for the Culture Lover

The entrancing island of Bali will capture the imagination of the visitor with its many attractions. Bali boasts a number of fascinating events that are sure to attract the interest of the culture lover.


Tumpek Wayang

This well-known event may be considered to be one of Bali's most traditional and interesting occasions. Tumpek Wayang is regarded as being the culmination and most holy day of the religious occasions known as Tumpek. Tumpek Wayang is also considered to welcome the change of the seasons; it also has religious connotations for many of the people of Bali as this event is also associated with the deity Lord Kala. With the objective of withstanding the power of Kala and gaining his favour, the Balinese present wayang, or shadow puppets to him during this event. The ceremonies associated with Tumpek Wayang are believed to cleanse the mind, soul and body.


Ubud Food Festival

If you are a food lover visiting Bali make it a point to be a part of the Ubud Food Festival. This splendid event may be considered to be one of the island's most enjoyable culinary experiences. As you might expect, this event focuses on typical Indonesian foods and locally produced foodstuffs. If you choose to participate in this festival you will have the opportunity to experience the diverse selection of foods native to Bali. This event will provide the visitor with an understanding of the remarkable heritage and the varied influences of the cuisine of Bali.


Kuta Karnival

As its name indicates this vibrant festival takes place in Kuta, a well-known beach destination and resort in Bali. During this carnival, Kuta becomes colourful and full of music whilst a festive and joyous ambience fills the area. This lively event is considered to celebrate the spirit and creativity of Indonesia's youth. The festivities commence with the energetic and vibrant opening feature. You will see that spectators enthusiastically watch the costume-clad participants and eye-catching floats while lively dancers gyrate and music fills the air. You will find that this festival includes features such as sand sculpture contests, kite festivals, craft and food bazaars and screenings of movies.


Nusa Dua Fiesta

The captivating Nusa Dua Fiesta is always a memorable event with its lively performances, vibrant colours and skilful artistry. For an authentic insight into the cultural heritage of Bali as well as an enjoyable experience make it a point to be at this splendid festival. This event celebrates the distinctive culture of Indonesia, offering a diverse selection of features such as exhibitions of art, sporting events, traditional dance presentations and even body art competitions. If you choose to experience this festival you will have the opportunity to view the artworks of local maestros, savour exotic foods and observe the performances of skilled dancers and musicians. When it comes to family accommodation Bali offers, a choice to consider from which you can conveniently experience this festival would be Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa.



The much anticipated Nyepi is undoubtedly one of Bali's significant events and an important occasion for the local people. In addition to being a celebration of spirituality and local traditions, Nyepi is considered to be a time of rebirth and togetherness. At Nyepi, the people of Bali welcome a fresh beginning with a number of traditional and energetic practices. On this day the Balinese visit their neighbourhood temple in order to pray and create blessings so that the influences of evil spirits are warded off. Later in the evening colourfully constructed representations of these beings are paraded across the villages and towns. The following day is the Day of Silence during which all residents and visitors to Bali must stay indoors.